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    I don t think it s a good idea to go courting trouble, is all We re not courting trouble, I say Flirting with it, at most I honest to god wish this book would take human form and come fall in love with me.I love this book with all my usually empty 7 hearts that just inflated 6 sizes and I think my ribs might actually crack This book was so pure it wasn t made for earth This was the best thing that s happened to humanity since sliced bread This was better than shaking hands with dumbledore, better than winning the house cup, better than drarry actually being canon So here are some reasons why you should cancel all relationships from today onward to focus on this book a historical fiction that isn t mostly about straight white people the most entertaining historical road trip ever before I die, I want to go on a similar tour, preferably with whoever my future person ends up being if you re my soulmate please start the itinerary the grumpy jerk and actual real life moonbeam are best friends trope the mutual seemingly unrequited pining trope the friends to lovers trope the we have to share a bed but we re both going to pretend we re not happy about this situation trope Henry Montague the most lovable bisexual dickhead on the earth, whose smile could distinguish a million stars and realign planets and could topple nations with the force of the power unleashed and who s literally such a moron oh my god he s the kind of person who would get himself into a bad situation and just continue to dig his own grave rather than ask for help and I m sorry to break this to you Monty, but it seems as if I have cared about you so hard that you are now officially my son I m not happy about this either In fact, I am very disappointed in you Percy Newton actual ray of sunshine and the embodiment of every moment anyone has looked at the sunset and had a Moment thinking about how lucky they are to witness the beauty of nature I can t back this up with science but I m sure Percy can harness the sun s warmth and power and bring harmony to human relations and begin an age of peace he s of a good heart and I love him so much I wish I could wrap him in blankets and hold his hand and do that little thumb rubby thingy I just hope he s content the kind of OTP that will occupy a very large % of your thoughts thank you for blinding me with your love I might have lost my vision but now I Understand no seriously, if you re interested in seeing me have a complete breakdown, just give me an otp where person A spends 90% of their productive time looking at person B with softness and wonder while person B is completely unaware just to find out later that their feelings are reciprocated after long months years of longing and suffering also, I m very happy to publicly announce that the word darling is no longer vaguely condescending Monty and Percy have revived its affectionate and superior meaning Let s give it its moment again Felicity ladies haven t the luxury of being squeamish about blood Montague the most badass, soft and gentle but also cutthroat girl and who s also THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND DESERVING MERMAID IN THE SEVEN SEAS AND ALSO THE SEAS THAT WE ARE UNAWARE OF ON OTHER PLANETS a disabled MC whose disability doesn t define him or make him any less desirable or worthy of love and respect PIRATES the MCs fall hostages to said pirates but they end up bonding over a game of dice because at this point why not really and together they, let s see dupe the french navy, turn up corpses and sink an entire bloody island also at one point, Monty runs naked from the French palace after being caught with a woman in a duke s chambers oh and did I mention that he stole a valuable object from the French king and actually thought that running in the streets of Marseille with only said object literally only he s goddamn naked was the most brilliant idea in all recorded human time anyway, please bury my body where Henry Montague first went streaking in the gardens of Versailles but most important of all, because this is a historical fiction that acknowledges the fact that people of color, disabled people and queer people existed in the 18th century and acknowledges all the hardships they have faced.re read 17 23 08 17 the audiobook was everything.

