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City of the Chasch pdf City of the Chasch, ebook City of the Chasch, epub City of the Chasch, doc City of the Chasch, e-pub City of the Chasch, City of the Chasch b5dc906e61e Someone Sent Distress Signals To Outer Space From The Planet Tschai It Was Adam Reith S Misfortune To Be Sent From Earth To Investigate Because When His Ship Came Close To Tschai, It Was Torpedoed And Adam Escaped To The Surface With His Life And Nothing ElseTschai Was A Vast Planet And Previously Unexplored Adam, Taken As Slave By Humans, Learned That There Were Four Other Intelligent But Non Human Races Dominant On That Strange World And To Find The Mystery Of The Distress Call And The Vicious Attack, He Would Have First To Gain His Freedom And Then Find A Safe Way To Pass The City And The Alien Chasch And Their Treacherous Cousins, The Blue ChaschJack Vance S Tschai Novels Are Considered His Masterwork, A Constantly Changing Epic Canvas Of Weird Peoples, Exotic Lands, And Surprising Extra Terrestrial Adventures

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    After having read his Tales of the Dying Earth featuring the scoundrel Cugel The Dying Earth this shouldn t have come as such a great surprise, but I loved this book They certainly don t make them like this any The City of the Chasch is the marvellously bizarre first book in a series that is called, in some cases, The Planet of Adventure , and in other cases, the Tschai series It owes a lot to the pulps and in particular to Edgar Rice Burroughs s John Carter Mars Barsoom series even if it is a much edgier read than the latter This tale sets itself apart from the typical golden age pulp by being published in the late sixties, at a time when Science Fiction was becoming realistic and cynical by the day, and the gritty edge of both plot and presentation attests to that.A survey team is sent to investigate a signal that is received from a planet 212 light years from earth Things don t end well for them The sole survivor, a scout, crash lands his ship on the planet This all happens or less on the first page, just to get the formalities out of the way before the story can get going And what a story it is I am not sure why some reviewers think Vance is a bad writer I, fortunately, side with the folk who sing his praise It s slightly off beat to be sure and he doesn t beat around the bush unnecessarily, but it s all good Like any other pulp hero worth his coiffure our protagonist sets out to kick some buttock and obtain information, so to speak The main concern for the protagonist is getting back his space ship, which has been confiscated , if you will, by some locals, but before long various other considerations come into play It soon becomes clear that there is much, much to this story than first glance suggested The imagery is provocative, vivid and atmospheric, with locales ranging from windy steppes and ruined cities to dark critter infested jungles The multitudes of peoples, races, creatures and species that inhabit the planet are an absolute delight, despite their tendency towards malice.This is the kind of thing that Vance is really good at The violence is suitably abrupt and the world building is wonderful The treatment of female characters is perhaps not so politically correct, but everything else seems to come together perfectly, especially the dry, witty dialogue This little book truly brims with energy and I look forward to reading the other three books in the series If they re half this good, it s going to be one hell of a ride It is a rare treat, this, but you really have to read it to get the idea It really is that good Although a sense of humour and the ability to take things a little less than serious does help And look at that cover Just look at it Like me, however, you ll have to settle for the omnibus edition Planet of Adventure as the individual books are out of print.

