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  • Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3)
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  • 08 July 2019
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    4.25 Edward has wicked thoughts He wants to be spanked, domineered, humiliated He wants to get down on his knees and be forced to perform dirty, illicit acts An artist, Edward is interested in brushstrokes than paperwork He only works as a legal secretary to please his father, who s indifferent toward his youngest son Edward is scattered and doesn t have a passion for law, not like the solicitor he serves the demanding, intense Lord Grayson When Gray sees Edward staring at his partner, Arthur Barrington one of the MCs in the first two London Legal books , he s annoyed, jealous and intrigued This book has everything I love about Ava March historicals romance, passion, steamy sex with D s overtones , and a period appropriate but still sparkly HEA.Edward and Gray are all kinds of hot together I loved that Gray allows himself to be open and vulnerable with Edward, and that both men are willing to apologize and communicate Humiliation is not usually my cuppa, but it works very well here Edward is so eager to please, so wanton in his desires The roughness is edged with tenderness Paddles, butt plugs, one grumpy Lord, and one very willing virgin included.Ava March remains my all time, hands down favorite writer of historical M M romance

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    3.5 stars I liked this little Ava March novella, which worked for me even though I jumped into this series at book 3 I love that I always know what I m going to get with an Ava March story Her stuff is shamelessly kinky, really well written, and set in a historical time period I love this author s consistency, and I ve really come to rely on it when I pick up an Ava March book This book had so much going for it we get a virgin , some spanking, and a bunch of dirty talking I was a happy lady with the sex, that s for sure However, the emotional connection between Edward and Gray yeah, that didn t quite gel for me I m not sure if it s because I joined the series at book 3 though I thought that it worked well as a stand alone , but I think I needed time for the feelings to develop.All in all, this was another lovely, hot romance from the queen of smutty historicals, Ava March I think most fans of hers will be very pleased with this one Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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    4.25 stars And we have a winner This is undoubtedly my favorite book in the London Legal series I liked Convincing the secretary a lot than the first two books, and I think it s obvious that Ava March has matured a lot as a writer.We met Edward in Convincing Leopold, as Arthur s secretary Now he works for Arthur s partner, Lord Grayson Holloway and, sadly, his office skills haven t improved one bit But now we kow why Edward is an artist and his heart is in painting The reason he works as a legal secretary is to please his family A family that doesn t care about him, and doesn t even see him.But Gray does see his new, blushing, shy and awkward secretary that wouldn t even look him in the eye He sees him, and he wants him Little does he know that Edward has naughty thoughts and fantasies about Gray So you like being watched What else do you like To be punished, What else To be told to do illicit things, Edward said, voice above a whisper, stronger than before Yeah, he s naughty all right.My highlights The first spanking scene was done to perfection No sex, no clothes off, just a delicious punishment.The first sex scene was beautiful, realistic and very emotional Edward is so beautifully responsive and Gray is the right combination of aggresive and considerate lover.There is romance too It was a pleasant surprise that the MCs actually dated.Edward might be mild mannered and shy, but he stood his ground and was no doormat when he felt that Gray was being unfair to him or treated him bad.The HEA is true to the time period, but very satisfying, and not overriden with angst, when the era provides plenty.Overall, this was one of my favorites from this author and a great addition to the series.Recommended Also posted on Gay Book Reviews

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    3.5 stars Convincing the Secretary is a historical, slightly kinky M M romance novella, which makes it a type of story I d gladly read any day I chose it because I have become a huge M M historical romance fan thanks to books by K.J Charles, and would like to find good ones This was also a chance to try something by Ava March, which I d been meaning to do for a while The fact that the main characters turned out to be a bit kinky was a very welcome bonus This being my first Ava March book ever, it goes without saying I haven t read the previous installments in the London Legal series, therefore I can t say how much, if anything, had already been said about Edward and Gray, the main characters in Convincing the Secretary What I can say is that this story worked very well on its own, as I never felt I had missed some crucial detail about them while I was reading Quite the opposite Even though this is a novella, there was enough about Gray s and Edward s characteristics and their backgrounds to make me invested in their story of finding happiness And their story gave me all the right feels From the anticipation of the start of their romance at the beginning, after both Gray and Edward had spent some time wanting each other and not acting on it believing the other didn t reciprocate the feeling To them getting to know each other To the giving into what they wished for, which for Edward meant being punished by Gray, making it all the interesting to me Then to the heartache that came from assumptions that came between them That s the part where I became worried about where it would all lead, but I needn t have It led to a satisfactory resolution, and a lovely happy ending.All in all, an enjoyable novella, and a successful first read by this author I look forward to reading in the future ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    3.5 stars A nice historical romance Ava March knows how to bring hotness into the mix But it was short and I missed some development It s a novel and I m a tough cookie to please when there s around 100 pages way too short to get engaged for me Still, enjoyable kinky and dirty talk are there for sure PS Thank you Winter Cherry Elf aka M rella for this hot gift