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    The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and VirtueYA adventure, own voices queer rep.I loved this novel, and not even just because one of the main characters is named Percy Set in the 1700s, it s the story of Henry Monty Montague, who is embarking on his Grand Tour of Europe one last teenage year of wildness and oat sewing before he is supposed to take over as his father s heir and get down to the deadly boring business of being an adult.If a year traveling around Europe sounds awesome to you, think again For one thing, Monty has just gotten kicked out of university for having an affair with another young man His father, after beating Monty severely, has warned him that he will come back from his Grand Tour ready to be a proper young gentleman or he will be disinherited and left penniless Henry is given a strict chaperone who will make sure the trip is educational Ugh To make matters worse, Monty s younger sister Felicity is tagging along She is every bit as headstrong and untraditional as Monty, which means they butt heads and get on each other s nerves as only siblings can Then there s Monty s best friend Percy, a compassionate and gorgeous young man who was the product of his English father s affair with a woman of African descent in the West Indies Monty and Percy have grown up together and have always been close The Grand Tour is meant to be their final year together before Monty comes home to run the estate and Percy goes off to law school in Holland The biggest issue Monty has recently fallen madly and hopelessly in love with his best friend He is afraid to say anything in case Percy doesn t feel the same way He is afraid to ruin his friendship But he also can t stand the idea of not saying anything and then never seeing Percy again What s a fellow to do We follow Monty, Percy and Felicity on their Grand Tour, which quickly goes off the rails in every conceivable way There are scandals, highway robbers, mad scientists, pirates, evil nobles, daring escapes and impossible dilemmas And of course, there is a twisting, turning, haunting love story as Henry struggles to let Percy know how he really feels So much to love about this book Monty narrates the whole thing first person, and his voice is clever, funny, wry and as unabashedly bisexual as imaginable for a young man of the 18th Century Apollo from The Trials of Apollo would heartily approve of Monty s observations on life and love Monty is not a perfect protagonist in many ways He is sometimes arrogant, narcissistic, self absorbed, and unmotivated to do anything besides drink, game and dream about Percy, but we never lose sympathy for him because he is so wounded, so unsure of himself and so determined to figure out how to come to terms with being in love Percy is a brilliant character as well He struggles to make Monty understand what his life is like as a dark skinned man in Europe He cares about his friend, even when he is exasperated by Monty s thick headedness Percy is also hiding a huge secret that affects how he sees Monty and his own future He may not be going to law school at the end of their Grand Tour The true is, in fact, much grimmer .As for Felicity, Monty s younger sister, she is chafing against the limitations placed upon her because of her gender She wants to go to medical school and become a doctor, not to finishing school to be a proper lady She resents that her brother gets all the advantages and seems to just throw them away But as their adventures begin, Felicity will find unexpected ways to shine.This book works as a love story, but it is also a rollicking adventure that includes a great mystery It tackles issues like gender, race, sexuality, disability and physical abuse in the 1700s without ever losing steam or feeling preachy It raises thorny questions that have no easy answers Readers will be rooting for Monty, Percy and Felicity, but at times it may seem impossible that the threesome will reach their individual goals for happiness when so much is against them I would highly recommend this book if you like reads such as THE SONG OF ACHILLES or ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE I didn t want to leave these characters behind Fortunately there is a sequel, THE LADY S GUIDE TO PETTICOATS AND PIRACY, following the adventures of Felicity Sign me up I discovered this book thanks to the site Queer Books for Teens.

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    As we sail across the Channel toward Calais, this is what I m thinking of Percy and me and England sinking into the sea behind us, and also French lads and their tight breeches and, zounds, I can t wait to get to Paris I am also maybe a tiny bit drunk. This book is wonderful Just so so much fun It s light, it s silly, and I just couldn t stop giggling to myself from start to finish It reminds me of My Lady Jane, but with lots of gay love and drunken shenanigans.Henry Montague, or Monty to those close to him, is about to set out on a Grand Tour of Europe with his sister and best friend, Percy From Paris, through Marseilles, Barcelona, and Venice, to finally arrive on the beautiful island of Santorini I m jealous just thinking about it He had initially planned a trip full of drink, love affairs, and merriment, but his father is trying to ruin his plans by sending Mr Lockwood to watch over him and put a stop to any scandalous behaviour So, of course, Monty being Monty, the trip is full of drink, love affairs, and merriment Only, he gets way than he bargained for.Pirates and highwaymen make appearances on the journey, and they all seem out to ruin Monty s good time And if that wasn t enough, Monty s not so platonic feelings for his good friend Percy just won t go away The great tragic love story of Percy and me is neither great nor truly a love story, and is tragic only for its single sidedness It is also not an epic monolith that has plagued me since boyhood, as might be expected Rather, it is simply the tale of how two people can be important to each other their whole lives, and then, one morning, quite without meaning to, one of them wakes to find that importance has been magnified into a sudden and intense desire to put his tongue in the other s mouth. Humour is highly subjective, but I found it hilarious There s just something so delightful about watching British high society men being buffoons Monty s narration is immature and silly, often sarcastic, and yet he is so damn lovable Of course, his ridiculous actions land the group in trouble again and again, but it is very entertaining to watch.I really enjoyed this historical romantic comedy The whirlwind of European tourism served as an exciting backdrop for the rest of the action and romance Monty and Percy have the perfect amount of sexual tension love angst and I ship them so hard And the ending made me smile so freaking much.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    4.25 So much fun

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    IDK sounds kinda dumb.

