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If Only quotes If Only, litcharts If Only, symbolism If Only, summary shmoop If Only, If Only bb58cebd The Former Spice Girl Known As Ginger Spice Takes Readers Inside The Life That Led To Girl Power, Revealing The Real Woman Beneath The Glamorous Facade Part Coming Of Age Story, Part Celebrity Memoir, Halliwell Relates How She Has Gone From An International Pop Star Who Walked Away From It All To Her Role As Goodwill Ambassador For The United Nations

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    In the late 1990s,the Spice Girls were a sensation.Despite their rather limited talent,they emerged from nowhere to dominate the music charts.I never liked their music but really enjoyed this biography of Ginger Spice,Geri Halliwell.Very well written,with lots of humour.

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    No two people see events the same way.Everybody s truth is different This is my truth.If only there was a world with no painonly love.If only there was no fear.If only That is how the book begins and I ve always loved that part Every diary I ve had I ve always wrote that on the inside If Only by Geri Halliwell, most people probably know her better as Ginger Spice, the book goes through her life from the time she is young through the Spice years, her solor career and life after the Spice Girls Geri s relationship with her father is very touching.I read If Only when I was, maybe 13, and around age 12 is when a lot of problems started with my parents By the time I was 13 I was depressed most of the time and this book really helped me a lot People can think what they want of Geri Halliwell, but the only thing that matters to me is what I think of her she s a great person and has really accomplished a lot I really had no idea to what her life was like until I read this book Geri did things she wasn t proud of and she s not perfect and I think this book really can show you that stars are people just like us When I read If Only and finished it for the first time, I felt good and determined No matter what I went through I wasn t going to let it beat me This book definitely was inspiring It inspired me to go after my dreams and that s just what I am doing.

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    As a Spice Girls fan, of course I was going to enjoy this As an aspiring writer, I identified with a lot of Geri s career struggles.I found the first 1 3 of the book to be the most honest and thoughtful, perhaps because she had the most distance from it, the most time to reflect and understand The middle 1 3, about the rise of the Spice Girls, was fascinating because I could track my own journey along with it Did I remember that scandal Where was I when they were doing this concert Etc Not to mention all the behind the scenes info, like her friendship with Mel B, or their interactions with other celebrities at award shows, or going out dancing with her bodyguard.I also enjoyed the connections I saw between her story their story and their music I could see where certain lines came from, or where certain scenes in their movie clearly were inspired by real life experiences Again, as a fan, that s just a blast.But toward the end, as Geri was feeling and distanced from the Spice Girls phenomenon, Present Day Me felt like I could see an increasing gap between what she was perceiving and what was actually happening I m no expert, but it seems to me like Geri was a deeply insecure person possibly even a deeply unhappy person with depressive and self destructive tendencies, and eventually the fame and intense touring schedule just got to be too much Understandable It seems like the highs were super high, and the lows were super low I appreciated her honest portrayal of how wonderful and simultaneously how stressful that level of success is But I suspect that if it hadn t been the Spice Girls bringing her problems to the forefront, it would have been something else Now, there s nothing wrong with that it s human but she didn t seem to be fully aware of it Instead she kept trying to justify her actions, looking outward instead of inward, even as she claimed to be doing the opposite And for all her assertions that she was happier and felt better after leaving, I didn t see it She was doing different work, fulfilling work, sure But she still seemed to be floundering, grasping at straws every which way, and hoping for the best Again, that s all very human, it just made me feel a bit sorry that she struggled so much Side note She kept looking for causes to support, but it seemed obvious to me that she would have been and could probably still be an excellent spokesperson for mental health issues, such as eating disorders, depression or anxiety But again, I think she didn t have the distance to perceive that yet Oh, her father s death seemed to be hugely unresolved for her, as well It was interesting for me to realize that this was written in 1999, right after the split I d be so curious to see what she has to say about it all now And of course, to see what the other girls views of these same events were As Geri says than once in the book, we each have our own perspectives, our own versions of the truth This was hers, and I enjoyed reading it.On a writing note, it s not brilliant, but there are some nice turns of phrases here and there, and overall it s quite an easy conversational narrative.

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    I love this book and this is the first autobiography is have ever readbeing a spice girls fan and particularly Geri s fan, i can t help but want to know about her The i read this book, the i can relate to her, and her decision to leave the Spice girlsShe discusses about her family and explains everything quite clearly Geri is a clever womanwho is brave to express herself and definitely define the word Girl Power.

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    Very easy reading and quite interesting not just for the behind the scenes of the Spice Girls, but also getting to know Geri on a personal level I never realized just how much she battled with her personal life and appearance, but through reading this book it was nice to see first hand that she s really just a normal person with common problems.

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    Yes I read this Stop laughing It was interesting You clearly need to spice up your life.

