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    A completely engaging novel about how two adolescents, Lupita and Salvador, must sneak into the United States looking for work after their father dies in a fishing accident and leaves the family destitute Beyond being a refugee story, Lupita Manana encompasses the protagonist s coming of age as she grows from an idealist young child to a realist who lives with over extended family, works for barely no pay, and ultimately loses her brother to hooligan behavior and deportation A bittersweet story, to be sure, but we are left knowing that Lupita, at least, is a survivor.

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    I found this book boring and a bit too liberal for my tastes It s a shame I had to read it in school.

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    This book is a sad yet, thrilling tale that fallows two main characters, Salvador , and Lupita the book shows the struggle of two kids trying to make there, and there families lives better The goal throughout the story is cross the border, due to there fathers death and make money to help there mother back in encenada Of corse this causes them many troubles such as La Migra immagration police and having to work with no cards and or papers.I love this book although I do have a few problems with it s way of showing there story the book tends to get very repetitive once they cross the border such as, once they find a job in colton they then have to move to there aunts due to La Migra and then it basically restarts a cycle already put in place.All in all though, this book was very enjoyable had thrilling action and heart break eaither way you will not reading this wonderfull story

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    This novel was amazing Lupita ma ana is about a girl Lupita and her brother s journey across the border between the U.S and Mexico after their father passed away When their father died they took the risk to cross the border to support their family with money The reason why I loved this book was because I can relate to the journey they went through and to the struggles, like fitting in and the fear in their everyday life To sum it up this is a really good book and I would really recommend this book.

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    Lupita Manana is a book about immigration The setting takes place in Mexico and New York The main characters are Lupita, Salvador And the other characters are Caramela, Captin Ortega, Uncle Consuelo, Dorotea and Aunt Consuelo This is a pretty good book because if you want to learn Spanish words, it tells you them in the book.Captin Ortega sends his son named Paco to Senor Aguilars hotel to get Lupita s mama Caramela Paco informs Caramela that her husband has died because of a bad weather Caramela tells Lupita and Salvador that their father has died but she doesn t tell the younger siblings Lupita and Salvador go to Captin Ortega s ship to get some coins that belonged to their Papa Captin Ortega threw the coins at them and Lupita had to pick them up Caramela tells Lupita and Salvador that they must go to New York to pay the money lender They first time that they cross the border, they sneak, but they get caught by La Migra Then Salvador find a friend who will cross them, but Salvador must give him his father s cross and a little money They sneak on a car and train and made it to Conston They find this job at a restaurant, but they only get paid 2.25 They went to their Aunt Consuelo s house, but her aunt had told them that they couldn t let them stay there and that they could not give them any money But then she made up her mind She let them stay there but Lupita and Salvador had to buy the groceries and pay half of the rent Later they started working with his uncle in the fields Salvador found this friend named Lucky Lucky invited them to a ball At the ball came La Migra, where they saw Salvador and took him back to Mexico Luckily Lupita escaped and goes tell her Aunt Consuela and her uncle tells her that Salvador will make his way back.This book is a very detailed story I love details so I rated this book a 5 star.

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    In Spanish the major part of our curriculum this year was to read this book All of the kids didn t want to read it, I didn t want to read it, even the teacher didn t want to read it But, the district said we had to.In the end, I really didn t like this book that much It was either too boring, or too over dramatic It didn t feel like an accurate description of how people crossed the border.I also hated the characters Lupita was too optimistic, and Salvador too bitchy I found myself very happy at the ending, and not because Lupita started to learn english.Overall, I would give this book 1 star, but because it didn t completely bore me to death, I give it 2 stars.

