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    I saw the blurb and that this was a student teacher romance and was all in This was my first read from this author and I was a little excited to start this Excited enough that I pushed aside a lot of required ARC reading to get to this But I sort of found it lacking the appeal that the blurb had.We meet Esther, who is very bookish, shy and all kinds of awkward When she accidently turns in an erotic story instead of her essay to her overbearing professor, she s just waiting for him to eat her alive and not in the good way.Professor Harding is not a nice guy, nor one that comes across as friendly or warm He s kept himself at a distance from most, until he reads the story from a student he isn t allowed to desire There s only one thing for him to do tutor her with her writing of course, in after hour sessions.Soooo If Harding s age of 31 not been mentioned I would have expected him to be sixty or so, or a time traveler His whole persona just sort of did not flow We went from classic literature like prose into dirty talking about cocks and fucking it was just off With the constant change of old timey talk and alpha domineering speak it was hard to really stay focused and be enveloped into the story It was certainly different, but just not sure if that is a good or bad thing.My first thoughts after finishing this was that I liked it, but after a few days, like might not be the right word I think with the high hopes I had, this just sort of let me down in the end.

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    Lewd and literary.Lewd is Charlotte Stein s word, not mine This book is quintessential Stein Introspective odd balls fall into lust and love Highly erotic wordplay mixes with quirky characters who are at turns grasping for what they want and running in fear that they might earn that happiness If you are looking for that teacher student book that flaunts its taboo, you won t find it here Professor Halstrom takes the high ground, despite the rather shocking verbiage at the beginning And this book is all the delicious for the tension that decision creates I loved how these two truly saw into each other s heart and soul Romantic Dirty Sweet Everlasting Perhaps this was not quite quintessential Stein because it was also sentimental I marvel at how Stein can pack so many emotions into a novella that takes just a couple of hours to read And did I mention satisfying In ways than one.

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    Like many other reviewers have said, the writing style of this particular book is really pretentious and odd There is no Professor says this, Heroine replies, It s just lines of dialogue with a space between speakers So the conversations seems stilted and awkward To be honest, the conversations really ARE stilted and awkward The language used is very old stylelikeAusten old While the subject matter and setting are modern Meanwhile, it s hard to really get a take on the hero, because there is SO MUCH inner dialogue from the heroine It starts becoming fillerwhole paragraphs that I ended up skimming without meaning to, then paragraphs that I skipped intentionally I know that Stein has a unique style, and I have read and enjoyed a couple of hers before This was not my favorite, but it WAS an experience This is a couple of odd ducks, which seems to be the MO for this author Her protagonists always seem to be the weirdos and freaks And I say that with the utmost respect I tend to love the weirdos and freaks This particular couple are both very introverted and awkward The hero s awkwardness comes out as loud condescension at first, then kind of settles when you realize what that stems from The heroine just feels like she doesn t fit in, until she makes the mistake of turning in an erotic story instead of her assigned essay to her professor He orders her to his office where he critiques her writing and seems to truly admire her talent Interesting premise The execution wasn t my cuppa but I admire Charlotte Stein s dedication to her own style.

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    I m going to start this review a little differently by talking about myself for a minute Coming from the South East of England I m what you would call common I have even been asked if I m a cockney before I m not I swear too much, I don t pronounce all my words properly and I m clearly a bit too obsessed with sex 80% of my updates are sex orientated , some even think I m uneducated because of these things My point is I couldn t decide for a lot of this whether it was written for posh people who like to read dirty books with their kind of dialogue or if it s just old fashioned in it s writing style Having now finished it I would say it s the latter Professor Hardin s appearance and manner come across as that of someone in his 60s 70s Especially with all the tweed he wears It was like he d been transplanted into this modern world from Jane Austen s era Yes he spoke some very dirty words c t is used quite a lot but his speech was very old fashioned Even Hetty s was, just not to the same degree.I found their dialogue amusing right from the start of their meetings They had great banter and while yes it was all a bit awkward to read I actually ended up really enjoying both characters It didn t really feel very forbidden to me though and I m not entirely sure why Maybe because people didn t notice them enough to cause it to be a risk What I would say is that there wasn t a great deal of background mentioned for either character, despite that you did still get growth from both of them They let go, embraced passion for writing, for life and for each other and forgot what anyone else thought of them both being slightly odd.Their joint quirkiness and the old fashioned writing style is what I ended up enjoying about this book but I can understand that not everyone will take it that way, which is a shame.