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    To one side of the Explorator IV flared a dim and aging star, Carina 4269 to the other hung a single planet, gray brown under a heavy blanket of atmosphere The star was distinguished only by a curious amber cast to its light The planet was somewhat larger than Earth, attended by a pair of small moons with rapid periods of orbit An almost typical K2 star, an unremarkable planet, but for the men aboard Explorator IV the system was a source of wonder and fascination Call them whatever you like space opera, pulp fiction, planetary romance, golden age science fiction, heroic fantasy labels are unnecessary for enjoying these amazing tales of imagination and adventure I am sure I can trace back the origins of the sword laser yet another label for this mix of fantasy and science fiction genre all the way to the passion of Jules Verne for both technology and exploration of unknown shores I might even go further back to Gulliver or to legends of rogues and travellers coming to us from antiquity But there are easier and closer references for the inception of the planet Tschai in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars and Leigh Brackett The Sea Kings of Mars Tschai shares with them the casual approach to scientific accuracy, swordfighting, amoral characters, multiracial planets and some outdated mysoginism and imperialist atitudes Yet Tschai is a Jack Vance creation, which for me means that the pupil is surpassing the teachers Burroughs and Brackett in vision, prose, exuberant worldbuilding and chaotic action In this Tschai is mostly similar to The Dying Earth setting the same amber glow of the light, the same tired, ancient societies, the same sort of mishaps, but with little to no magic.The planet Tschai has not one but four alien races competing for world dominance and maintaining a fragile status quo through something similar to our Cold War arms race each has weapons so powerful that reciprocal annihilation is guaranteed The mystery of the planet is why each of the four alien races has associated with it a human servant follower class, each human tribe trying to emulate the physical appearance and the social habits of the master races Yet the basic appearance of all four human underclasses are clearly identical to the Earth genome, than two hundred light years away Then there are numerous independent human tribes trying to find their niche in the crowded ecosystem, plus a wide array of monsters and wild beasts Reith sorted over what he knew of the Tschai races and their human associates There were Dirdir and Dirdirmen Old Chasch, Green Chasch, Blue Chasch and Chaschmen Pnume and the human derived Pnumekin the yellow marsh men, the various tribes of nomads, the fabulous Golds , and now the Gray Men There are Wankh and Wankhmen as well, said Traz On the other side of Tschai This is a lot to absorb for the new reader, thrown right into the middle of a frantic skirmish between various factions, but luckily there is a master plan for the four books series each episode is focused on one of the alien races The Chasch, The Wankh or Wannek, the Dirdir and the Pnume The liant between the episodes is the HERO, the catalyst of revolutionary change, the earthman marooned on the planet Tschai when his spaceship Explorator IV is destroyed in orbit by unknown enemies below His name is Adam Reith a pirate, a conquistador, a dreamer, a rogue, a scientist, a jack of all trades, handy both with the rapier and with the energy pistol I m glad I never trained as a scout, remarked Second Officer Walgrave Otherwise I also might be sent down upon strange and quite possibly horrid planets A scout isn t trained, Deale told him He exists half acrobat, half mad scientist, half cat burglar, half That s several halves too many Just barely adequate A scout is a man who likes a change Injured in the crassh landing of his scout ship, deprived of his survival kit and weapons, captured by feral humanoid nomads, Adam Reith is not about to give up and start crying for mercy He has a whole planet to explore and he must somehow find a way to get back to Earth and give warning about the dangerrous aliens inhabiting Tschai I will try not to give too much away from Reith s adventures, but expect living on the edge of a precipice from the first to the last page of the book Reith will have to deal with an entrenched priesthood that maintains its power though human sacrifice, dodge shadow wolfes and ten feet tall alen predators in the night, join a caravan across desert lands and defend it against raiders from the dunes, avoid cannibals and rescue a beautiful maiden from the clutches of the evil Priestesses of the Female Mystery, bring down the pirate lord of a ruined town and liberate human slaves from millenia old bondage All of it in under 300 pages of large font text Impossible to predict official Earth policy, but he himself could never be content while the Dirdir, the Chasch and the Wankh exploited men and used them as despised subordinates The situation was a personal affront I have my reservations about this example of white man s burden that casts Reith in a leadership role in any conflict and about the way lovely maidens with exotic names We are of the Aegis caste Sometimes I am announced as Blue Jade Flower, at lesser functions Beauty Flower, or Flower of Cath My flower name is Ylin Ylan. fall for the dashing Adam Reith Yet I cannot help enjoying his madcap romp through Tschai, not so much different from the other signature creation of Vance Cugel the Clever from The Dying Earth universe Unlike the unlucky Cugel, Reith seems to succeed spectacularly in everything he plans, yet Vance manages to maintain a dose of detachment, dark humour sidekicks Traz and Anacho are great at stress relief and subtle satire of the very genre he is embracing here I would say the Planet of Adventure books are suitable for young adults, although with some reservations about the levels of gore and the explicit, almost casual killing spree that marks the path taken by Adam Reith through Tschai in blood.As a final reminder, book one in the series is mostly about meeting and butchering the first of the four alien creatures colonising Tschai The non human creatures Blue Chasch, as Reith was to learn walked on short heavy legs, moving with a stiff legged strut The typical individual was massive and powerful, scaled like a pangolin with blue pointed tablets The torso was wedge shaped, with exoskeletal epaulettes of chitin curving over into a dorsal carapace The skull rose to a bony point a heavy brow jutted over the ocular holes, glittering metallic eyes and the complicated nasal orifice next the Wannek the author s preferred spelling stars for now, but I might go higher after I finish the whole series.