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    How I Came To Read This Book I borrowed it from my sister Gillian.The Plot Geri Halliwell is the fifth member of one of the 90s most popular and famous supergroups the Spice Girls, but she is perhaps most famous for splitting from the group in 98, as their stars showed no sign of stopping This book is her autobiography written shortly after her departure from the group, which essentially encapsulates her life pre Spice as a poor club kid in Watford, and what her role in the evolution of the Spice Girls was, and how she became increasingly disillusioned with fame which spurred her split.The Good the Bad This book is very interesting as is the other Spice bio I ve read, Victoria Beckham s Learn To Fly I m kind of glad I read Geri s book a decade after it was written, if only because I know where her career went, and that she actually did reunite with the band I actually found Geri s background quite interesting than Vic s as she really appeared to always have a hunger for the spotlight, even if she was forced to go about it in shady ways by working in the glamour modeling industry for awhile I also found her insight on the Spice Girls interesting Because her book was so focused on either life pre Spice or life in Spice, she went into a fair bit detail about events and roles in them than Victoria ever did Additionally, there were some revelations to be had such as her surprisingly very tight relationship with Mel B and the fact the band apparently made a deal at one point that they d do everything they could in two years before calling it quits a promise everyone seemed to forget but Geri.That being said, there is a note of falsity throughout, particularly when Geri starts to formulate her leaving the group For one, certain phrases and ideas throughout the book I realized were actually found in the lyrics and themes of her debut solo album an interesting PR laden coincidence given her debut single was released a mere two weeks after the book was released which is mentioned IN the book s epilogue as to What s next for Geri I also found it a bit weird false as I did at the time of Geri quitting that she did such an about face in terms of her image, motives to give back and do something good , and to become so disillusioned with fameonly to release a solo album within the year Those things don t ruin the book per se, but they certainly seem to shed a bit of light as to what s included and possibly left out.The Bottom Line A great, interesting read on one of the Spice Girls most enigmatic and energetic members.Anything Memorable Nope, although I promise you ll have some Spice tunes in your head after reading this sucker 50 Book Challenge Book 8 in 2009.

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    Geri Halliwell was always my favourite Spice Girl Her cheekiness, her bright red hair, her sense of humour I loved everything about her and still do However, up until recently, I d never owned any of her two autobiographies despite this one being published in 1999 well, I was 5 when this was released so therefore had never read them And I m really glad that I left it until now to read, as my 543 page mass market paperback edition of If Only took me straight back to my childhood and made me nostalgic in the way only the Spice Girls can do There s a recurring theme throughout this book that to me says be careful what you wish for because you just might get it Geri always wanted to be famous, whether it was by being a glamour model, a tv presenter, or as one of five of the most successful British girlband ever But when she rapidly achieved her dreams, she realised that the reality of them could never exceed her fantasies Which in a way is really sad, as even though she was in the biggest group in the world at the time, part of Geri was still desperately unhappy As well as this, Geri openly speaks about her battles with bulimia, and not being able to grieve properly after her fathers death I found these scenes really hard to read, but it shows that she is a human behind the celebrity.My favourite scenes to read were about Geri s decision to quit the Spice Girls at the time when it happened I was 4 and was desperately heartbroken, but reading the book I really do understand why she decided to leave Of course, its still sad to reflect on my favourite member leaving my favourite band, but now I completely understand why she chose to do so I also really liked reading about the formation of the Spice Girls and reading all the behind the scenes stuff about them becoming friends and in rehearsals and preparing for world domination All in all, I gave this 5 5 as it has become one of my favourite celebrity autobiographies I m now going to start reading Geri s second book Just For The Record and be taken back to my childhood all over again with what happened next in Geri s solo career

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    We as the public only get to see a little glimpse of what happens in the life of our favorite stars, sometimes this little glimpse make us believe we know them and also that we know and that we can judge different situations If we remember Ginger Spice we collectively will think about a very confident woman with no issues about herself at all but is Geri Halliwell really the Ginger Spice we all got to know and love This book takes us from the very beginning, from a little Geri from Watford that dreams of being famous, to a Geri that hopes that once all her dreams have come true she will finally be able to love herself , to a Geri that makes all her childhood dreams come true as one of five Spice Girls only to notice that the fame and the feeling she had while dreaming about it does not feel the same in reality.Why did Geri just suddenly up and left the Spice girls when she had all going for her in the group This and many other answers to questions I didn t know I had, are presented in this bigger glimpse into Geri s life and now everything makes a bit sense, at least to me

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    3.5 starsI didn t realize how much Geri struggled in her life with a lot of things really Parents in an unhappy marriage, financial stress, mental health issues and an eating disorder to name a few For the first 1 4 of this book I really felt sorry for her Then she joined the Spice Girls I was a big fan when I was younger and let s face it, I still am Much like Victoria Beckham s book, I got caught up in the excitement of them forming the band and their crazy trip to stardom However, even though this is Geri s side of how things happened I still thought of her as selfish for leaving and I was just as outraged as when I was reading it in VB s book Funny how that happens I m glad she did what she needed to do for her own well being and I m glad for her that the book which was written in 1999 ended happy.

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