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Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1) chapter 1 Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1), meaning Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1), genre Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1), book cover Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1), flies Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1), Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, #1) e8e6524797367 Preeminent Storytellers Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman Have Redefined Epic Fantasy Since The Publication Of Their Dragonlance Series, Millions Of Readers Have Enjoyed Their Imaginative World Building, Rich Characterization, And Intricate Storylines Now These Best Selling Authors Bring Their Talents To One Of The Most Innovative Fantasy Creations Ever In Dragon Wing, The First Volume In The Death Gate CycleAn Assassin And The Royal Child He Has Been Hired To Kill Form An Unlikely And Unstable Alliance As The Plots Of Human Sorcerers, Elven Pirates, And Dwarf Revolutionaries Threaten To Overwhelm The Airborne Kingdoms Of Arianus

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    Book one in a 7 book series I LOVE the series Let me say this, if you think oh no it s just another fantasy series , think again Yeah it sure seems that way, till you get further in and you start realizing some of the plot, and the timeline just WHEN it happens will interest you Some books drag, some are better, but the last 2 books are my favorite.Book 1 however is action packed and hooks you in quickly.

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    The Death Gate Cycle is probably my favorite fantasy series The settings are unique and engrossing The characters are deep and complex Haplo is the most interesting fantasy character I ve come across.

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    This is certainly an example of thinking out of the box as far as world building is concerned I m not too sure how to approach a review of this book I ve never read the Death Gate Cycle before, and I must say that this book left me intrigued I did, initially, have a struggle wrapping my mind around the world of Arianus and the different realms The maps and diagrams in the front of the book certainly helped One or two of the characters left me cold, but that didn t really alter my reading experience Let s face it, the world s being presented here is almost a character in its own right I did enjoy the surprises and twists, although the intrigue political and otherwise being presented here is not nearly on the same level as what can be found in other series I think that actually helps the plot in this case, where too much skulduggery could seriously bog things down There are secrets and conspiracies though, and enough adventure to keep the pages turning I would recommend this to people who intend reading the whole series It s blatantly obvious that some loose ends are only going to be resolved right at the very end Like I mentioned, I wasn t sure how to approach this review I couldn t help but feel it might have been better to wait until I ve finished book seven On the other hand, by then I would likely have forgotten what I wanted to say in the first place.Anyway, I ll not go into plot details This series has a large following, it seems, and most folk likely already know what it s about It is Fantasy, with just the slightest touch of Mechanical Sci Fi if that is even a term I enjoyed it and will check out the sequels Oh, and the cover art is pretty cool too So, if you re into Dragonlance era Fantasy that is reminiscent of Dragonlance whilst still being something else entirely, you might want to check this out.

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    Ha sido todo un acierto recuperar esta serie que le por primera vez durante mi adolescencia Como era de esperar, esta relectura la ha privado del barniz de obra maestra que le apliqu entonces, pero a n as ha pasado la prueba con creces Se trata de una colecci n de libros en la que tiene cabida la reflexi n sobre grandes temas pero que se sustenta, sobre todo, en unos personajes carism ticos, un universo rico y complejo y un ritmo narrativo adictivo que deja espacio suficiente a los detalles.En mi opini n, esta serie llega al list n de joya del g nero fant stico con permiso de Sapkowski ya que, a pesar de apoyarse en muchos de los estereotipos tradicionales, crea un nuevo espacio totalmente genuino Se aleja en gran medida del hilo narrativo habitual si bien tambi n contamos con la figura del h roe varios, de hecho , en vez de seres humildes que descubren poco a poco su poder, los protagonistas surgen de entre los que hasta ahora se cre an dioses Su haza a final no ser luchar activamente por la salvaci n del universo, sino que dicha salvaci n depende en gran parte de su capacidad para aceptar lo limitado de su poder, saber retirarse a tiempo y aceptar que no tienen derecho a gobernar en la vida de nadie Recorremos, por tanto, el camino contrario al que siguen muchas historias del g nero.Rese a completa y mi versi n de la portada en

