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That Lonely Section of Hell summary That Lonely Section of Hell , series That Lonely Section of Hell , book That Lonely Section of Hell , pdf That Lonely Section of Hell , That Lonely Section of Hell 304dda0519 An Ex Police Detective S Searing Personal Account Of Sexism, Racism, And Mishandling In The Investigation Of Missing And Murdered Women In That Lonely Section Of Hell, Police Detective Lori Shenher Describes Her Role In Vancouver S Infamous Missing And Murdered Women Investigation And Her Years Long Struggle With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder As A Result Of Her Work On The Case From Her First Assignment In To Explore An Increase In The Number Of Missing Women To The Harrowing Interrogation Of Convicted Serial Killer Robert Pickton, Shenher Tells A Story Of Massive Police Failure Failure Of The Police To Use The Information About Pickton Available To Them, Failure To Understand The Dark World Of Drug Addiction And Sex Work, And Failure To Save Women From Their Killer That Lonely Section Of Hell Passionately Pursues The Deeper Truths Behind The Causes Of This Tragedy And The Myriad Ways The System Failed To Protect Vulnerable Women

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    One of the most honest books I ve ever read Shenher s story telling skills are top notch, but it s her brave, soul bearing testimony that gives this book its life breath She s careful to keep the emphasis on the tragedy of the victims and their families, but she also carefully documents her own struggles as an investigator working on a case that was vastly under resourced and largely ignored for years with deadly consequences She also cleverly tells the tale of the missing and murdered women of Vancouver s Donwntown Eastside without letting the murderer himself take centre stage, a failing of most books in the true crime genre sensationalizing the killers Her capacity for empathy with the victims and their families is what gives Shenher her tenacious and thorough detective skills and her ability to craft this remarkable book A must read, and a top book of 2015.

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    This should have been titled The autobiography of Lori Shenher If you want to learn about the Pickton trial this in not the book for you as it consisted 5% of Pickton, 5% of the missing women and 90% of Lori s personal life I found the constant cutting up of the VPD, RCMP and fellow coworkers unprofessional and frustrating to read.

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    I was initially not really sure what to expect from this book I had originally heard about it on CBC radio when I was driving.I immediately went to my library and took it out I think I am the second person to have read it First off, I read the front page and it says a horrifying and compelling read from Peter Vronsky I expected this book to be a totally gruesome account of all the disgusting and horrible stuff Robert Pickton had done to the women he terrorized and murdered In the end, the book was nothing like that The local newspaper in Vancouver had way detail about the Pickton murders that I would read while chomping on my breakfast This was a book way about how even the most amazing and competent people can be dragged down and around by work and workplaces Lori wrote a very factual, clear and concise book on her experience as a police officer in Vancouver BC looking into missing and murdered women over a period of time That was about 80% of the book The last 20% was about her life after being completely sucked dry emotionally, mentally, and physically by working in a place that was no longer a healthy place for her to work I think a lot of people can relate to this I definitely can Overall, good book I think Lori wrote this book of a personal accomplishment through her PTSD and life after a career that she envisioned would be 30 years in policing, and ended up being cut much shorter based on unforeseen circumstances Thank You for writing this Lori I hope that you find peace and comfort and happiness.

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    After reading this book, I felt the title of the novel and every chapter in it could rightfully be called I F ING TOLD YOU SO, YOU ASSHOLES because that was the phrase running through my head over and over.The writing style was a bit unpolished and disjointed, but it was than made up for by Shenher s candid and personal account of a sick sick bastard, and the shameful disregard for the sex workers of the Downtown Eastside shown by the people who are supposed to help them Her own personal struggles as a result of not only working an incredibly difficult case but having to fight just for the barest resources to do so are laid bare in this novel, and that very same writing style that sometimes confuses the narrative is the writing style that makes the reader feel her frustration, helplessness, and determination.Shenher also does something that is almost unprecedented in the true crime genre she does not give the killer centre stage This book is about the investigation and the victims first, and Pickton is only mentioned as much as is needed to comprehensively tell this story She refuses to give him any notoriety than he s already gotten, and I think that was a very smart choice.

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    I picked this book up thinking it would be an escapist true crime story Instead I found a book about a woman who invested herself in finding a serial killer To read about the mismanagement of the investigation and how her attempts to move things forward were often blocked or dismissed made me feel angry and helpless with the author For anyone who has ever suffered PTSD as the result of a stressful work place, dealt with sexism and the old boys club, and or worked for an organization where communication and oversight are nil, this woman s story is one you will be able to relate I appreciated learning about an officer and colleagues who did truly care but were hindered by bureaucracy For a first book, this is good though there is some uneven story telling and repetition that could have been edited Still, I would say this is a good read.

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    Best book on Pickton yet and the only one that really made sense as far as him and the investigation Also, despite On The Farm s obvious attempt to individualize the murdered women, only Shenher really manages it I felt I knew these women and the investigation by the end of the book On The Farm was lacking in order and sense and this one was not It answered the questions I had Mostly And Aside from the very end, which was repetitive and unnecessary, she covers PTSD well too Good read Emotional Tragic Unfortunate.

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    I heard Lori Shenher speak at Edmonton s LitFest two years ago It has taken me that long to crack open her book Not surprisingly, this is a difficult read in all manner of ways, although Shenher is a good writer.For those of us raised on a constant diet of police procedurals and forensic TV shows, Shenher s book is an eye opener regarding the many dead ends that had to be explored and the slow pace of a real life investigation Personalities, interagency miscommunication, and lack of resources led to roadblocks in the investigation and immense frustration Readers will also began to appreciate the difficulty of finding women who have no fixed address and erratic lifestyle When Shenher started her investigation, it was not even clear that women were missing from Vancouver s downtown Eastsidethey might have found different temporary housing or possibly moved to another city Shenher and many of her colleagues brought passion, precision, and persistence to the search As we know, however, there is no happy ending to this story.

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    This is a riveting and disturbing first person story about the Pickton investigation and everything that went wrong with the investigation, from one of the police officers who was heavily involved with the investigation Lori suffered PTSD and severe mental problems as a result of their involvement with the investigation It s impossible to read this book and not feel angry and haunted by this story The book really reveals the failures of the Vancouver Police Department.This was an important book, and I m so glad that Lori wrote it Lori was also careful to honour and respect the women, and humanize the women and their loved ones This was very respectful book and the author avoided sensationalism in the story.

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    An in depth take on an important case and a lesson that should be shared with LE agencies worldwide The author details the many missteps, the fallacious thinking and the egos that got in the way of catching a serial killer years sooner than they did I commend her for also exploring the toll it took on her, not only professionally, but also personally, as it s something that likely afflicts a lot LE professionals, but shouldn t be something to be viewed shamefully All that said, the readability wasn t the best it got redundant and monotonous, and nothing really drove it forward a lot of times.

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    Rated three stars, but actually it s like 3.5 I enjoyed this book, and liked that she focused on the victims than Picton himself that she wouldn t give him the satisfaction of talking about him too much A couple of criticisms I would have liked to see pictures of the women to put their faces to the names I did, however love her letters to them I found that very moving Perhaps that s why I wanted a photo to access, to carry on that emotional attachment, maybe I also must say that the book was a little repetitive in parts and the end dragged on and on It was tough for me to plow through those last 40 pages or so All in all, a good read though.

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