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    Do not go into this book thinking its the run of the mill Professor student relationship Its not The writing is formal quite Charlotte Bronte ish Beautiful prose and so very well written

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    There is a quiet intensity to this almost gothic yet modern forbidden erotic romance Review to come at www.bookcrack.com It s a slow build, esp for Charlotte Stein, but the sexual tension is ever present This book is almost gothic in the way the hero Professor Halstrom stoically resists his forbidden attraction to Esther A British romance in tone and dialogue Stein cheekily references Austin, Darcy and other classic works Insanely erotic yet it takes a lot of persistence and witty dialogue to get them together I swooned, I cringed, I was heartbroken and elated in turns Not like anything else out there Unique, dirty, poetic and perfect for fans of Bronte, Austin and the Byronic hero with a MAJOR dose of erotica YUM just the kind of different read I needed

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    2.5 stars.The beginning held promise, and there were some good moments.However, finding Prof Halstrom and Miss Hayridge dull odd made it difficult to relate.

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    Es demasiado corto, me quede con ganas de m s Me encant , trasmite un mont n y las escenas de sexo son las mejores que le en mi puta vida La verdad por la sinopsis me esperaba que fuera BDSM y por suerte para mi no lo fue no estaba de humor para leer un libro as adem s me gusto como se trata el tema profesor alumna, no es como esos tipicos libros NA en las que al chabon le chupa un huevo que es una figura de autoridad Esta muy bien escrito, lo recomiendo a cualquier fan del genero y sobre todo a lxs que aman la tematica profesor alumna Es un poco rara la forma en que esta escrito porque casi parece un romance hist rico, casi El ambiente es genial, me gustar a hacer una lista de todas las cosas que me gustaron pero solo me quedo con ESTE LIBRO ESTA MUY BUENO Va directo a mi lista de libros er ticos favoritos junto con A Gentleman in the Street.

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    Dont be fooled by the misleading synopsis like i wasthis book is oddly weird, does not flow, and lacks chemistry btwn the 2 main characters Their convos are beyond cerebral that i skimmed thru 50% of the book 2 bored led astray stars

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    Wow Just.wow.Incredible story So many unexpected turns to it Stein s writing and love of literature present in this story is enough to give any bibliophile wet dreams Stellar piece of work.

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The Professor download The Professor , read online The Professor , kindle ebook The Professor , The Professor 97cff9c0f1a3 Esther Wrote Down Her Fantasies About Her Tutor, But She Never Intended For Him To Read ThemOnce They Cross The Line There S No Going BackEsther Has Always Been An Average Student She Coasts Through Life On A Sea Of Bs, Until A Fatal Mistake Jolts Her Out Of Mediocrity And Into Something Else Entirely She Accidentally Leaves A Story In An Essay For Her Teacher One That No Teacher Should Ever See And Especially Not Professor HalstromHis Lectures Are Legendary, And He Is Formidable But Most Of All He Is Devastatingly Handsome, And Now He Has Esther S Most Private And Erotic Fantasies The Stage Is Set For Humiliation Until The Professor Presents Her With A Choice He Offers Private Tuition At His HomeAnd At First That S Exactly What She Does, Sure There Remains A Line Between Teacher And Student That She Would Never Cross It And That Someone Like Harding Never Would He Is Far Too Cold And Sharp, And So Invested In All Of His Rules That Breaking Them Seems UnthinkableA Single Touch Would Be Too MuchA Wrong Word Could Ignite An InfernoSo What Happens When Both Of Them Want To Burn