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    The City of the Chasch is Jack Vance s 1968 first book in his Tschai series Reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs s Barsoom books, the Tschai is Vance s magnum opus of alien life and man s adventures on a planet colonized by several races This also reminded me of Robert Silverberg s magnificent Majipoor series with its inventive combination of science fiction and fantasy The four books were published together in 1993 as the Planet of Adventure.As in much of Vance s writing, his detailed world building is the most notable attribute Also evident, as best exemplified in Vance s The Dying Earth stories is his inimitable dry wit and subtle humor The narrative is pithy and jaunty, with plenty of action and swashbuckling violence.Protagonist Adam Reith is the sole survivor of an expedition sent out many light years from Earth Vance wastes little time establishing this setting and then he leads the reader on a theme park ride of high adventure Reith s quest to regain his ship and maybe return to earth is a narrative device Vance uses to establish the tour of Tschai and an introduction to its diverse population with byzantine cultures.Vance s creativity and the superlative quality of his writing is on full display The author has created an intricate environment of alien human interaction and laid down the action amidst a vividly drawn and painstakingly described landscape Vance s explanation for the human populace made subservient and hybridized by the powerful alien races is that one of the races had visited Earth many tens of thousands of years before and picked up proto cro magnum specimen for livestock.Fun, fun, fun I am driving on through the rest of the series and recommend this gem to all SF F readers.

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    _The Chasch_ originally published as _City of the Chasch_ is sort of Edgar Rice Burroughs A Princess of Mars as envisioned by Jack Vance It is an entertaining Planetary Romance tale or Sword Planet if you prefer that designation that describes the adventures of Adam Reith, Earthman and sole survivor of the Explorator IV a starship that is destroyed by unknown forces while in orbit above the planet Tschai Reith is a Scout, meaning that he is a Jack of all Trades uniquely equipped for survival in a hostile and alien environment Good thing too, since Tschai is a world in turmoil that will throw everything it has at Reith Once the basics of mere survival are attained Reith begins to explore this strange new world and finds a menagerie of aliens and apparent humanity locked in endless and fruitless struggle Vance displays his typically deft hand with the painting of bizarre cultures that spell out the various ways in which human and alien nature can be twisted by convention and assumptions into nearly unrecognizable forms The planet seems to have once belonged to the mysterious Pnume and their insane kin the Phung in ages past Now these creatures are rarely seen and only then as shadowy figures in the distance watching the current denizens of the world from their underground tunnels The Chasch, who apparently conquered the Pnume, are lizard men of three varieties Old, Blue and Green, who war amongst themselves as much as with everyone else The final waves of conquest were led by the Dirdir, a race of warlike, though apparently highly cultured aliens, and the Wannek in the original publication the unfortunately named Wankh an as yet unseen group of aliens Each of these alien races displays varying degrees of high technology they are apparently still space faring mixed with elements of antiquated, even barbarian culture swords, armour, monarchical governments, etc Mixed in with these alien races is an innumerable array of human offshoots some are client races to the existing aliens, thus the Chaschmen, Dirdirmen, Pnumekin and Wannekmen who seemed to have been genetically and cosmetically modified to display some of the physical characteristics of their masters and who each think that they are the true human race derived in some way from their parent alien race In addition to these client human races are the various barbarians who give fealty to no aliens, but tend to live in very degraded circumstances All of these races on Tschai are seemingly intent upon killing each other, though none of them wish to upset the current balance of power and thus restrict themselves to small battles and bandit raids none of the races is quite powerful enough to completely overpower the others and each of the aliens is capable of dealing a death blow to the planet should anyone attempt to overrun them.Reith is the wild card thrust into this scenario A typically competent and dry witted Vance hero, he is both perplexed and aghast at the existence of so degraded an example of humanity on this planet and while he initially intends only to find his stolen space boat and return to earth he soon becomes embroiled in the local conflicts and decides that he must help his estranged and enslaved kinsmen Along the way he will of course fall in with some allies who are impressed by his competence, technological know how and ability to lead and meets the requisite alien princess in need of his assistance I especially enjoyed Vance s various cultures esp the fascinating Emblem Men whose culture is determined by the totemic signets they wear and which give the men a unique identity and motivation, the reality of these emblems is left somewhat mysterious is it real or only a figment in the minds of the people enslaved by this ideology Vance s signature ornate language was on somewhat less display than I had expected, and had hoped for, though certain characters did exhibit it All in all this was an enjoyable adventure story with a little bit extra, but I wasn t left gasping for at the end I will likely eventually continue the Planet of Adventure series, of which this is the first book, but I still think that Vance s Lyonesse trilogy is his best work.

