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    This debut novel is a great read It reminded me of the Gone series by Michael Grant, only nowhere near as dark A meteor hits the earth, and all the adults die kind of a far out premise, but it works Sean, the 13 year old protagonist, is a good character, if not completely fleshed out yet My favorite character has to be Viktor who miraculously heals from cerebral palsy when the meteor hits The action is pretty good, and I like the post apocalyptic storyline The book feels a bit like a prologue, but it sets up the next novel quite nicely Pacing was good, and I m looking forward to character development in the next book All in all, an enjoyable read I am recommending it to my son.

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    Excellent read I was transported I felt like I was with Sean in Russia, experiencing his excitement in the beginning and the myriad of emotions and challenges he faced as the story progressed Griffard s use of multi character narrative allowed me to feel the different perspectives of Sean, Viktor, and Svyeta I loved the interactions between all the teens I found myself wondering how I would react if I were facing the same thing when I was a teenager I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next, and I was continually surprised.I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series

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    Fantastic read An adventure and thought provoking story about survival, family ties, and perseverance in a world where all the adults have died I appreciated the way this book delivered an intriguing story while also delving into serious themes of grief, hope, understanding, family, friendship, integrity, and survival I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves post apocalyptic dystopian adventure, and anyone looking for a great thought provoking read.

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