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    the ending of this book was insane and completely solidified that i love ren constantine as a ship and also that i would die for ren crown and olivia price i hope my thoughts come out coherent.HERE WE GO.ren is genuinely one of my favorite characters ever god, i love her SO much she is so capable and strong and loving and determined and loyal and courageous and reckless and powerful and self sacrificing and pure from the first scene in the library, you can see how much see how much she is willing to give up in order to protect those who matter to her this whole book is, after all, about the protection of ren crown her protection comes with no strings attached it comes only with love and fierce loyalty.on another hand, there is a dark side to ren she is willing to do ANYTHING for the people she loves the consequences do no matter one of my favorite quotes was, What was the point of being the monster under the bed, if I couldn t use the monster s power i think that s what makes her so complex i am truly so, so infatuated with ren.now does anyone else ship ren and constantine because i m not going to lie, despite how messy it can be, I find myself drawn to this ship that is not to say i hate ren and alexander although i don t particularly like them, but i definitely prefer con and ren is that just me their dynamic is by far the most interesting relationship in the book from their creative genius to how he values her above everyone else that is to say, as much as constantine can value a person at all i won t deny it s obvious he is drawn to her because of her power but i do think it goes beyond just that there s there if there weren t, he wouldn t have acted in the manner he did at the end of the book ren continuously refers to her and constantine as business partners but everyone else can clearly see it s than that, even if she can t.examples will tasky Will s attention focused on me I don t know of a single person he calls a friend Except maybe you, Ren He gave you that item last term to help us downgrade our offense level when we were going to do the secret ritual and you hadn t even asked for his help That was insanely unusual Everyone was looking at me, and I could feel Olivia s pointed thoughts about my stupidity in trusting Constantine with anything like friendship He felt he owed me Constantine is very business oriented He pays debts promptly Will s gaze was piercing And coming to the non magical layer to give you a present on your birthday Hubris Will grinned.nephthys bau Leandred trusts no one, but he obviously treats Ren differently, Neph said soothingly olivia price I ll do it, a new, but familiar voice said.Everyone spun to see Constantine casually leaning with his back against a tree at the edge of the swamp What are you doing here Olivia demanded Then her gaze swung to me No, I know what he is doing here alexander dare He grimaced It s none of my business That is exceptionally true And you aren t Leandred s normal type of visitor He never, and I do mean never, lets anyone into his workroom, but he s my point being that ren and constantine are most definitely friends and honestly, they have incredible build up and development constantine doesn t show a semblance of care for anyone except for ren he worries about her often and is willing to protect her despite what it might cost him and ren shows him a kindness that no one else will even consider affording him she knows there s to him than meets the eye and actively seeks it out and believes in him view spoiler can we talk about how he nearly died protecting her even though it meant going against the plan he d been putting into action for ages can we talk about how she could have chosen to hate him after his betrayal, but instead made it clear she was willing to hear him out can we talk about the relief that filled him knowing that their relationship was repairable that he hadn t lost her can we talk about she gave him a nickname when no one else cares enough to even look beyond his image can we talk about how she sees the best in him when others see the worst can we talk about how she is the only person to have ever been in his workroom and that she s been there hundreds of times can we talk about how godfrey makes it clear that con cares about no one except his hate for alexander yet here is ren, a person he clearly cares about can we talk about the fact she is the mage on campus with the most power on him can we talk about the fact that she s his weakness and that he would do anything for her wow i m shook PLEASE tell me there are other people that ship this too hide spoiler

