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    I have to say, I ve got a bit of a problem with this collection of 5 episodes of this fantasy story being called a Complete Edition, because this is not a completed story It ends on a huge cliffhanger, with none of the story s various dilemmas resolved I have to assume episodes are on the wayThat aside, I would recommend the story to those looking for light, action oriented popcorn entertainment fantasy It s fun, I didn t really have any complaints about it, and it moves along at a fast clip My thoughts on the various episodes follow 1 This first episode sets the stage for what looks to be shaping up to be a very standard but quite entertaining fantasy novel.First, we re introduced to Fallon A staff wielding local law enforcer, he s always hungered for the change to be a hero However, as a middle aged family man with a son in ill health and a wife suffering from depression and anxiety, he seems unlikely to get his chance However, when the Duke s ship runs aground outside his village, mysteriously abandoned, he sees a chance to prove himself by investigating the disappearance.Meanwhile, in the city, rumors of abductions and disappearances have led to literal witch hunts The populace is in fear Prince Cavan is well meaning and good hearted, but finds himself with little power However, he develops a suspicion that his debaucherous brother might be behind the missing persons cases He also resolves to investigate.2 possible minor spoilers for those who haven t yet read the previous episodes follow view spoiler Fallon the village Sergeant and Cavan the Crown Prince continue to investigate the mysterious disappearances that have been plaguing Gaelland.Fallon is convinced that the culprits are men Cavan suspects his brother The King and the Archbishop of Aroaril seem to be convinced that it s the work of evil witches who sacrifice to the dark god Zorva Or possibly malevolent selkies out of folklore are to blame.Is it possible that the heads of both religion and state are actually part of a conspiracy to manipulate events for their financial gain, and the fate of innocents be damned Evidence seems to be pointing that way, but we ll have to wait for further episodes to unveil further revelations hide spoiler

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    The Last Quarrel by Duncan Lay was originally released in five separate parts Then The Last Quarrel The Complete Edition was released containing all of the parts and I dived in with anticipatory glee And, for the most part, I wasn t disappointed It s a very enjoyable book with plenty of action and likable characters At times, some of the characters seemed a bit na ve and their actions somewhat incomprehensible given past actions of other characters But that was okay it s fantasy and, overall, pretty decent fantasy except except, as I got deeper into the story and closer to the end, instead of winding down, it seemed like details and questions were being added and there was still no resolution in sight I anticipated some mighty action packed and bloody last few pages at this rate but nada The story ended on one gigantic cliffhanger with pretty much nothing resolved Turns out Complete just doesn t mean what I though it did Rather, this is the Complete Edition of the first in a series of I don t know how many books which would have been nice to know beforehand in case I didn t feel like starting a new series right now given the number I am already committed to.So would I have read it had I known Most likely It s my favourite kind of fantasy Sword and Sorcery with very little of either, interesting world building and story line, plenty of action, and very little romance One caveat there is, however, a very disturbing rape scene But I would have anticipated the ending and wouldn t have been annoyed by it.Would I still recommend it Absolutely This is a very entertaining fantasy novel just not a Complete one So you might want to keep that in mind before you start it Personally, I am already looking forward to the Sequel The Complete Edition.3.5

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    MomentumPublishing Date June 2016ISBN 9781760302511Genre FantasyRating 2.8 5Publishers Description Fallon and Bridgit are reunited at last, but time is still against them Having evaded treachery, escaped slavery, and thwarted a hostile invasion, they now find themselves in the eye of a ferocious military and political storm Review Well perfect, speshul, loving, level headed, hot, pregnant, smart, spit and vinegar Idjit er Bridgit is back Showcasing her extra speshulness as a commoner Queen Well lets just say it, she s the Queen or should be But, she is so fair and honest that rather than make all the decisions for a country she does anyway she converts that trust into a voting council Oh, altruism let your farts be named Bridgit So we know from past reviews on this series that I despise Bridgit s character as being too good to be true which it usually is All the women in this novel are mostly of the Bridgit variety just put different colored hair on them or super hot but evil with designs on a the Kingdom Weird world building dichotomy, but there it is I said I was done reviewing this series but here I am, suckered and poled No, really, I just absentmindedly requested this without discerning the content Anywaaay, this was really not too bad Yeah, there is Bridgit and growled was used 32x to evidence expediting scenes without development among other phrasing vehicles Fallon really carries the day for me Yeah sure the self guilt wears a bit, but he can shrug it off when the need arises which brings us to the movement There is no lack of it and really helps to develop the characters and build the story line as the characters need all the help they can get Meh.