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    I split the review for this up Too long too lazy to read admit it I first read these as a teenager and I was completely and utterly hooked It s been roughly fifteen years since then, and of course, the reading experience changed.This is sci fi fantasy at its hugest form Tolkien has created a massive fantasy world, in all its glory The Death Gate Cycle can rival Middle earth in its magnitude, though I m not sold on its ability to speak to people s imagination Weis and Hickman wrote something that entwines sci fi and fantasy, and adds tons of physics, magic and very nonsensical moments to the mix This book is character driven and it is hard not to get involved From the unreadable Patryn, Haplo, to the lamentable Jonathan book 3 Fire Sea , to the overconfident, proud Xar, and the very intriguing and one of a kind truly Zifnab I always felt like W H had done their utmost to create characters you wanted to read about.When you ve grown used to Alfred, you can actually feel other characters despair, most notably Haplo, when Alfred once again faints, in the face of danger As their bond grows, I was often torn between God no and Hell yes I love how in the end they interact like life long friends Dare I use the word bromance Hell, yes.It is impossible not to feel endearment and frustration at the interaction and evolution of the relationship between Jarre and Limbeck, the dwarven rebel couple in book 1, Dragon Wing.One can only love the dog, who roughly goes by that name dog , and who is ridiculously important for Haplo Won t say Spoilers He has personality and is written with endearing expression and emotion.Bane, the extremely manipulative tyke of a child I was happy to see how his fate turned, sorry not sorry For someone so small, he caused a lot of trouble and truly got on my nerves.I ll get to Hugh the Hand and Haplo elsewhere These characters were the reason I got sucked into the stories What, how, why, when Take me on this adventure and show me all this world has to offer

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    This is the first book of a fantasy series from the authors who were responsible for the origins of Dragonlance In this one, we are introduced to a land that has different realms These realms could either be higher or lower than each other and they have their own story Each realm is known but at the same time remains a mystery to the other realm s residents.I would classify this as epic fantasy as there was so much going on but it never got bogged down in the details There were aspects of subjugation of races, revolution, and idolatry Immediately I was intrigued by this book as we were introduced into the character of Hugh the Hand He is an assassin who is hired to kill a child I was invested in the characters and the mystery of why a child was to be killed I knew there was than meets the eye and there was There are several races of sentient beings in this book and I liked the conflict in between these races This is an interesting world and is vast in its scope With some fantasy novels trying this huge undertaking, the description can get stuck in a mire with its details That never happens in this book as the pace is terrific throughout.I was impressed by the huge undertaking of conceiving this world With a little bit of humor thrown in the reader is intrigued by the characters and the mystery of where this book is heading towards This is the first book so it left a lot on the table but I look forward to exploring these stories.

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    I m re reading the Death Gate Cycle because it s been a long time and it seemed like a good summer series The first book is amazingly spry in that they don t bog it down with endless details and make it carry the entire world building burden Plus they are pretty sneaky by starting the reader off with a main character Hugh the Hand who isn t really the main character at all, yet he makes a good entry point for the reader You think you are getting some pretty standard fantasy medieval realm story and then you realize that this will be something quite different Enough details about the world and upcoming conflict are hinted at, but the world and story can be enjoyed as a stand alone effort in this volume Especially engaging are the Gegs and their world involved in Kicksey Wicksy, a giant machine that no one quite remembers what it s supposed to do, and yet the entire race of Dwarves lives to serve it and actually worship it Our main antagonists, Haplo and Alfred are introduced and by the end of the book I was sucked back in and ready to read the next one A good start and I thought this held up surprisingly well after so many years away.

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    hands down, my all time favorite series it s starts a little slow you have to make it to the point where haplo is introduced, the main character in the series from that point on, the series is amazing this isn t just some wierd fantasy series for dorks, like trekkies or something there are a lot of philosophies and ideologies presented throughout the course of this series, plus the story is wildly creative and interesting there s nothing like it.

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    Gran comienzo de El Ciclo de la Puerta de la Muerte, de los creadores de Dragonlance aunque a m me gusta m s esta saga que la de Dragonlance.Este libro sit a la historia en el mundo del aire, Ariano Es fascinante la imaginaci n de los autores del libro para resolver cada peque o detalle que pueden encontrar los personajes, sobre todo esa capacidad para imaginar distintos mundos.Creo que una de las mejores sagas de fantas a, pero no mucha gente la conoce.

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    La fantas a m s cl sica est desapareciendo Estos autores la han cocinado muy bien con la cl sica saga Dragonlance que muchos la consideran de usar y tirar Esta nueva saga que abrieron no es reversada, no es adulta, no hay presencia de sangre ni sexo, tramas pol ticas simplonas Pero amigos COMO ENTRETIENE