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The Leopard Tree chapter 1 The Leopard Tree, meaning The Leopard Tree, genre The Leopard Tree, book cover The Leopard Tree, flies The Leopard Tree, The Leopard Tree 2736435e9b555 Three Orphans From Kenya Embark On A Desperate Quest To Meet The Secretary General Of The United Nations In New York City And Deliver A Message They Hope Will Help Millions Of Homeless And Hurting Children In Africa The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Becomes Their Guidebook As They Journey Alone Across The United States The Trio One With HIV, One Blind Amputee, And One Who Hasn T Spoken For Years After Watching Her Family Slaughtered Find Themselves Embroiled In A Situation Beyond Their Imaginations As They Get Close To Meeting Their Goal This Book Was Written With The Hope Of Raising Awareness Of The Millions Of People In Africa Who Suffer The Effects Of Malnutrition, Malaria, HIV AIDS, And The Unspeakable Atrocities Associated With Armed ConflictsYou Can Help By Doing Whatever You Re Able To Do Send A Donation,learn What S Going On, Offer A Home, Visit The Continent, Buy An Extra Copy Of The Leopard Tree Profits From The Sale Of The Leopard Tree Will Be Used To Support Projects That Help Those Who Need Assistance In Africa

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    I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this book As I read it, I caught myself hoping they were real and the story was actually non fiction I ve never read a book before, hoping it was a true story, but you can t help but want this uplifting story to be true.

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    The writing lacked polish and was sometimes choppy and stilted, telling too much instead of showing it but the three young protagonists were endearing enough to almost make up for it, and their quest compelling enough to keep me reading even if sometimes seemed like they were getting a little too much help too often to be believable I particularly liked how The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was skillfully used to provide shape and an overall metaphor for the children s journey I expect I ll forget a lot of the details of this book over time, but I ll probably remember the three children when everything else about the story has faded.

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    Oh, I got tricked again by one of those Free Today Kindle books This book wasn t awful, it just wasn t very good Let me start with what I liked 1 I liked the intent of the authors They wanted to create awareness and compassion for orphans in war torn countries, and kudos to them for making this effort We should all care about this and take real action instead of just paying lip service to the idea of relieving suffering 2 I liked the beginning of the book I liked the characters and I liked where I thought they were going with the story The children were truly endearing 3 I liked how the authors brought The Wizard of Oz into the storyline It was a really nice thread running through the book OK Now for what I didn t like 1 I didn t like the amateurish writing Most of my other complaints fall under this big one, but I m still going to take the larger offenses and pick em apart one by one 2 I didn t like the weird, unlikely dialogue 3 I didn t like that I had to suspend my disbelief so many times Anytime the plot needed forwarding, enter a totally unlikely and unbelievable plot device SPOILER ALERT Like anyone would be allowed through security and onto a plane without a ticket in this day and age Geesh 4 The emotional manipulation This was totally crazy They contrived situations where I could tell they wanted me to be affected, but it was so poorly written that it left me cold Show me, don t tell me 5 The political agenda Compassion for the less fortunate is not found only in one political party They made it sound like the evil, selfish, rich Americans are keeping these children from having good, whole, healthy lives As a wealthy nation we are absolutely responsible to help, but never once was it even mentioned that much suffering would be alleviated if there was less government corruption in those suffering nations A friend of mine brings supplies to Kenya on a regular basis, and is always held up with bribe attempts He s trying to help, and corrupt people in government are trying to make money on the aid he s bringing to help their own people Just another piece of the pie that should have been mentioned The issues are complex, and this story tries to oversimplify them I know this review is pretty scathing, and I feel badly about that because the issue is important The issue is, however, important enough that it deserves a much better platform than it is given in this book.

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    I liked the premise of this book but not the execution beyond just being poorly written, all of the characters never developed beyond stereotypes and none were very engaging the plot is also very predictable and cliche at times I wanted to like it but couldn t see beyond its flaws.

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    A little too unrealistic, and not in the good way.

