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Killian (On the Line, #1) txt Killian (On the Line, #1) , text ebook Killian (On the Line, #1) , adobe reader Killian (On the Line, #1) , chapter 2 Killian (On the Line, #1) , Killian (On the Line, #1) 13db45 Killian Bosch Knows He S His Own Worst Enemy He Just Doesn T Give A Damn The Star Forward Of A Minor League Hockey Team, He S Unstoppable On The Ice His Reckless Behavior, Devil May Care Attitude And Complete Disregard For Consequences Have Made Him A Major Source Of Headaches For The Fenway Flyers Brass But The New Flyers Owner Is Steel Than Brass Sidney Stahl Is A Disciplined Woman Who Parlayed Earnings From A College Job Into A Real Estate Empire She S Determined To Transform The Flyers From Marketing Nightmare To Hockey Powerhouse Once She Gets Killian In Line, She Knows The Rest Of The Team Will Follow His Lead The Seduction Of His Sexy New Team Owner Is A Challenge Too Forbidden For Killian To Resist Sidney Plays Into His Attraction As A Means Of Controlling Him, But Soon Finds That She S The One Surrendering It S All On The Line As Killian And Sidney Are Forced To Choose Business Or Pleasure

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    FOUR SEXY SPORTS STARS Even when you drive me crazy, you re the only one I want Short, sexy and satisfying Brenda Rothert always hits the spot with her fantastic sports romances and Killian is no exception I love the feeling I get when a go to author releases a new book and I m proud to say that Rothert will always be on my one click radar Read in almost one sitting this book had that unputdownable appeal that made me smile and swoon Kudos to Mrs R for making me fall in love in less than 250 pages What s it all about Take a smart, focused entrepreneur who only has business on her mind and add into the mix a hot hockey player who hasn t had much luck at playing by the rules and you get the kind of chemistry that romance books were made for Brenda Rothert creates the perfect blend of naughty, romantic and forbidden to bring a love story to life between Killian the star hockey player and his new boss the ice queen Sidney Stahl Will their lust and outright addiction to each other make it to the end I was dying to find out A perfect quick romance that only confirmed how much I love this authors writing style.What did I love Well I think I ve almost already covered how much I liked this book It goes with no surprise that I don t mind gushing about this author and her uncanny ability to make me fall straight into lust with her gorgeous story telling Killian was a hero that I definitely felt greedy over he had a foolproof jumble of sweet and kissable and let s just say he grabbed my attention than just once throughout this story The heroine than held her own, I may have mentioned in previous reviews of this authors books but Rothert definitely knows how to put pen to paper and create female characters that rival their counterparts Sidney was a winner in my eyes, strong and sassy she was a heroine that was easy to read about and as for them as a couple I was dizzy with excitement Dirty, flirty and as sexy as my most recent google search this novel was right up my street Nothing much to not like here, thank you Rothert you never seem to fail at making me one happy reader.Why not five I honestly can t conjure up much to complain about when it comes to my liking for Author Brenda Rothert This book had lots of things going in it s favour and i can say with total assurance that readers will enjoy this novel However, I think it mainly comes down to it s length I wanted to fall in love with and its inability to make me believe that this book can stand out from the rest Thoroughly loveable but not quite stand up and punch me in the gut five star Final thoughts If you are looking for a sports related romance that is as hot as it is entertaining then you won t go wrong getting excited about having this short novel on your e reader I m never disappointed with this author who consistently brings her writing talent to the table and I have no reservation in admitting that she will always be a favorite Hot hockey players and heroines that deliver the goods, don t miss out on reading this authors writing Killian is full of heat, heart and a happy ending that will leave you ready for I can t stop smiling when I think about this book and I m looking forward to hearing other readers fall similarly in lust Enjoy Kisses.