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    I haven t even the words to summarise how much I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORE THIS BOOK I can t even stop gushing about it Everything was beyond perfect and I am in love It was sassy and hilarious and fast moving like how did I read 500 pages in a day and so adorable I cannot even I just cannot Honestly as soon as this is out I m BUYING IT AND THEN HUGGING IT and then putting it on my Favourite Books Of Ever Shelf.Unfortunately it doesn t come out till June Erm, so sorry about me gushing so early I m just going to do a smol review now and come back and re read and shout at you on release day But just know it is 5000% PERFECTION and one of the best books of life You re going to need it YOU ARE.WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH it s seriously downright hilarious, sassy, and adorable Monty has the most engaging and winning voice ever he s also a complete ass and an absolute privileged bastard at times, but you know what his friends CALL HIM OUT on it, and he after throwing an offended tantrum listens and learns speaking of which diversity diversity sO MUCH Including a bisexual narrator, featuring m m romance, disability, ethnicity diversity, anxiety, and PTSD And it s all SO well represented and SO well covered and NOTHING is just brushed over flippantly my heart BROKE in so many places like literally smashed into small tiny pieces and I haven t felt so in love or so protective of characters for a LONG TIME ok that s a total lieI haven t since last week when I read A Conjuring of Light but hush now it reminded me of The Lies of Locke Lamora which is one of my favourite books it features a tour of the Continent, with stop overs in places like Paris, Spain, and Greece it s historical fiction and yet still had the most engaging tone and didn t feel dry or anything which I often find HF to be it has a smidge of magic there s a violin there are PIRATES Felicity whom seems to be canon asexual is a bookworm, absolutely intelligent, will stab you with a spork if you cross her, and is 500% done with your shennanigans before you start The trio of Monty, Percy, and Felicity is MY OFFICIAL FAVOURITE The unrequited romance of Monty Percy is SO CUTE but yet SO ANGSTY I wanted to slap their heads together but I also ship them so bad it s ridiculous I love this book so so much IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING ME WITH FEELS AND ADORATION BEST NOVEL OF LIFE REREAD 2 Nov, 2017This book is abso freaking loutely one of the best I have ever read in my life And YES I ve read it twice in one year and I think this time it made me laugh out loud so many times I practically fell on my face And it also basically made me cry How can a book be this good HOW Never going to get over how honouring and respectful it is towards diversities I M NOT CRYING YOU RE CRYING This is the book I needed when I was a smol teen It is hilarious and queer and neurodiverse and full of absolutely astronomically funny moments And I think I m just going to keep reading it forever 3Percy and Monty are THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST SHIP OF ANGST AND LOVE I adore them so much.Also the audiobook A THE NARRATOR IS AMAZING.REREAD 3 Oct 2018I will never not love rereading this book and having my heart totally captured by the wit, the humour, the love and the incredible amount of incorrect textposts I can make for it Bless.

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    Y ALLTHISDANGBOOKCW child abuse, alcoholism, abelism, racismI absolutely loved The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue It blew away all of my expectations I went in expecting a cutesy YA m m romance novel set in the 1700s, but it was so much This novel is full of action, adventure, feminism, a sassy narrator, high stakes, AND a cutest m m romance.I loved all the main characters they are a terrific trio Monty is particularly interesting to me because his addictions and recklessness make him potentially unlikable, but his sass, quick wit, and vulnerability make him impossible to love Percy is such a mush he is a precious lil bean who deserves the world for his kindheartedness Also, kudos to the author for including epilepsy representation I ve grown up in a household with a parent who gets seizures and it s an immensely difficult thing to experience, but I m especially pleased it was addressed within an 18th century context Additionally, Felicity is a badass I am SO HERE FOR women breaking societal norms and pursuing careers in fields like medicine She is the Hermione of Monty and Percy and they would never have accomplished their feats without her That being said, each character plays a crucial role in the strength of their relationship and they are all essential to the success of their endeavors I m not normally a historical fiction reader, but this novel is truly unique The super comedic relief and the high intensity action makes it entirely different from most historical YA novels I ve read in the past I would highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a new novel with gay bisexual characters, setting in 18th century Europe, intense action, and hysterical writing So worth the hype

