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Stirred (Love Story, #5) summary Stirred (Love Story, #5) , series Stirred (Love Story, #5) , book Stirred (Love Story, #5) , pdf Stirred (Love Story, #5) , Stirred (Love Story, #5) 5b67973f4a If Only Life Were As Simple As Choosing Between Shaken Or Stirred Sage Jeffries Grew Up An Overachiever She Studied, Excelled, And Became A Mechanical Engineer For A Firm In San Francisco Yet Much To Her Family S Surprise, At Age Thirty, She Made A Bold Move To Los Angeles And Became A Bartender At The Yard Now, She Spends Her Time Mixing Drinks And Trying New Things Her Life Is Good, Fun Except For Two Teeny Tiny Challenges She S In Love With Her Best Friend S Older Brother, And Her Sister Bought Her A Book, Nice To Naughty In Ten Easy Steps, And Dares Her To Master Every Step Sage Never Backs Down From A Challenge Garrett Rye Is Ryeland Farms He Grew Up Under His Father S Wing And Has Now Taken Over Operations Working The Fields Was Nothing Compared To The Hassle Of Managing, But Keeping The Farm Running Without Hiccups Is What S Expected His Brother And Sister May Run The Yard, But Ryeland Farms Is The Rock Of Their Family No Matter How Many Changes Swirl Around Him, Garrett Intends To Keep It That Way It S New Year S Eve And Sage, Who S Had Too Much Tequila, Is Realizing It S Easier To Read About Naughty Than Actually Put It Into Practice Instead Of A Wild Night, She Ends Up Tucked Into Garrett S Truck, Spilling Her Heart Now, Garrett Is Finding It Impossible To Concentrate On Keeping Things Business As Usual When The Woman He S Only Noticed Behind The Bar Suddenly Wants To Raise The Bar Both Stirred And Shaken, Sage And Garrett Will Have To Decide Whether To Keep Mixing Things Up Or If They Should Put Their Feelings On Ice Note Each Love Storyis A Standalone There Are Some Shared Characters Throughout The Books Siblings, Friends, Etc Closely Related Books Are Often Distinguishable By The Similar Covers The Book Order So Far Is As Follows Premiere Candidate Taste Reserved Stirred Vacancy Playbook Exposure Brew Smooth Tap

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    Copy Provided by NetGalley for an honest review DNF 50%Hero was an asshole, and the heroine was a doormat Life is too short to waste it on subpar books

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    Overall I liked this However, I will admit that so far Sage and Garrett are my least favorite couple Sage admits that she likes Garrett He goes with it after awhile Yet he seems determined to be alone and that got old Thankfully in the end he finally got smart and won the woman.

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    Shaken, not Stirred, might be a appropriate title for this one, my fellow romance book loving friends At 40%, I found myself wanting to grab the hero by the shoulders and shake some awareness sense into him You see, it took Garrett that long just to kiss the girl, Sage, who has been head over heels infatuated with him since she began working for his family s restaurant bar 18 months ago Of course, you could also claim he s finally been stirred out of his self imposed romance deprived existence by her, as well.In all fairness, Sage, the heroine also needed the same treatment Honestly, how many times does it take for this guy to rip her heart out, stomp on it, and hand it back to her Yes, my fellow romance book loving friends, she is pretty much a doormat through most of the book If I hadn t liked how kind, funny her character was, I would have given up on this story about half way through It s just a shame Garrett didn t realize wouldn t commit to her until the bitter end.You know Garrett is OTT too dedicated to the family farm when, in his own words, perfect pH soil makes his blood boil than the sultry glance of a gorgeous woman Sage may feel at times she could end up a spinster living with a houseful of cats, but I m thinking it is likely Garrett who could easily become cat man , folks With all those close to him finding their soulmates and pairing off, a misdialed text followed by a drunken admission by Sage finally has him seeing what s been behind the family bar and right in front of him for almost two years Does he act on it Not at first He tells her he just doesn t think of her that way Eventually he does pursue her, pushes her away, then becomes intimate with her 60% , pushes her away 62% At 70%, calls her too big of a distraction Well, I think you see the repeating pattern here, right For this true romantic, that makes my heart bleed than just a little I m unashamedly a big fan of instant love attraction with a hero who falls for the heroine but has to work to win her over Not so much of watching her moon over a guy who barely knows she s alive Then finally is intimate with her but stubbornly, stupidly keeps rejecting her That s pretty much what happens here, folks Until the very end, in no uncertain terms, Garrett repeatedly makes it clear Sage is secondary to his farm.and always will be I lost count of the number of times he did or said something that hurt her Every time he would say he was sorry she would forgive him too easily Sure, she finally grew a backbone at the end, but I found myself shaking my head in dismay it took so long.Since I ve read book 3, Taste, which I absolutely loved, I can attest all the books appear to be stand alones with a reoccurring cast However, Stirred was a frustruating read for this reviewer I couldn t keep track of all the numerous Oh, no, he didn t just say that moments It simply wasn t as heart warmingly romantic as Taste, like heart wrenching But then again I m a fan of the hero fighting for the girl, not fending her off It s up to you to decide which is your preference Hope my review was helpful in deciding which side of the fence you are on.Title Stirred, Series A Love Story Book 5 , Author Tracy Ewens, Pages 298, wonderful classy book cover, stand alone but part of a series, hero runs the family farm, heroine is bartender at his family restaurant, reluctant hero with no interest time for love, infatuated heroine, only a couple not overly steamy scenes which become fade to black.Book 1 Premiere, 10 27 14, Pages 272 Samantha Peter Book 2 Candidate, 6 23 15, Pages 315 Katherine Grady Book 3 Taste, 10 27 15, Pages 312 Kara Logan Book 4 Reserved, 2 9 16, Pages 298 Makenna Travis Book 5 Stirred, 5 10 16, Pages 298 Sage Garrett This review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and author publisher.