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    4 Killian Stars Killian is the proverbial bad boy of hockey He likes to play hard on the ice and outside When the team s reputation starts to get bad, Sidney, the team s new owner decides it s time to intervene She believes Killian, being the team captain, is the most likely to persuade the players to change their bad boys habits so she decides to start with him Sid is too much of a challenge for Killian to resist, and on the other side Sid slowly starts to fall for him as well And when it all comes down to it, what s important your love or your job You know how I love books with athletes, and this one was no exception It was a little on the short side, so the relationship isn t as developed as I would like, but it s sweet, it s romantic, it s steamy and it has a sexy hero and enough drama to keep us entertained Definitely, a series I ll follow Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Despite his asshole manners in the beginning, I really liked Kilian and how he grew as a character He was a pretty solid hero Although I m not usually the biggest fan of heroines who call all the shots, I liked Sid She knew how to not control when she should There were nice supporting character that I m very curious to read about Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    2.5 STARSKillian Bosch is the captain of the Fenway Flyers, a minor league hockey team On the ice he s the best, outside he s a bad boy getting in fights all the time and a womanizer as well Everything is about to change for Killian when he meets the new owner of the team Sidney Stahl is the new owner She s a smart, successful, independent woman who knows what she wants And she wants to change her new team s image For that to happen her players have to change their bad boys habits She s smart, so she knows if she gets Killian in line, the rest of the team will follow his lead.Killian and Sidney are drawn to each other from the very first moment They know very well getting involved is dangerous for their reputations and their careers, so they try to remain professional They try to stay away from each other and fight this strong attraction they both feel, but in the end they can keep their hands off each other This was just an ok read for me I really wanted to like it , but unfortunately I couldn t for a couple of reasons An important thing for me as a reader when I read a romance, is to feel the chemistry between the main characters In this case I didn t feel any None I didn t understand their connection and I didn t feel their love for each other Needless to say, I didn t feel connected with them.Killian is portrayed in the blurb as a bad boy He was definitely not a bad boy Well, at least not a real one He was a caricature of a bad boy From the moment he meets Sidney he s smitten with her and she immediately has him pussy whipped It wasn t sexy or sweet or anything His dirty talking is just so lame It wasn t alluring at all Also, he doesn t have a clue how to prepare his partner when they re about to have anal sex It wasn t his first time so I suppose he should knew about it What thing that I liked about Killian is how his character is developed Sidney is a strong woman She s hardworking and smart and overall I liked her But at times she was a litte harsh with Killian and maybe inconsiderate as well The sex scenes between them are poorly written, very short and they didn t do anything for me Also the ending was too abrupt for my liking Overall, just an ok read for me

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    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest reviewBrenda Rothert is another author and friend that I adore and love She has always been one of those authors who has always been on my auto click list And in her new release, Killian, prepare to fall in love with the bad boy hockey star who will steal your heart and melt your panties When you got yourself a hot alpha male and an independent fiesty sassy woman then you got a recipe for a smoking hot, sexy, and passionate romance And did I mention this hot alpha male is a sexy hockey playeryes, ladies, Brenda once again will heat up those kindles with her newest sports romance book Killian is one short sexy read that will have you begging for Killian Bosch Since this book is a quick sexy read, I really don t want to spoil the book for the readers But all you need to know is that this book chronicles a minor league hockey star and his romantic interest is none other than the hockey s team newest owner, Sidney Stahl Both Killian and Sidney have this instant attraction and connection that will seriously melt the ice There is no if, and or but about it, when Killian and Sidney are together, these two are a perfect match They compliment each other s personality and fit each other sexually Killian and Sidney s relationship on and off the ice is a blend of forbidden, sexy, and wanton love story Can Killian and Sidney balance their working relationship and their personal lives Can this bad boy hockey star melt the walls surrounding the Ice Queen s heart Brenda once again was able to treat her readers to another great sexy read She was able to incorporate wit, sass, banter, and steam in this well written book And to top it off, she has one bad ass heroine who shows that she can be successful on and off the ice Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Brenda Rothert

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    I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Face the unknown I truly believe the only reason we fail is by not trying I liked Killian, I did I just wish that the two main character s relationship started up slowly, at a reasonable, realistic pace is all Everything just developed way too fast at a rapid pace that made it feel a tad amiss That saidon a positive noteWhile I do appreciate that their relationship is pretty easy squeezy and not angst ridden, I also enjoyed that there was also focus on Killian growing and expanding as a person and Sidney letting him do so since she was already at the place she needed to be.Love is about sacrifice And sometimes you need to let something, or someone, go in order to let them spread their wings and face the ever quenching question of what if.Killian making a career leap into the big league, with Sidney s encouragement and blessing as well as, Killian and Sidney conquering the odds set against them, makes me wonder what author Brenda Rothert plans go next with bk2 of this series I m personally hoping that she will focus on Liam and Keri since I was always curious as to what was happening with them.Anyway, I can t wait

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    I love a good sports romance, particularly with a sexy hockey player I liked that this was about a minor league hockey team and that the team owner was a woman I really wasn t crazy about Sidney or Killian and didn t feel a lot of chemistry between them but I still enjoyed this book.

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    Free on 9th August 2019

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    Ok , so this might sound weird but the first adjective that came to mind when I wanted to describe this book was soothing I was smiling through most of it Killian and Sidney were amazing together , they were honest with each other , they acted like adults which really felt like a breath of fresh air Killian is a perfect hero and Sidney was an amazing heroine , I loved having the heroine be the rich ,successful and self made millionaire for a change In most romance novels , I like some angst , I don t mind couples fighting not stupid , frustrating fights though , it keeps my interest and attention alive This book was low on the angst but still kept my interest throughout the book , even though any angst was resolved rather quickly , it was all realistic and relevant I think my only complaint would be that at the end I seriously thought it might end with a cliffhanger , because not much pages were left and I didn t feel close to the end Maybe an epilogue would ve satisfied me or a novella in the future I am assuming that the next Volume will be about another couple , hopefully Liam and Keri So Anyway , If you re looking for a book that would make you feel good after a really angsty read or a long day , I think this one is for you