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    9 10 17 Screw it It s totally 5 starts now That ending is fantastic.6 7 14 4.5 Stars Definitely And yes I reread it already P3 6 14 4.5 Stars I m not sure yet All I can think about is Constantine I don t know if to love him or hit him over the head with a blunt object.Constantine opened the door as I approached, then tsked as soon as he closed the door behind me You destroyed it Darling, you really must stop getting rid of such useful devices Constantine, it did horrible things to her He smiled I know Constantine is such a fascinating character He is brilliant, hot, a man slut, devious, manipulative, goes after what he wants with no regards towards other people and yet he still can t help but care for Ren I am merely bestowing an offering to my favorite One that would gain me an article in the Journal of Scientific Magic and get us both imprisoned He is obviously not trustworthy, but he is too useful to not have him on your side, or as much as you can have someone like him on your side But even after everything that Constantine has done, Ren still considers him her friend She won t give up on him.I liked how Olivia s character started getting some growth and depth here She is finally thawing a bit and embracing the friendship that Ren is offering her, because once Ren considers you hers, she d do anything for them, and that is both one of her greatest strengths and weaknesses.And watching someone who was so deadly revive a plant was a little like looking at a calendar of hot Marines holding kittens.There was a bit romance here, very light, but it was so sweet and funny watching Ren getting accustomed to Alexander Dare She would just stutter and ramble in his presence till she finally started seeing him as a friend and got herself under control Business His tone implied exactly what he thought any business with Constantine might be Extreme disappointment laced it Not that kind, I said, flustered The kind with favors Business favors Hi, I m a hooker Legal ones Well, not legal, but not prostitution I mean, the kind of favors that you exchange with business partners.He was studying the paths, though, his expression unreadable again He lets you in his workroom There s no bed in there I clamped my lips together and shut my eyes You know what No. I don t have to defend myself And that s why I loved Ren I adore these books, but I m not gonna lie, after so long between books the complicated magic system hit me right between the eyes and I was left seeing stars for a good chunk at the start But it was totally worth it And that ending What a clusterfuck that was Can t wait for the next one Two months to go or not, Axer Dare was still seventeen last year, Delia said Against all the twenty one and twenty two year olds A very big deal Hot She winked at me.I could see him warming up on the field Five seconds of staring pulled his image closer, as if he stood only five feet away I panicked, looking to my left and right.Neph cocked her head at me, her gaze questioning Can anyone see what I see I whispered No, it is all individual Thank God. I took a deep breath, then watched to my heart s content I watched him do a particularly complicated maneuver and thought how nice it would be to see it again in slow motion, when suddenly up popped an instant replay with four different angles to swap between That explained the eye and hand motions in the crowd I gave the magic a whirl, swapping images and angles Wow. There were some nice body angle options I was coming to these events as often as possible from now on.

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    this book was all about renlivia that is IT aka one of the best f f friendships to ever exist

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    I reached the end of this book and thought, When can I read the next one Thankfully, in this case, the thought was less due to a cliff hanger ending and because I want to see how this series keeps developing Don t get me wrong there s plenty of ends that have been left unresolved, but the same was true of the first book in this series and I felt that was a strength In both cases, there s narrative room to build on.The work Zoelle started in Book 1 of world building was continued here, although the focus appropriately shifted heavily towards character and plot We continue to learn details about the world of Excelsine and the Layer system which were left vague in the first book, but this is often used as a means of building relationships between Ren and others The list of people whom she trusts grows, and some of this trust is shown through her increased willingness to reveal dangerous information about her newness to the world of magic.My favorite aspect of this book was the introduction of Alexander Dare as a character rather than a constant source of embarrassment for Ren I like him, I like his sense of humor, and overall think he s worthy as a male lead The other characters in Ren s circle of friends from the first book are also fleshed out, with the notable exception of Will who had to take a bit of a back seat to allow other narrative elements to shine through This is understandable but I hope we see of him or see him take a larger role going forward.As far as second novel syndrome my term , I was glad to see that this book didn t feel like a placeholder for the events of the grand finale This may be partly due to the fact that the planned series is four books, but regardless, it was refreshing to have a story the felt self contained even as it feeds into a larger overarching plot Now I just have to wait a year or two to see where it goes next.