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    I really wanted to love this book, but unfortunately I didn t It had some qualities that I enjoyed excellent action sequences, and a fallible hero, Fallon, who is also a family man I did enjoy the character development of Fallon s wife, Bridgit, she begins to conquer her personal demons and emerges at the end of the series a stronger person and likeable character However, I found it to be a plot with few surprises.The problem for me was the combination of the stories in one volume It is my understanding that this story was originally serialised in five parts There is a need when writing a story which spans several volumes, with a substantial gap of time between each, to remind readers of certain aspects of the story or what has gone before When combined in one volume this became very repetitive and disengaged me as a reader For example, the reader is often reminded of the marital problems between the hero and his wife and her depression and neurosis this repetition was, in my opinion, unnecessary and added little to the story The scenes that did this seemed almost carbon copies of each other Perhaps this would not have been a problem if reading these parts as they were originally published, with a time gap, between each In terms of pacing I found the first 300 pages on my ereader on the slow side with an enormous amount of set up and little action After this the pacing improves greatly and the book is a much enjoyable read.I think the book could have benefited from a judicious edit, particularly when combined Of course then it wouldn t be the complete edition Three Stars

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    For me this book has several issues and I was unable to finish reading it, I did read to 50% Is there a plot I didn t find one and I also thought the character development was very weak I do think that the concept was good and that if it was sensibly edited it could be better.2 5 STARS I want to thank the author and or publisher for providing a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review all opinions are mine.

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    Ok storyNot my favorite story by far At first interesting but the end was very unfortunate as so much effort was put into portions of the story early on that are left unresolved If you read a book a week you can find better.

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    2.5 stars of what I readReview

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    This is the first book of a fantasy trilogy that takes place in the lands of Gaelland loosely, Ireland , and the Kotterman Empire loosely, the Ottoman Empire It begins in Gaelland in the sea town of Balti In real life there is a village named Balti in County Cork, Ireland, that was sacked in the 17th Century by Islamic pirates, with than 100 villagers taken and sold into slavery Apparently this incident was one of the inspirations for Lay s story As this story begins, villagers are disappearing, and the crown is blaming selkies evil water spirits and witches To prevent further depredations, young girls are being burned at the stake, and the villagers are being pressed for gold to appease the selkies Fallon, the local sheriff of Balti, doesn t believe in supernatural agents, and hopes to prove that it is men behind the attacks His wife Bridgit, ever protective of Fallon and their ten year old son Kerrin, wants him to stay out of it, but he can t Not only is it his job to defend his villagers, but he has ambitions to be recognized and promoted.But what is going wrong is clearly bigger than selkies or even random witches, and reaches right up to the top of the kingdom, where King Aidan, corrupt and licentious, rules with an iron hand, and his two sons, the naive and quixotic Cavan and the malevolent Swane are forced to do his bidding Fallon thinks the answer lies with supporting Cavan, and ignores warnings that he is mixing into something much too evil and powerful for ordinary human beings to resist.Discussion This is a good plot with plenty of tension and some good characters, especially Fallon and Bridgit But some of the writing is pretty bad, such as the dialogue uttered by Aidan viz., Silence I am the King and I am always right and there is a lot of repetition that could have been eliminated by better editing Oddly, both Fallon and Cavan grow naive as the story progresses, and the prose seems to be trying to accommodate their lack of intelligence by the end, the narrative and speeches by Aidan were all but hitting everyone on the head with what was really going on only Fallon and Cavan were oblivious I think rewriting would have served this section better as well.Nevertheless, the story is compelling, and I would like to find out what happens in the next installment.

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    OK, I m just gonna say it I m Duncan Lay s newest fan I mean, I ve read a lot of books in my short lifetime, and I have to say, this one nearly topped the lot Duncan Lay s ability to create a whole new world where characters just seem to come to life is just INCREDIBLE Everything seemed so real Gaelland, the country in which the story is told in, could almost have been an actual thing The political system, social hierarchy, the nature of his characters.just everything was set out so well I feel like I ve known Fallon, the main character, for years.The actual plot itself is really, really good I mean, who doesn t love a mega evil character to stir things up and a few plot twists I was so into the storyline that when one of my favourite characters died I nearly cried OK, I don t mean to sound obsessed or anything, but honestly, this book is great Trust me You won t understand until you read it.

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The Last Quarrel (The Arbalester Trilogy #1, episodes #1-5) download The Last Quarrel (The Arbalester Trilogy #1, episodes #1-5) , read online The Last Quarrel (The Arbalester Trilogy #1, episodes #1-5) , kindle ebook The Last Quarrel (The Arbalester Trilogy #1, episodes #1-5) , The Last Quarrel (The Arbalester Trilogy #1, episodes #1-5) c9c1dd10cf14 Gaelland Is A Nation Gripped By FearIn The Country, Fishing Boats Return With Their Crews Mysteriously Vanished, While Farms Are Left Empty, Their Owners Gone Into The Night, Meals Still On The Table In The Cities, Children Disappear From The Streets Or Even Out Of Their Own Beds The King Tells His People That It Is The Work Of Selkies Mythical Creatures Who Can Turn From Seals Into Men And Back Again And Witches But No Matter How Many Women He Burns At The Stake, The Children Are Still Being TakenFallon Is A Man Who Has Always Dreamed Of Being A Hero His Wife Bridgit Just Wants To Live In Peace And Quiet, And To Escape The Tragedies That Have Filled Her Life His Greatest Wish And Her Worst Nightmare Are About To CollideWhen An Empty Ship Sails Into Their Village, He Begins To Follow The Trail Towards The Truth Behind The Evil Stalking Their Land But It Is A Journey That Will Take Them Both Into A Dark, Dark Place And Nobody Can Tell Them Where It Might End