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    Sage is a mixologist at her best best friend Kenna s family restaurant, The Yard She met and fell in love with Kenna s oldest brother, Garrett, even though they barely speak One night she gets drunk and texts Kenna to pick her up at the bar but finds out that she actually texted Garrett When Garrett gives her a ride home she confesses her feelings for him After that Garrett starts to notice her and finds that he can t stop thinking of her Eventually they decide to give it a try but Garrett has to decide if he s ready for change and a relationship or if he just wants things to stay the way they ve always been just him and his farm.I ve read all of the other books in this series so I was excited to read about another brother from the Rye family, but I feel like this one let me down a bit I struggled with how I wanted to rate this one Normally I would give this type of book a 2 but I rounded it up to 3 anyway I loved Sage s personality in the last book and thought she was going to be a lot of fun in this one but I felt like she was just a doormat She was pining after Garrett the entire book and kept letting him get away with anything I wanted her to completely flip out on him because when he pushed her away every one of those times he said awful things and was so cold Then he would show up again and all would be forgiven I hate that Then to win her back at the very end he view spoiler proposes to her hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars Stirred is the final installment in A Love Story, a five part series from new to me author Tracy Ewens Each individual book can be enjoyed as a standalone, and because I liked this one so much, Reserved, the fourth book in the series , is next on my TBR list This read is humorous, slightly emotional, and does the best friend s older brother romance trope proud.Sage Jeffries tends to march to the beat of a different drummer She is extremely smart as well as inventive, so leaving her job in engineering to pursue a career as a bartender ends up being a very good decision She loves working in her best friend s restaurant, where she develops tasty libations, while making each and every customer feel welcome Sage s life is never dull as she attempts to shed her nice persona, engage in new experiences, and deal with her huge crush on Garrett Rye, her best friend s older brother.Garrett is the ultimate son and older brother He always puts his siblings, their father, and the every expanding family farm that he runs, ahead of his own needs and wants Garrett s life will never be the same since meeting Sage and discovering that she is in love with him He cannot get her out of his mind, which disrupts his 24 7 work schedule This is an engrossing read, and Sage and Garrett are likable, complex and genuine They work hard to learn to trust each other and find their forever Their chemistry is captivating and Ms Ewens does a great job of creating seduction behind closed doors The secondary characters and subplots are almost as equally as engaging as Sage and Garrett s love story Overall, this is a solid romantic read.Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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    Sage and Garrett s story is so heartwarming that it grabs you from the very beginning and pulls you along for the ride until way past the end of the book Since this is the fifth book in the series, Sage and Garrett have grown on me throughout the reading of the books that came before this one I ve known all along that they d make a dynamite couple, but I didn t realize just how tremendous they would be together Ms Ewens has a wonderful way of depicting her characters in such a light that they are multi dimensionalSage s softness was the perfect compliment to Garrett s rock hard stalwartness Seeing them come together in the way they did, parting ways and coming together again for their HEA was done exactly as their characters nature determined they should I m just so sorry that the stories of these marvelous characters has come to and end, I will definitely miss the whip smart dialogue, the quick witted banter, and most of all, the love they shared for each other This book was provided by Netgalley for my honest review G