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    Re read 4 2 18I honestly forgot how much I loved Constantine, one of my fave fictional boys ever Also lol throwback to naive me who didn t see how manipulative Dare can be Dare and Con are still the most interesting characters for me though, despite feeling mixed towards Dare as a person, and the roommate scene made me laugh I have no words for the massively good vibes I got from reading this like the elation I get from reading about my favorite characters is powerful Constantine and Dare are the best characters and I love reading about them so much Also Olivia rocks and is brilliant and Ren couldn t have a better support team Plot wise, infinitely better than the jarring parts of the first book and fun stuff to come.

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    I m really starting to love these books, this one was a lot better than the first The best parts of these books is hands down the relationships, and I think Olivia and Ren s is what makes me like these books so much.

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    I ship Renstantine D

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    Gaahhh this book is such a delightful read There is lots of action, great character developments, some pretty important reveals and overall 400 pages of awesomeness and magical ka pow The pacing is pretty good The book starts and ends with a bang..and the middle is full of Ren growing her friend circle at Excelsine, trying to free herself of Raphael, working with Con and Will on crazy inventions, getting to know Dare better and being adorably dorky and brilliant at the same time oh and simultaneously trying to save the Second Layer from the increasing threat of Verisetti and other Third Layer terrorists Talk about being busy..wheww Let me first talk about the character development for some of the characters in this book After finishing book 1, I wasn t sure why or when I had developed a soft spot for Olivia but while re reading book 2, it all came back to me We see Olivia s character come to realize what families and friends could mean to each other She tries to maintain her distance from Ren but fails miserably and ends up getting reeled into Ren s close knit circle of friends to die for.Besides Olivia, we also get to see a lot of Dare You know how authors like to make some male MC s to be this exceptionally, absurdly perfect guy Well, Dare isn t quite that perfect but in Ren s eyes, he definitely is the all knowing, incredibly gorgeous, extremely dangerous and kind guy that she knows she doesn t stand a chance with but can t help falling for However in this book, we see her getting to know him as a person instead of just someone who saved her life and gave her the last few moments with her brother And at the same time, Dare also gets to know Ren He sneakily lets Ren know that he knows I think he does respect and admire her in his own way but it s Dare and I think even after all that, his end goal is something that would end up sacrificing Ren for his family or himself As for my favorite person other than Ren in this series Constantine Leandred He is the epitome of what authors want their dark, hot, gorgeous bad boy to be He is so wonderfully brilliant, devious, and dedicated to Ren that it just makes my heart swell with so much love for him and Ren that the thought of them not having a happy ever after makes me anxious, resigned and depressed All at once I love his relationship with Ren I love how he treats her so differently than everyone else I love how they work together in his workshop I love how Ren doesn t ever give up on him I love how she keeps on believing in him and defending him from all her friends sigh My poor heart..As for the other characters some new, others old Can I just say that I ADORE them all Will Neph are as fantastic as ever Mike is GREAT Trick and Saf are hilarious and Delia is freaking cool I just want to give them all a big hug and not let them go Now, moving on to the actual plot and the ending I think the story progressed really well We see Ren trying to acclimate to the fact that Christian has found his peace and that she has to start living without him now She keeps trying her best to protect her family and friends It s so heart warming to read Ren trying to protect everyone in her life because she couldn t protect her brother She keeps on giving and giving without any strings attached She is so naive in some matters, yet so smart, observant and quick in others I loved how she made Olivia a member of the Delinquent Club I loved how she made view spoiler awakening level paint hide spoiler

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    that showed me the secrets of the universe for a single moment in time So tantalizing and frustrating So perfectly you This book was even better than the first one and wow, I m honestly so amazed.This book had me hooked from the very beginning.Ren met so many new people and made both friends and enemies I absolutely loved Olivia in this book, she s fierce, dependent and loyal.Moving on, we got to see Alexander Dare actually smiling and being friendly nice, I wasn t ready.And Constantine, my God, I love him so much Every thing he does amazes me and I realise that I m being biased here because he s one of my favourite characters.The last few chapters were chaotic and I loved every second of it We also got to witness just how much Constantine cares about Ren and now I can t wait to read the third book

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    4 stars because there was too much dare but otherwise holy shit this book was so good

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