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    Are you going to give me the fornication without the intention of procreation is of the devil and a crime lecture I believe I could recite it from memory by now Monty Perhaps I am trying to procreate with all these lads and I m just very misinformed about the whole process If only Eton hadn t thrown me out Wow, so I expected cute and amusing, but I did not expect to find both the funniest thing I ve ever read, and also one of the most unfortunately personally relevant to me things I have ever read This book means the world to me Also, THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY I literally do not remember the last time I enjoyed reading a book so much Even my reading slump couldn t conquer this book After I got off my slump creating kindle and on to the hardcover copy I read at the bookstore, I read this in less than 24 hours YES Just to be clear I love pretty much everything about this book It s fantastically paced, especially for such a long book I mean, it broke my reading slump It s hilarious I laughed out loud multiple times The romance is adorable and has some of the best development I ve read in YA Monty s character development was 10 10 The holy trinity at the center of the book is a ton of fun Maybe I ll even talk about this later and add something to this review But you know what You can find a thousand reviews about how cool everything in this book is I want to talk about why this book was worth reading for me There are two things no, three things about this book that I think are really special First of all, Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue is hilarious, but not so light as to be flimsy Not to shade every other book ever but this is 1 my niche category of favorite book and 2 a balance I think most books fail at either we get books that are nothing but fluff, or books that are nothing but tragedy This book is neither It s dark, but it s also hopeful When a book feels too light, it s escapist when it feels too dark, it s depressing This book made me feel like the universe doesn t suck too much Just because people are survivors of abuse or trauma doesn t mean we always need to be in a world of angst.Secondly I feel like such a pretentious asshole I love the themes here about not needing to be cured to be an important person You have no idea how rare it is for chronically ill disabled neuroatypical people to be treated as whole, to be treated as real. This book really explores the fact that Percy doesn t want to be cured he just wants to be treated like a full person I have never read a book that even mentioned this feeling It was perfect God, I can t put every emotion I felt about this into a full sentence Just if you re looking for this theme, please pick this book up Third, and maybe most important this is historical fiction about people who don t get historical fiction People love to declaim about how the historical fiction genre doesn t need diversity because, apparently, the only people who existed back then were white, straight, and abled Which is serious bullshit People like us have always existed we just don t get books, especially historical fiction Seeing representation like this in historical fiction is seriously new and it means the fucking WORLD to me The great tragic love story of Percy and me is neither great nor truly a love story, and is tragic only for its single sidedness It is also not an epic monolith that has plagued me since boyhood, as might be expected Rather, it is simply the tale of how two people can be important to each other their whole lives, and then, one morning, quite without meaning to, one of them wakes to find that importance has been magnified into a sudden and intense desire to put his tongue in the other s mouth. And yet simultaneously it s so sweet Like, someone tell me why this book invented romance and being in love This is a cute historical romcom focusing on people who don t get historical fiction because the world used to hate us It s adorable and hilarious and important and I had so much fun reading it And this part from the author s note made me cry Which begs the question would a long term relationship between two English men during the eighteenth century have been a real possibility I don t know They likely would not have been able to be open about it But the optimist in me likes to believe that the twenty first century is not the first time in history that queer people have been able to live full romantic and sexual lives with the people they love.And if that makes me anachronistic, so be it. God bless.And yes, I agree with this.Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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    4.5 This was so fun and cute So much love

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    4.5 5

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The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue download The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, read online The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, kindle ebook The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue a17605bd7c32 Henry Monty Montague Was Born And Bred To Be A Gentleman, But He Was Never One To Be Tamed The Finest Boarding Schools In England And The Constant Disapproval Of His Father Haven T Been Able To Curb Any Of His Roguish Passions Not For Gambling Halls, Late Nights Spent With A Bottle Of Spirits, Or Waking Up In The Arms Of Women Or MenBut As Monty Embarks On His Grand Tour Of Europe, His Quest For A Life Filled With Pleasure And Vice Is In Danger Of Coming To An End Not Only Does His Father Expect Him To Take Over The Family S Estate Upon His Return, But Monty Is Also Nursing An Impossible Crush On His Best Friend And Traveling Companion, PercyStill It Isn T In Monty S Nature To Give Up Even With His Younger Sister, Felicity, In Tow, He Vows To Make This Yearlong Escapade One Last Hedonistic Hurrah And Flirt With Percy From Paris To Rome But When One Of Monty S Reckless Decisions Turns Their Trip Abroad Into A Harrowing Manhunt That Spans Across Europe, It Calls Into Question Everything He Knows, Including His Relationship With The Boy He Adores