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    Tracy Ewens wrote a good book that keeps you in the story the entire time I love these characters and the flow of the story line Garrett and Sage were a cute and even shy couple Sage was dabbling into trying to be a sexy, bold seductress when she was actually a fun, down to earth, love wholeheartedly gal who was as pure as the soil Garrett loved Sage had me embarrassed for her over her drunken talk on New Year s Eve, but it was super cute Garrett has his eyes opened and sees things that were right in front of him for years I wanted to be mad at Garrett and his aloofness but, as his family pleads, he really doesn t know how to act with Sage The old adage holds true You don t know what you got until it s gone and Garrett finds himself re prioritizing things to get it back Loved the family bonds in this book and the reminder of the simpler things in life being the most important things.

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    I did really enjoy this book but wanted to shake pun intended Garrett a couple times He was so determined to be alone and unhappy that he really almost blew it with Sage They make a great couple and their incursions behind each others shields are really fun to watch If you like a little alcohol mixing things up, you should try this sexy farmer story.I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review All thoughts and words contained here are entirely my own.

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    Tracy Ewens, Stirred , a love story.As an ARC reader I received this book for free And promised an honest review Here it is English isn t my first language Sorry for errors.Rating 4 stars of 5.In general Two people in their thirties find love after intense single twenties.Leading characters Sage Jeffries Grown up in a family with lovely parents and three very competitive sisters Now about 33 years old Being very intelligent she studied math And got an excellent job, but around her 30th anniversary she decided to change She bowed out of her corporate life in Frisco to become a bartender in LA and she wanted stories and adventures went to festivals, jumped out of planes, traveled, hiked, loved her new job, competed in cocktail competitions and became involved in her local community center to teach bridge Garret Rye An organic farmer, who delivers especially to the Yard, the restaurant bar of his brother Logan, where Sage is the attractive, talented bartender Sage has a secret crush on him but he s too involved in his work and caring for his family to notice that she wants to be than a friend.Then Sage realizes that she has to become active to get Garret s attention and buys for her Kindle Nice to Naughty in Ten Steps to learn how she can get rid of the shyness she feels when Garret is around At a New Year s Eve party she tries out her new naughtyness but she drinks too much and accidentally calls Garret to drive her home During this drive a very tipsy Sage confesses her love for a confused Garret.Garret feels honored and glad for he admired Sage already for a long time but after arriving at her home he limits himself to caring that the tipsy Sage safely reaches her bed Next day Sage learns from Kenna, Garret s sister and her best friend that she in detail informed Garret why and what she loved in him.The author, Tracy Ewens, then describes how Garret and Sage find their HEA with a lot of ups and downs Among other things fear commitment for Garret it s difficult to realize that while being a workaholic and caring a lot for his family, he s completely forgotten to forward to his own happiness and at first Sage fears that her detailed love confession is the reason that Garret seems to be interested in her good looks while she wants than a sexual relationship It results in funny dialogues, interesting info about farming, running a bar restaurant and many scenes of a sweet family life Perhaps the stubbornness of both main characters to let go of the sometimes wrong opinions they have about each other and the too many changes of their minds after conversations with friends makes the story a bit unnecessary long, but all in all it was for me again a pleasure to read this book of Tracy Ewens.R Huiszoon.

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    Sage is quirky, funny and a really great character the type of person you want in your corner She is pushing her own limits she doesn t want to be safe and boring, she wants to be naughty and feisty.wants to put herself outside her comfort zone but can she achieve it and keep it up or is she just better accepting who she is and living her life for herself.Garrett has spent his whole life looking out for his siblings and worrying about his father and their farm He is struggling with the realisation that they don t need him in the same ways any they all have new lives and are happy, yet he is still there in the sidelines keeping everything working It s not until Sage professes her love for him and admits that she noticed him and wants to get to know him that he suddenly starts to question the quality of his own life but is it too late for him to change and let someone in Can he finally put himself and his own feelings first There are some negative reviews about this story, but I have to say I really liked this book and the characters I didn t see Sage as a doormat, I felt she had a good heart and was prepared to give Garrett the time and patience to finally see what was in front of him. She set time aside for herself and didn t allow herself to wallow in self pity she also wasn t afraid to tell him how it is.Garrett was totally singleminded about his life and the role he held in the family he couldn t see that he was lonely, or that he too deserved his own happiness without having to live life vicariously through his siblings Sage was the wake up call he needed.Another winner from Tracy I am slowly working my way through these titles and I am enjoying them all.I received an arc from hidden gems and I chose to leave a review.

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