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    3.75 stars

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    I really enjoyed Wildlander s Woman The story begins with Ava who lives in an extremely conservative, old fashioned, corrupt society Women must marry before their twenty fourth birthday or they become a tribute for the Wildlander s Unfortunately Or fortunately , she s left at the alter weeks before her birthday The Commissioner, an evil, evil man, commands that she is sent out immediately So she is sent along with another young woman as Tribute.She finds herself bound to a Clan of four men Blaise, Jodah, Daven, Killian She d already met Blaise in her home town, and she s happy to know she ll belong to him But it comes as a surprise that she s to be wife to all four Each male has a completely different personality You can easily tell one from another easily Blaise was the hardest to like I knew he tried, but oh he got me so mad at times He s impatient and expects Ava to understand and become a Wildlander s wife overnight rather than allowed her the chance to ease into a new life Ava herself was dealt a horrible blow when her fianc e left her, and being thrust into this kind of way of life, it s tough She bears it as she really has no choice, but she makes some bad choices along the way, one that leads to something much worse In time, she gets to know each male, and falls in love with them.Now Sim the man who broke off the engagement is one nasty piece of work This guy feels like he s entitled and will do whatever he wants so long as he gets something out it He has no remorse, no empathy He s just a complete sleaze ball We re left at a cliffhanger with him I was hoping something tragic might happen to him and he d get what he deserved.There was some good world building in this book, but I wish I had been able to see of it There are creatures lurking and we only get glimpses of these I also wish there had been character growth outside the bedroom There was a lot of sex in this book And I mean a lot Almost every single chapter had at least one or two sex scenes And honestly there is an obsession with butts and anal sex in this book I wasn t too keen on these scenes and skimmed a lot of them It was just too much for me I felt that there could have been a lot depth to this book if those had been toned down There could have been story There is also some strange formatting with this, but I believe it s on purpose beginning of each chapter being centered and it could use a proofreading The changes in point of view are jarring at times since it will change into another character in whatever place of time without any warning Overall, besides those and the copious amounts of sex scenes and butt sex descriptions, this was a decent book and I would read the next There was good character growth and the start of some great world building.

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    HOLY HOTNESS This is a 5 star story but I took 1 star for the cliffhanger ending The author did a solid job creating an interesting world for her characters to live in Once I started reading this book I could not put it down It kept me interested all the way to the very end It is an historical type fantasy world where the Wildlanders protect the Arcadians from the dark, magical creatures of the surrounding area Ava, Wildlander Tribute Bride has been given as bride to the men of the Wildlands Her virginity taken in public ceremony was hot see the prequel she s now a woman of the Wildlands Wife to a Clan of four This novel starts where the prequel left off with Ava s first few months as Clan bride to Blaise, Jodah, Daven, and Killian I want a Clan of my own Every body has their place within the clan and their relationships with each other are HOT HOT HOT Daven and Killian are in love with each other but Ava fits right in and they make it work Blaise is completely straight but loving within a clan is expected and encouraged.I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I look forward to from this author.

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    I really enjoyed this It had heart I m a bit bummed at the cliffhanger ending though, especially since it looks like there might not be a sequel.

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The only thing I didn t like about this book was that Ava didn t really make smart choices..But overall I quite enjoyed this installment in the Wildlanders series.Jodah of course is still my favorite. hehe I like that this book goes in depth with the relationship between Killian and Daven, they re so adorable together I also liked that in the end Ava s dumb choices didn t ruin anything like I feared it would Warning This book contains VERY mature scenes Definitely for a reader who s 18 or older.

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    Ava was supposed to become someone s wife, but a day before the wedding, her fianc changed his mind, thus branding Ava as someone unwanted And as all the other unwanted women like her, Ava was exiled from the city and made a Tribute bride, which means she was given to four strangers from the wildlands , to become their wife The story was really confusing at the beginning and it took me some time to put all the pieces together and figure out what was happening Having read the book, I still don t quite understand all the aspects of the world and the working of the society The story itself wasn t that original, but the execution was done nicely enough again, sans the beginning and I enjoyed the book while reading And even though I was sure I wouldn t read any following books in the series, the ending made me curious enough to maybe change my mind.

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    Beautiful This book was great it is one of the few books that I would describe as erotica but with such a deep and impactful story line This was by no means a fluff book that was all about sex It was about a woman discovering that she is than what she was told sh could be and learning to love herself when love has been in short supply for most of her life It is a RH novel with some mm content for those that like to know such things.

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    Brilliant WorldbuildingI ve never read this author before But this book came up on a Facebook post asking people to name their favorite reverse harem novel I thought I should check it out, and I m so pleased that I did This book was surprisingly wonderful Well written, suspenseful, touching I absolutely loved it

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    I liked it but with some minor changes this book could have been a 5 star story But honestly I want which is why i changed it from a 3 to a 4 star rating Ah I dont know there was just something about it that I want to know about.

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    Good storyThis is a good story The characters are interesting and well developed I can t wait to read the next one A little editing would be great Just some typos.

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Wildlanders Woman summary pdf Wildlanders Woman , summary chapter 2 Wildlanders Woman , sparknotes Wildlanders Woman , Wildlanders Woman 432619a This Is The Bundled Edition Of First Possession Prequel To Wildlanders Woman And Wildlanders Woman First Book Of The Wildlands It Was Done Ava Cosgrove, Maiden Of Arcadia Was No Now, She Was Simply Ava, Wildlander Tribute Bride Ava Has Been Given As Bride To The Men Of The Wildlands, A Harsh, Unforgiving Place Where Dark Creatures Roamed Free And Peace Only A Memory Her Virginity Taken In Public Ceremony, She S Now A Woman Of The Wildlands, The Wife To A Clan Of Four Her Body Aching From Her First Possession, Ava Initially Fears Her New Life Her Clanmates, Though, Prove To Be Tender And Caring, Seeing To Her Every Need Out Of The Bedchamber And Lovingly Awakening Her Flesh Inside Of It These Mates Powerful, Unbending Blaise Fierce But Sensitive Jodah Mischevious, Lighthearted Daven And Gentle, Masterful Healer Killian All Stir Her In Their Own Ways, Yet She Struggles To Come To Terms With The Idea Of Falling In Love With Than One Man Ava Slowly Works To Adjust To This Strange New Place, In A Culture That Reveres, Rather Than Disdains Women, Where Magic Is Not Unheard Of, And Violent Death Is An Accepted Part Of Life As A Rash Of Attacks From The Fearsome Dark Creatures That Her Wildlander Warriors Are Sworn To Fight Threatens Both Her Community And Her Own Clan S Lives, Ava Must Look Into Herself And Find Strength She Did Not Know She Possessed To Fight Alongside Her Clan Through Tragedy, Betrayal, Forgiveness, And Failure, Ava Learns Not Only That Love Does Not Fit Into The Tidy Definitions She D Once Believed, But That She Might Be Capable Of Much Than She D Ever Thought Possible This Volume Also Includes The Bonus Novella First Possession Prequel To Wildlanders Woman

  • Kindle Edition
  • 317 pages
  • Wildlanders Woman
  • Jenycka Wolfe
  • English
  • 01 February 2019

About the Author: Jenycka Wolfe

Jenycka Wolfe has been a teacher, a nurse, a professional journalist, a five star chef, and, most recently, a private investigator It was during a stakeout, gathering evidence of one of Canada s wealthiest men s marital infidelity, that she realized her true calling was erotic romance writing Unfortunately, in her excitement, she gave away her position and the enraged cheater chased her through