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    Lupita Manana, a book written by a white woman named Patricia Beatty This book was published on March 21st 1981 This book was not a highly rated or recommended book for middle schoolers Sadly, the book did not win any awards Although this book did have over 70 reviews and 150 ratings One mother complained saying, This was required reading for my son s 8th grade English class Though it gave us an opportunity to talk about the current immigration situation, the book was so totally depressing It s true her life is depressing, but I am sure there is a better picture of illegal immigrants out there I appreciated that it was a true story but the writing was unimpressive and uninspiring The setting of this book took us to multiple destinations in the world Our main character is a girl named Lupita The time were this book took place was somewhere between 1986 to 1990 The story begins in Mexico and ends all the way in the United States Her older brother is Salvador, a sixteen year old boy Salvador character is portrayed as the oldest brother of Lupita, he may look as a good guy at the beginning but towards the end, everything flips Lupita is the second oldest child, she is our main character Although she is optimistic, this does not stop her from thinking tomorrow will be better This story begins with Lupita discovering her father has been killed at sea Now Salvador and her must travel all the way to the United States to help their mother make money to save their home Salvador and Lupita go on a dangerous path where they almost risked getting taken back They reach to Tijuana but we re close to being deported Both of them arrive to their destination Once their they struggle because they were sent to come to a rich aunt Yet what they found was a disappointment Once their they had to help their aunt and drunken uncle get money to pay for where they will be sleeping Toward the end Lupita is troubled by her brother and his new friend Lucky Salvador got deported but Lupita escaped My opinion on this book is bad The book is good in story, but out of character shape I don t recommend this book by all means, because this book is an offensive way of saying us latinos are a bad example to young children This puts us on a bad position When they say wetbacks or ponchos it makes it seem as if we truly are dirty and filthy Another example is when Lupita and Irela were at a clothing store and the clerk said she couldn t try on the clothing because she looked dirty This is like calling us animals in a way The author is trying to demonstrate the complexity and consequences of present day immigration Although it is a clear statement that she does not support immigration She states that, Our personal response and the response of our country to needs of these persons as whole determines whether or not we are able to reconcile our conflicting attitudes and live up to our Constitution and our society s commitment to equality and justice for all Knowing that most immigrants suffer she tries to make it seem like if we take immigration lightly What type of immigrant would want to be deported Even though Donald J Trump has lost his mind, this doesn t mean we have lost ours Here is a question that can seem like a riddle to those who have no hearts, Should immigration into the United States be considered a right or a privilege It should be considered a privilege Coming to a place where they say, It is a free country What does that mean, free from what From all the latinos and african americans they hate So I say yes, Immigrants should be allowed here in the United States of America If we allowed what we now call white people here first as immigrants 100 years back, then we should let our immigrants come to the United States of America The United States of America is the land of opportunity Not the land of segregation, we should be free We should not stop people from dreaming forward If the United States of America the land of opportunity, then why are we being separated from those whose ancestors were once immigrants We weren t born here, we stole this country from the first Native Americans We are somewhere we don t belong Stolen land, from people who lived here thousands of years ago where taken away So why when we come to a place we don t belong we get kicked out Overall, my opinion of this book is horrible I understand that the author is doing this to explain how immigrants have to struggle everyday they try to come to a better place Little do they know it would only affect them in even dangerous levels This book is a good book So, this book can be a good book Depending on how one takes it, but if I were to recommend this book to anybody, it would be to an immigrant That immigrant can compare on how they struggled to get to the United States They are the only ones who truly know how coming out as an immigrant can be difficult.I am only an eighth grader and I read this book as a seventh grader To this day I still do not like the book nor do I want any of my younger brothers reading this book as an assignment I clearly do not like this book and I loved the author s hard work, but this seemed very offensive especially for me being a 13 year old honduran mixed guatemalan I respect others opinions so please respect mines.

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    This book sucks It is very very very very boring Lupita and her brother Salvador must cross the border to the US Lupita is supposedly incredibly optimistic Really thought, she s and her brother Salvador are both just bipolar.Lots of Love,Michelle D.

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    I liked the descriptive language that was included, but I was a little disappointed in the Lupita character She was a bit of a drag, and her optimism was a little forced It got on my nerves for some reason I have yet to recommend it to anyone oS Is that bad

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    I personally didnt like it at all it had to much drama in the book for me.I didnt like the story line at all it was a little confusing for me to understand what was going on.

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Lupita Mañana download Lupita Mañana, read online Lupita Mañana, kindle ebook Lupita Mañana, Lupita Mañana 230102295f54 Crossing Over The Border Is A Dangerous BusinessBut Lupita Must Cross From Mexico To America After Her Father Dies In A Fishing Boat Accident In The Seas Near Their Small Mexican Village, Lupita S Family Is Left In Poverty Lupita And Her Big Brother, Salvador, Must Smuggle Themselves Into The United States To Earn Money To Support Their Mother And Young Siblings America Is Not The Land Of Opportunity They Had Hoped A New Language, Hard Labor, And The Constant Threat Of La Migra The Immigration Police Make Every Day A Difficult Challenge But For Feisty Lupita, There Is Always Hope For A Better Manana Tomorrow