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    4 HOT KILLIAN STARS His sincere expression made my heart melt a little Killian s sweet, vulnerable side had been worth working for His brash exterior protected something wonderful.Before reading KILLIAN, I wasn t familiair with Brenda Rothert After reading Killian, I can gladly say I m a FAN A big fan Even though, at first, I was afraid that I wouldn t fully enjoy it, because KILLIAN is a shorter novel than I m used to reading Normally, while reading shorter novels, I find the characters aren t sufficiently detailed and I can t completely lose myself in the story When I finished KILLIAN s first chapter, I immediately felt relieved Brenda s writing is exceptional and she has the gift to use very little words, but have the adequate amount of detailing to make you feel like you re part of the story.I had nothing to lose, and a man with nothing to lose was never someone you wanted to fuck with.Killian is a cocky and arrogant minor league hockey player He s the captain of the Flyers Thinks he owns the world Fucks women for a living and is almost never with the same woman twice He doesn t think much about women in general There is one thing he s serious about in his life though and that s playing hockey That s why he can t stand the players on the team who aren t as serious about it as he is Yes, Killian is a troublemaker, hothead and womanizer And it may seem he doesn t care what other s think about him, but that s not entirely true Inside, Killian is very insecure He doesn t think he s worth enough being with someone long term Other words to describe Killian are protective, honest and sincere.Nothing annoyed me than someone who took their career and their future for granted.When Killian meets the new owner of the Flyers, Sidney, he feels an instant connection to her It s a first for him and he doesn t really know what to do with all those feelings Sidney is pretty serious about her career and future and doesn t care for people who aren t She doesn t like ambivalence or childish behavior What she does like though, is hockey She always has And she knows her hockey So it s a dream come true for her, when she has the possibility to own her own hockey team An opportunity she gleefully accepts Even though she has a very chauvinistic father who criticizes her every choice and just wants her to marry a wealthy man, Sidney is a successful multi millionaire thanks to hard work As a result she s happily married to her work and men are the farthest thing from her mind.My breath came fast and hard, all rational thoughts forgotten All I could do was feel, but this feeling was like nothing I d ever experienced I was drowning in Sidney, and I never wanted this kiss to end.Throw together a serious business woman with no time or interest for men and a very lost boy who s the opposite of monogamous with a different woman every night, and you get a powerful connection From the first moment they meet, a forbidden relationship starts to grow gradually Feelings arise and develop overtime I apologize for jumping you before letting you explain You haven t jumped me yet, Sidney But you will They both try to deny it, but still try to find ways to see the other But there comes a point they can t withhold any longer and that s the starting point of sparks flying Even though they both know it s wrong and they don t believe they are right for each other, it feels right when they re together Very right They can t go long without spending any time together It almost feels like an addiction Will they survive together or is it better for them to live their lives separately Women who felt empowered by the way I looked at them That was fucking awesome But this one, who was empowered all on her own She was irresistible.I liked both Sidney and Killian Killian started out all tough, but it wasn t long before you could see that was all a facade Killian was actually very cute I loved how they both spoke their mind and they could argue like the best of them But when they went a couple days without speaking, they missed each other Almost every time, Killian was the one to apologize I found that very sweet of him I loved Sidney because of how empowered she was I didn t really see the ice queen in her She was soft and cared about Killian She also didn t know how to fire her failure of an assistant, Nicole It was admirable to see how loyal Barb and Keri were to Sidney I wish we could date Her eyes were soft when I looked over at her She wasn t Sidney Stahl, corporate powerhouse, but a woman whose vulnerability was incredibly sexy.I was very happy to find out short novels aren t all bad, because I absolutely loved KILLIAN Ms Rothert s writing is pretty great There are a couple hot scenes, but the balance between sex and the story is perfect There s not too much sex in this book And the sex scenes aren t too descriptive Don t expect six pages long sex scenes So, the sex is hot, but you know what is even hotter The seduction scenes Brenda knows exactly how to slowly build the tension She made me blush a couple of times Even though KILLIAN is only twelve chapters long, Brenda Rothert succeeded in creating well described characters with depth She gave these characters a mesmerizing love story If you re on the ice, I m watching you And whether it s a good idea or a bad one, this is happening You and me It s already happening, and I want to stop pretending we can stop it I don t want to stop it KILLIAN is cute, powerful and HOT Same as its character with the same name I loved reading about Killian s story and I can t wait to start Bennett s For me, this was a very pleasant way to get acquainted with Brenda Rothert Are you looking for a sexy and forbidden love story KILLIAN should be the next book on your TBR list You re good and loyal and strong, Killian I don t care what league you play in I don t care if you collect trash for a living You make me happy in every way that matters Disclaimer I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review However, this doesn t affect my opinion of this book and the words in this review

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