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    3.5 starsI know what to expect when I read one of Ava March s books two hot MCs, regency era England, some family drama, a big misunderstanding between the MCs, and usually some hot kinky sex Convincing the Secretary followed this formula to the point Sometimes Ava March s formula doesn t work for me, but in this case, the book hit the right notes.I really liked the set up of the assertive rakish employer and the quiet virgin secretary Office romances are usually a win for me, so I was looking forward to reading this book The author gets bonus points for incorporating some sexy times in the office Nothing says romance like getting spanked over the boss s desk And of course, the sex was as hot as I ve come to expect from this author Spankings, humiliation, butt plugs, and dildos My inner perv was happy.I also liked that unlike in many of Ava March s books, the MCs in this one didn t let their misunderstandings fester for too long Edward and Gray might act like buffoons at times, but they get over their anger quickly and communicate with each other.My only complaint would be that Edward and Gray jumped from physical to emotional very quickly Until their big misunderstanding, the two were mainly focused on the hot sex, with the emotions playing second fiddle The jump into the angst was pretty abrupt I don t think the emotional side of the relationship was fully developed But given how much I enjoyed the majority of the book, I could let it slide Convincing the Secretary is sure to please fans of this author It can be read fine as a stand alone While I had some issues with the last 30% or so, the majority of the book was a fun and sexy read I d recommend it for readers looking for an MM historical with some light kink on the side Review copy provided through NetGalley.

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    This was a sweet book Definitely less kinky and sweet than I thought it d be, but still enjoyable The kink is light, not nearly enough humiliation for what i was expecting Edward and Gray have a bit of fun with spankings and butt plugs but Most of the story is about them overcoming their individual insecurities to be together It was as sweet and romantic as Ava March s stories normally are.

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    I thought this was a well done little novella I d never read the earlier books in this series, but this definitely can stand on its own.The forbidden feel of this romance was strong, between the boss secretary angle and the mild BDSM aspects, all covered in a tasty layer of danger because of the historical reality of the need to be subtle about their relationship I was really happy to see that Ms March took time to develop the characters instead of focusing strictly on the hot, smutty sex and the story was all the stronger for it If you re looking for a little shot of M M in an historical setting, I would recommend this I ve found a new M M author to follow ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review For reviews, visit

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    3.5 starsAt first, I was a bit confused because what I could remember a little bit about Edward in the previous book didn t match Edward that I met in this one Somehow I thought Edward was a little forward in the end of my review for Convincing Leopold, I wrote I definitely look forward to the upcoming release in this series that features Fenton, Arthur s rake of a secretary. so clearly I didn t see Edward as meek or shy Even if my memory was clouded with how jealous Leopold saw Edward.Then I decided to throw all of my initial perceptions and expectation to the wind and it became much better Yes, the relationship happened pretty fast, and there was that trope of misunderstanding which drove our men shortly apart BUT, I wasn t too annoyed I was even able to enjoy the numerous sex scenes with the D s tone because hey, when I was in the mood for it, D s could be my kink as long as both parties enjoy it and there isn t too much pain humiliation to it.So yeah, it is likable, the kind of steamy stories coming from Ava March The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received.

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    4.1 StarsI liked this one better than the first, but because the story is a novella it didn t have time to delve into the relationship than just the establishment working through the misunderstandings Something about Edward appealed to me, though I loved his embarrassed, sensual sexuality, and for once I appreciated the humiliation kink Very slight, and tied to his wanton desire for Gray Not sure if she has any of these planned, but I d totally read them if Ava wrote them

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Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) characters Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) , audiobook Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) , files book Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) , today Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) , Convincing the Secretary (London Legal, #3) 84202 Business And Pleasure Is A Mix No Gentleman Should Consider Lord Grayson Holloway Goes After What He Wants Be It In The Law Office On His Clients Behalf Or In The Bedchamber His New Position As Partner Puts Him Closer To Achieving His Goal Of Becoming The Most Successful Solicitor In London There S Just One Problem His New Secretary Broad Of Shoulder Yet Mild Of Manner, Edward Tempts Gray Like No Other Yet The Young Man Barely Notices HimEdward Fenton Tries To Be A Good Secretary, But Being In Lord Grayson S Hard, Commanding Presence Rouses Edward S Most Forbidden Desires Wicked, Naughty Desires No Gentleman Should Consider Giving In To, Let Alone With His New EmployerGray Is Than Willing To Mix Business With Pleasure But Convincing Edward To Take A Chance On A Future With Him That Might Be The Most Challenging Case Gray Has Ever Taken OnWarning Includes Buttoned Up Gentlemen Who Become Undone, Improper Use Of A Desk, Spankings, And A Big Bad Lord Who Has A Soft Spot For His Virgin Secretary

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