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Barbed Wire explained Barbed Wire , review Barbed Wire , trailer Barbed Wire , box office Barbed Wire , analysis Barbed Wire , Barbed Wire cf3a Hollywood Superstar Gareth Roman Has Worked Hard For Everything He S Got Fame, Fortune, And Even Power That Comes From Being One Of Show Business Most Sought After Actors Yet In Front Of One Woman He Can Never Have, He S Powerless, Chained To A Moment In Time That He Can Never Forget, Nor Forgive Himself For For They Share Than Just An Indiscretion They Share A Secret A Betrayal That Burns Through Gareth Long After The Deed Has Been DoneThis Is A Companion Piece To Loving Ashe , Which Takes The Reader Into Paige Eames Caldwell S Home Office And Is Written From Gareth Roman S Point Of View Chapter

  • Kindle Edition
  • 19 pages
  • Barbed Wire
  • Liz Durano
  • English
  • 17 September 2019

About the Author: Liz Durano

Liz wrote her first story in eighth grade, a serial drama that was sneakily distributed throughout her homeroom classroom until the teacher got hold of it and she almost got suspended turns out it was NSFW taboo As a result, the principal transferred her to the Poetry Club so she could work all the angst out of her system Fast forward 2014 and Liz published her first book, Finding Sam, which w

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    I fell in love with a villain His name is Gareth Roman.Very few authors could make me fall in love with the villain Liz Madrid is one of them There was no way that you could ve liked Gareth in Loving Ashe He was the starving actor boyfriend you had that you just had to help and support because you love him But as soon as he makes it in the industry, he dumps you, moves out of the apartment you share, and leaves you with nothing but a mattress and 20,000 Who could like him after that Certainly not me Then I read Barbed Wire.Reminder Spoiler Alert You shouldn t read this short story until after Chapter 24 of Loving Ashe.Gareth goes to Paige in order to confront her about the money and the mattress Riley was left with when he moved out to pursue his career Seeing inside her lavish house, he was filled with shame for the things that he couldn t give the first woman he s ever loved I could feel the honesty of his shame, because he still wants Riley to have what she deserves even if it wasn t him that gave her that in the end.So I don t think he meant to hurt her with the sight of him and Paige sans clothes But the thing that irked me the most was the fact that Gareth didn t apologize to Riley, not once If he really wanted her to be happy, and he s already explaining himself, why won t he throw in an apology Well, Liz wrote Barbed Wire to show Gareth s point of view regardless of how twisted it may seem And I found him between a huge rock and a hard place.Though my own heart broke for his pain and suffering, I knew that I should still hate him I should hate him like I hate all the cheaters in the world I should hate him for leaving the way that he did, and taking so long to look for Riley.Nevertheless, I think I love him.You just have to read this to find out why Or tell me I m crazy.

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    Barbed Wire is told from Gareth s POV of the past during which time he cheats on Riley, having s x with Paige, Riley s older sister who is a significant few years older than him and married He is scum The worst kind She is dirt, also the worst kind They both betrayed someone who formed a critical part of their lives Their coming together seemed ruled by desire, and a moment of selfishness It was cutting, and I didn t enjoy it I could never have liked it because we are in Riley s head in Loving Ashe There is an allegiance to her as a reader and when you push that thought aside to enter the mind of someone who had wronged her and wrecked her life, wellThere s something inherently hard hitting about cheating But at times you can forgive it This wasn t one of those cases It was manipulative too much so 1 5 However the rating has nothing to do with the writing which was great.

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    In this story we got to explore the person that Gareth Roman is He mad mistakes, regretted it and he was there for both Ashe and Riley when they needed someone to lean on, he proved that he is ultimately a good guy who will always take care of the people he cares about Liz is an amazing writer and there are really few author who can make you fall in love with each and every character in the story and Liz is one of those few Loved to story.

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    An insight to what really happened Good job as i really wanted to know what was going on between G and P.

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