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    City of the Chasch, also known as The Chasch, was first published as a paperback novel in 1968 My copy is 141 pages long It is the first of four novels in the Planet of Adventure series about the planet Tschai It appears to still be in print in paperback along with the other three novels under the title Planet of Adventure by Orb books Each of the four novels included continues with the main character, Adam Reith, and same storyline There are four main civilizations on Tschai Each involves an intelligent, scientifically advanced species Three of them originally came there from another planet Each seems to hate the other species and use humans as servants The series is science fiction than fantasy but with the emphasis on fiction rather than science Much of the focus in the series is on world building and fascinating descriptions of intelligent alien beings and their cultures Following Reith on his adventures is both interesting and entertaining I highly recommend reading all four novels in the series, preferably in order because the continuous storyline This is the second time I ve read City of the Chasch recently and I rated it a 4 both times.A Earth starship far from home receives an unusual signal from a planet that is 212 light years from Earth It indicates that intelligent beings might inhabit a previously unknown world When the ship arrives at the planet Tschai the crew decides to send down two of their scouts in a 30 foot scout boat resembling a miniature spaceship Scouts are highly trained, resourceful, athletic, special forces like crew members and our main character, Adam Reith, is one of the two who leave the main ship A few moments after they depart, however, a missile strikes the main ship, totally destroying it and damaging the scout boat The two scouts are able to repair the damages enough to crash land on Tschai Reith survives but is stuck up in a tree, and the other scout lives only long enough to be beheaded by a primitive looking man with a sword and a strange silver emblem on his hat Reith later learns that these are called Emblem Men The man is harshly reprimanded by a person who appears to be the leader, but their interaction is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a sky raft above.The group of men with emblems on their hats Emblem Men depart and hide when a sky raft approaches It turns out to be a group of massive creatures and what appear to be their human servants Reith later learns that these are the Blue Chasch and their Chaschmen The Blue Chasch are non human, intelligent creatures The typical individual was massive and powerful, scaled like a pangolin with blue pointed tablets The torso was wedge shaped, with exoskeletal epaulettes of chitin curving over into a dorsal carapace The skull rose to a bony point a heavy brow jutted over the ocular holes, glittering metallic eyes and the complicated nasal orifice The humans with them wear headpieces and costumes to make them look somewhat like the Blue Chasch, but they are humans and they clearly do the bidding of the Blue Chasch Soon another space ship approaches so the Blue Chasch and their Chaschmen hide themselves and their sky raft This ship belongs to the tall, thin, technologically sophisticated Dirdirs and they are accompanied by Dirdirmen who are humans who are modified with dress wear and by possibly genetic engineering to look somewhat like their Dirdir leaders As soon as they land the Blue Chasch ambush them and chase them away after killing some They then take Reith s scout boat and depart When the Emblem Men return, Reith calls out to them because he is still hanging way up in a tree and has no means of getting down Fortunately he has better luck than the other scout and they help him down from the tree and adopt him as a servant.Reith learns the language of the Emblem Men and by challenging them to hand to hand combat he is able to rise in status The Emblem Men and their lifestyle are fascinatingly described with their worship of the two moons, religious beliefs, customs and taboos Reith also learns about the Chasch, Wankh, Dirdir, Pnume and other intelligent beings who inhabit the planet The Pnume are the original inhabitants The others arrived by spaceship from other planets The Wankh and Dirdir have been at war with each other for many years Encounters by different species outside of cities, often result in death by combat or ambush Each group of beings have humans as servants who are adapted by costumes and headgear to look somewhat like their masters Each group of humans thinks they are the only true humans and that they will eventually be like their masters The Chasch go so far as to cut open a dead Chaschman or Chashwoman and insert a Chasch imp into the dead body They then bring it out for display to other Chaschman and tell them that that they are currently Chasch larvae and that when they die they will become real Chasch and rule other Chaschman It is all a ploy to give humans a sense of hope while keeping them enslaved Humans who are not modified and used as servants but live on their own, such as the Emblem Men, are considered human mutants and are called sub men Sub men are all looked down upon by everyone else Each group of human servants also considers itself superior to other groups Reith concludes from discussions with others that the Dirdirs were the ones who visited Earth long ago and kidnapped humans to be slaves Eventually the Wankh, Chasch and Pnume also obtained humans from the Dirdirs and raised them as servants that they claimed were a subspecies to themselves.City of Chasch involves Reith s visit to a main Chasch city to attempt to retrieve his scout boat Subsequent novels in the series involve his encounters with other civilizations on the planet Tschai It would take many pages to describe even the basics of Vance s amazing world building here The storyline continues with Reith on a mission to obtain a space ship so he can return to Earth and alert them of the advanced civilizations and human slaves that are on Tschai He also knows that the Wankh, who captured his ship, now know that their are humans on other planets and he is concerned for the safety of people on Earth Reith is joined by the youthful former leader of the Emblem Men, named Traz Onmale, and a Dirdirman whose life he saves, named Ankhe at afram Anacho A minor romance even develops between Keith and Ylin Ylan, the Flower of Cath, whom he rescues and then protects She is one of Vance s physically attractive but poorly developed female characters.Of the four novels that comprise Planet of Adventure, the City of the Chasch is the weakest, but it is still well worth reading I slightly prefer Servants of the Wankh But the real masterpieces are the last two novels, The Dirdir and The Pnume I recommend starting with the first book and reading all four They are very short novels at 141, 131, 125 and 122 pages each Think of them as one novel They are all engaging, action oriented, interesting and easy to read I will certainly read this series yet again in a few years As with all of Vance s better works, my appreciation increases with subsequent readings.

