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The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) chapter 1 The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) , meaning The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) , genre The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) , book cover The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) , flies The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) , The Texas Way (The Hayes, #2; Western Lovers: Reunited Hearts, #32) c5f41a27088e7 The HH Cattle Company, Near Gonzales, TexasScott Hayes He S The Owner Scott S A Hardworking Cattleman Who S Got A Reputation With The Ladies Not That He Has Any Time For Womanizing These Days Fact Is, Scott S Putting In Twenty Hour Stretches, Now That HH Is Down To One Hired Hand And The Word Around These Parts Is That HH Is Teetering On The Edge Of BankruptcyMargaret Winston When Scott Calls Her A Princess, He Doesn T Mean It As A Compliment Still, Maggie Has A Few Choice Names For Scott, None Of Them Pretty That S Because Maggie Knows Scott From The Old Days And There S Bad Blood And A Good Horse Between Them

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    Rating 3.5 starsI ve actually read and enjoyed the hero s sister s book and this one after a shaky start was pretty good The heroine has never been happy in life, disapproving parents and a teenage mistake and then a bad marriage but she is ready to start living her dream, of training horses and even if she has to approach the hero to do it, she will.The hero s best friend was someone the heroine was involved with and he died because of the heroine so there is no love lost between them I found the hero very hard at first, he had to grow up fast, his dad was sick and his ranch failing He was unnecessarily harsh to the heroine at first but he improved and so did the heroine, her confidence level and all.I didn t like the suspense aspect and it was weird from not liking the heroine to thinking he is not good enough, overall decent.

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    I hope to read all this author s books She is a favorite of mine Lots of drama and good story here Recommended.

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    4 Stars When his mother died, Scott s father had lost interest in life, but Scott had carried on as best he could All he s ever wanted was to be a Texas rancher He d even had the word of his neighbour that when the old man was ready to sell, Scott had first dibs That was until a rich city man bought the land out from under him so his pampered daughter could have a fancy horse ranch to ride on Not only had Margaret stolen his land but also caused the accident that killed his best friend, Matt And here she is, six years later, trying to steal his stallion in the middle of the night Maggie s life is a mess She s divorced, no home, no money and totally on her own If she s to make a life for herself she needs Twist of Fate, the stallion her father had rewarded Scott with for betraying Maggie and Matt on the eve of their elopement Twister was Maggie s creation she chose the mare and the sire and here s the result, a perfect Arabian racehorse All Maggie wants is five months to work with Twister, get him ready for an August race Once he races and wins, he ll be set and the fees they could charge for setting him to stud would put Scott s ranch back in the black in a hurry After his dad s heartattack, the medical bills have piled up If he hadn t been close to defaulting on his bank loan, he d have turned Maggie down flat If Twister could be a way out, he had to take it Maggie quickly proves that she has an affinity with the stallion, and pretty soon Scott is feeling optimistic that she could actually do what she claimed His respect grows for her and so does his attraction Maggie s an incredible heroine strong, brave and scared that her dyslexia will paint her as being stupid She bears many emotional scars from her childhood some that her family continue to reopen When Scott begins to see the real Maggie, he hates the belittling attitude she s met with all her life He shows her that she can be forgiven for the accident where Matt dies, that she d made a mistake And that he d made a mistake too when he betrayed them to her father Scott s a strong hero who wants than anything to do right by his father and the ranch he s worked so hard for all his life The secondary romance for Scott s dad was a lovely addition And though I hated to way Twister s story went, I appreciate why Ms Freed chose that outcome This is an emotional story that I enjoyed very much.

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