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    Three African children meet while living at the Nyumba wa watoto orphanage in Kenya, Africa and become fast friends Their favorite spot is a tree they call the leopard tree Daudi s mother died of Aids when he was two recently his grandmother has died and left him orphaned and abandoned without medication Masozi is blind and lost a leg to a land mine due to civil war in Sudan, and Ramla from Rwanda witnessed the rape and killing of her family in her village The trauma from that event has robbed her of her speech Daudi reads the story of the Wizard of Oz to his friends, which inspires them to seek a wizard who can make life better for them and the children of Africa Rosa Carson is a photojournalist who often visits Africa in an effort to create awareness of the poverty and medical needs of children in orphanages throughout Africa she is drawn to and takes a special interest in these three children.On one visit to the orphanage, Rosa agrees to take the three children on a day trip to Nairobi airport When Daudi finds a passport on the floor, the adventures begin The children stow away on a jet flying to San Francisco From that point they travel by bus to Reno, a minivan to Kansas, and a goat trailer to Missouri They walk along railroad tracks and stow away in a freight train until they arrive in Pennsylvania Where are they going Daudi has learned there is a UN conference in New York He is determined to plead his case to the Secretary General Akama All along this journey, the children must hide from the immigration authorities while they face all sorts of personal physical danger To make matters worse, Daudi has been without any medication and his medical condition is deteriorating.Rosa desperately wants to find these children to keep them safe and eventually adopt them as her family She uses all her resources and contacts in an attempt to track them down All the odds are against them succeeding will these three unlikely spokespeople for Africa s impoverished orphans succeed in the quest This book is a powerful presentation of the issues that face so many children everyday Characters are deftly created with powerful personalities Heartbreaking twists and turns in the plot abound The authors paint portraits of the best and worst of human nature I found it difficult to put the book down Young adult and adult readers should not miss this book.

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    This is one of the most beautiful books I have read in a long long time Please do yourself a favor and read it You will come away feeling enriched This is the story of three young orphans who live in Kenya Daudi is almost 12 when the story begins His Mamere grandmother has just died and he has no one else He is HIV positive and Mamere had worked 16 hours a day and sold all she had to make sure he had the medication he needed Now he has nothing left but his pillow, which Mamere had told him to always keep close, and the book she read to him over and over The Wonder Wizard of Oz Masozi, a boy just a year or two older than Daudi, who is blind and lost a leg when he and his father went to the well in their village and a land mine blew up, killing his father and forever changing his life And Ramla a young girl of 8 or 9 whose family was tortured and murdered while she watched from a hiding place She would not speak but was very close to Masozi, protected him and was his eyes These children embark on a journey of hope that will live in your heart forever Don t miss this heartwarming story of courage and innocence.

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    A truly beautiful and unique book that openly retells The Wizard of Oz in the lives of 3 courageous Kenyan orphans Will make you sob in several places Obviously it was written to spread awareness of the devastasting conditions in Africa, and it serves its purpose superbly combining a vital modern issue with a beautiful work with fiction An amazing tribute to the power of storytelling and the ability of literature to bring diverse people to the same place I was particularly impressed with the author s characterization of each child as unique, as a danger for a book of this type is making all the kids merely symbols of need and lacking in individual personality But the tragedies of their lives are made even worse and from the reader s point of view, immediate and real by the realness, the normalness, of their personalities.A must read.

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    I enjoyed this YA novel overall It started off very strong and pulled me right in I felt the writing could have been a little polished, and the made up characters based on real people got a little old for example, Barry Prince for Larry King But the message was honest and true and it was easy to fall in love with the three orphans Some of the secondary characters were a little cliche, but it didn t detract that much I think it is a lovely story that gives a needed portrayal of the needs of people from third world countries and can help open the eyes of all who read it.

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    This book is lovely The children are special, as are the people they encounter along the way The story in that regard reminds me of Into the Wild.There are a few eye roll worthy elements of the story For example, the character of Barry Prince and his show, Barry Prince Live, the character of Alma Winters, and the news channel of Global News Network GNN I m not sure why the authors chose to base these elements on actual people and networks they could very well have chosen names without making any allusions to the real world.