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    Novela cuyo mayor inter s radica en el entretenimiento que aporta Se trata de una lectura ligera cuya recuperaci n merece la pena, pues abre una saga con una serie de posibilidades que, ya planteadas en este primer tomo, resultan francamente interesantes Pese a no pertenecer a mi s tipo s de literatura predilecto s , me ha resultado una grata y agradable lectura Cr tica completa

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    Sexist, colonialist DD wish fulfillment.

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    This series belongs to my absolute all time favorites I think I ve read these books ten times or and they are still interesting, great to read and fun For people who would like to try and start reading science fiction please choose something by Jack Vance.

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    Aventuras pulp en otro planeta G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Una nave espacial terrestre se acerca un planeta desconocido y muy lejos de la Tierra siguiendo una extra a se al Cuando se preparan para lanzar hacia la superficie a dos exploradores, la nave es atacada y destruida, alcanzando los exploradores el planeta con mucha dificultad y mediante un aterrizaje de emergencia Adan Reith sobrevive y comienza a ver hombres en ese planeta, lo cual deber a ser imposible, junto a otras criaturas de otras especies, que parecen tener extra as alianzas y enfrentamientos entre ellos y que llaman Tschai al planeta Primer libro de la tetralog a conocida como Ciclo de Tschai o tambi n como El Planeta de la Aventura Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite

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    Only Jack Vance could have pulled this off vintage 60s Sci Fi that means solitary male heroes who can fight aliens, plan daring escapes, lead armies, drink without embarrassing themselves, get on with the ladies , set in a planet that has I don t know maybe about six different alien races co existing in the same landscape, with multiple societies, histories, sub species The whole shebang and its all easy to digest, urbane, generally not too offensive politically He makes it all look so easy There are three other volumes in the series And a role playing game But why not This is great stuff for those who want to indulge.

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