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    This is not a traditional story so much as it is a string of sexual predicaments with a running commentary by the narrator, a self proclaimed nympho humiliation pain slut Breanne s mistress has tasked her with edging herself in various kinky ways to the brink of orgasm numerous times per day over the course of eight days or so, and roping strangers and others into helping her attain that goal, sometimes in semi public places Mistress Julie s proviso requires Breanne endure severe punishment for any unauthorized orgasms that occur in the course of following her directions of course, there are several such instances.Whereas the storyline is thin at best, between the original tasks and the tacked on punishments the premise lends itself to providing ample opportunities for fairly intense sexual and D s scenarios to play out in context For the most part, despite the individual situations being well written and kinky, for me the sheer volume of them in rapid succession often had a numbing rather than arousing effect I suppose it would be fair to say that the hardcore BDSM marathon illustrated the protagonist s essence, but in doing so it made the story a less enjoyable and erotic read Sometimes less really is .

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    It s sort of okay ish Sort of.The cover is amazing That s really all there is to say about that.I love the title of the book, because it delivers on the subject I much prefer that over book titles that don t give you a clue as to what they re about.I m not sure if it s that solid a stand alone read though I thought it was a bit confusing at least It was as if I missed some backstory on the setting and the characters, since they were often introduced as if I was supposed to know about them There s a passage where she goes to church with her daughter, and when you read it you re like What, she has a daughter , because it s just not mentioned before But then 3 pages later the church stuff is over and the daughter is never mentioned again That s just confusing.The book does have a certain distinct way of telling the story, where it feels as if Breanne is just telling the events as they come to pass, which results in a fairly unique kind of story Not much dialogue mostly her reflecting on the events that she goes through.The whole orgasm denial is there, and if it s your thing you ll get plenty of it in terms of quantity Quality wise I felt it dragged quite a bit, because the process repeats itself She edges using different toys, then gets an orgasm followed up by punishment And then it starts over But to me the appeal of reading about denial is the mental state, not the sexual acts themselves And the book doesn t deliver on that too much.It s also a sort of double story So the first half of the book is the actual story, and then the last half is a sort of follow up story that easily compliments what you ve just read But it s a different story.

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