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    WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT last year, amy other amy tipped me off to this cool thing she was doing the short story advent calendar, where you sign up to this thingie here and you get a free story each day i dropped the ball and by the time i came to my senses, it had already sold out, so for december project, i m going rogue and just reading a free online story a day of my choosing this foolhardy endeavor is going to screw up my already deep in the weeds review backlog, so i don t think i will be reviewing each individual story properly i might just do a picture review or if i am feeling wicked motivated, i will draw something, but i can t be treating each short story like a real book and spending half my day examining and dissecting it, so we ll just see what shape this project takes as we go.and if you know of any particularly good short stories available free online, let me know i m no good at finding them myself unless they re on the tor.com site, and i only have enough at this stage of the game to fill half my calendar DECEMBER 3 I want to believe this is a triumph, only I am never going to forget how loneliness looks on her face.this is somewhere in between a three and a four for me it s lovely, haunting, sad, strong all things i usually like, and it s got an ending with a few different branches of possibility and pretty good world building but here i am, doing the thing i said i wasn t going to be doing and getting dangerously close to thinking too hard about it and edging towards writing a review, which is going to ROON this project if i start going down that road i m still working out the shape of the review part of this project and maybe still considering illustrating them with doodles, which i might go back and add later to the ones i ve read already soon i will figure it out for now,read it for yourself here DECEMBER 1 DECEMBER 2 DECEMBER 4 DECEMBER 5 DECEMBER 6 DECEMBER 7 DECEMBER 8 DECEMBER 9 DECEMBER 10 DECEMBER 11 DECEMBER 12 DECEMBER 13 DECEMBER 14 DECEMBER 15 DECEMBER 16 DECEMBER 17 DECEMBER 18 DECEMBER 19 DECEMBER 20 DECEMBER 21 DECEMBER 22 DECEMBER 23 DECEMBER 24 DECEMBER 25 DECEMBER 26 DECEMBER 27 DECEMBER 28 DECEMBER 29 DECEMBER 30 DECEMBER 31

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    Two girls form an unexpected connection Anica is a converso, imprisoned by the Inquisition, along with her whole family, for secretly adhering to the Jewish faith Bienvenida is a Nahuatl woman, employed by the priests to clean the corridors of the dungeon where Anica is held The poetry or prayers that she hears Anica reciting spurs her to break the rules and to try to help.Although Anica is physically jailed for her faith, Bienvenida is barely free And it s also her faith, her adherence to tradition and to home that keeps her in her menial position.The story is beautifully and sensitively written I m not 100% sure what the author intended readers to take away from it What I personally got out of it was that although faith and tradition can seem beautiful and comfortable, they can also be chains that cause us to limit ourselves, lose our adaptability and accede to our own demise.Vourvoulias is definitely an author I ll be on the lookout for, going forward.

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    Brilliant, haunting, and bitter sweet The writing style fits the mood, and the characters so well.

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    Well written and melancholy.

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    Beautiful and heart breaking

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    There s a lot going on in this story under the surface I makes me think of all the ways humans are cruel to each other and all the ways we learn to survive it, however temporary that survival is.

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    While beautifully written, the story did not grab me, and my attention started to wander.

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    This was so good I m going out and finding everything that Sabrina Vourvoulias has written Not only is the writing great, but the premise is really different a Jewish girl imprisoned in Mexico City by the Spanish Inquisition which is trying to force her to convert and a Nahua girl who is an apprentice priestess or herbwoman or witch it s not clear to me and the connection they form Just an incredible amount is packed into this.This is maybe a novellette really short and definite CN for torture and religious violence

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    I didn t get it.

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The Ways of Walls and Words download The Ways of Walls and Words , read online The Ways of Walls and Words , kindle ebook The Ways of Walls and Words , The Ways of Walls and Words 3352566827df Anica And Bienvenida Pass Prayers And Small Comforts Through The Gaps In The Prison Walls Incarcerated By The Inquisition For The Faith She Won T Surrender, Anica Longs For Solace For Her Family And Freedom For Herself And Bienvenida, Heir To Her Mother S Nahua Magic, Now Practiced Out Of Sight Of The Spanish Religious Authorities, Will Trade A Great Deal For The Fragile Chance At Friendship And Snippets Of Poetry