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    3.5 StarsObviously I have been on the quite the Harlequin style binge lately because, well, GOODWILL SCORE.But I mean, seriously though, how can you say no to covers like this And titles like this I mean look , even Arthur is cringing smiling with joy It s like an empty calorie filled treat that you just can t say no to Now, being that this was one of those UBER SERIOUS, HIGH QUALITY Harlequin esque Silhouette Desire kinds of deals1 It was about one of those forced marriage situations that would never happen in real life Unless you lived on a farm In the 1800 s I shamelessly lurve this overdone, overused, SLUT of a trope.Seriously though LOVE IT.Arranged marriage to merge the family business Sure Forced marriage to save the family farm Hell yes Obligatory marriage because you knocked home girl up Count me the fuck in Being that this was the aforesaid Silhouette Desire variety, this thing was short 181 pages short Thus, this book jumped right into things which I love Jessica was little miss married off martyr check OUT that alliteration and Gabe was the asshole alpha rancher who wanted his marriage to be an emotionless business arrangement.Sounds fun, right Totally HOWEVER.2 As mentioned above, this thing was short.And being that I am a Nalini Singh WHORE as well as a forced marriage trope whore, I KNOW what she can do And this short book format did NOT give her enough space to fully stretch out her wings for flying, people It was like listening to Christina Aguilera sing that vocally stifling Genie in a Bottle bullshit, looking like this When she should be busting out Beautiful in all her singin pipe glory BOOM So yeah, that s about it in a nutshell.I liked it well enough, I just wish it had been longer Because of it s length, the change in the characters felt a littleabrupt And so did the ending Regardless, I ve been wanting to read this for a long time, because it s by Nalini Singhand she could shit on a piece of college ruled notebook paper and I d want to take a gander Thus, all in all, I considered it a win to find it at GWand the book itself was pretty much what I expected it to be So a good deal in my book Big shout out to my sexy books models, Alpha dog Arthur and Sexy Sammie Boo.Dakota Kat wasn t featured todaybut that s because she was otherwise occupied Naughty Kat Find me at

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    I remembered that I ve read this one at the second chapter but because the H was cold and cruel b astard, I continued the process Yes, it s not worthy to be not forgotten but due to angst, 3,5 stars.

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    I hated the hero and and at the same time I loved the book and as the story progressed He was cold, ruthless, dark, tortured and the story was angsty, emotional and heartwrenching Exactly my cuppa I would rate it with 5 stars if the hero groveled in the end but IMO even for someone who likes cold heroes he should have snapped out of his unbending and harsh behavior earlier if he were to redeem himself It s been ages since I last read an HQ, but this one made me want to try some

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    This is a standard MOC novel for the most part, except that the h still carries a torch for an unworthy teenage crush, and the H is a cruel, emotionally arrested superbaby His proposed method for dealing with an view spoiler unplanned pregnancy which results in a situation where he wants the h but has no interest in the child hide spoiler

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    New Review 10 07 16 2 stars I dont know how I reviewed it 3 stars for the first time You know how a cold hearted jerk sounds like but I have to give some credit that stupid heroine also for the disaster of the book The heroine loved someone else still married the hero and you know what Till 85% of the book, she was in love with that stupid OM and suddenly she realized that she is in love with the hero The hero was no better I already mentioned that he was a cold hearted jerk and doesn t know a thing about respecting women or I say precisely respecting his wife But I can t blame him at some point because if you know your wife is constantly yearning for OM then what would you do Well, what he did was maintaining a good relationship with his ex lover Hypocrisy Double Standard. Well, In the end, I decided that these two deserve each other HEA 02 09 16 Original Review 3 Stars.

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    Behold ladies and gentlemen, my first feminist rant for 2014I was wary about trying Nalini Singh s contemporary novels and I know now that I was right to be wary.I have always found an underlying double standard in most of her paranormal novels For example, in most of the books I have read of hers, the hero tends have a fair number of conquests, whereas the heroine tends not to have any, or if she does, it is only a very few Most of her heroes tend to be alpha males Overall, I find too many similarities between most of her books With the exception of two or three of her novels, I could never really enjoy them.While reading this novel, I came across several words, imageries and metaphors that she used to differentiate between masculinity and femininity Such as she uses words with a lot of strength and power to highlight masculine tendencies She also went so far as to say something like feminine submissiveness As if there is a trait of submissiveness that is inherent in females only Also, her characters weren t very enjoyable I found Gabriel very contradictory and honestly it didn t make sense He says something like, he does not want nor need her love, but he is has masculine pride at being her first lover Well why should he care anyway Or maybe he was already falling in love with her, even then, and he just wasn t willing to admit it Usually, I understand these subtle clues about when the characters are falling in love But in this one, even in the end, I couldn t tell you when and how he came to be in love with her.And Jess It seemed to me that she was painted in the typical women can t make love without falling in love light She was supposedly in love with Damon, a love which she in typical fashion rejects, holding her parents death responsible for her dependency on Damon She also couldn t stop melting whenever Gabe touched her No matter how upset and angry she was Words like inevitable were used whenever he touched her I mean, come on

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    Heroine is in love with a man who is married to someone else and he is also expecting a baby with his wife Heroine is distressed and she accepts a marriage of convenience with a rich rancher He will save her house, she will give him an heir But her husband is a complex sexy man and Jessica starts forgetting her old unrequited love and starts developing feelings for her brooding husband I adored this book Loved the angst, the jealous possessive hero and I loved to hate the other man He was a cheating asshole but thankfully Jessica was a decent heroine who respected her wedding vows from day one I was glad when she left the damaged hero for the sake of her unborn baby This is the kind of heroine I can respect

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    This one is a quick, boring read that is utterly perfect for the time when you want to switch off your brains and want something mindless so that you may tune out the random buzzing in your head Okay no it wont help with any buzzing rather it would kinda make your mind whirl a bit since its so so predictably bad But then again you don t always want to read brilliant literary works especially not when the only purpose of your reading is to kill time I read this one while I was waiting on things and did not want anything too distracting or engrossing to make me take my mind off completely from my task at hand and yet help me pass the time I read this with music on that I was listening and still it did not matter much Nalini Singh Gabe and Jessica are nothing out of the ordinary, they enter a marriage of convenience He needs an heir since he has turned 35 and thinks might as well make good on the swimmers while they are still in the prime before its too late and she needs money to save her family property.Experienced man who is so good in bed that he can make a woman come just by looking at her ends up with a oh so not experienced virgin who becomes putty in his hands and unleashes the sex goddess within her the moment he puts his hands on her They don t wanna fall in love for their own reasons but can t help it when they get married and are having the best sex of their lives No wait that is applicable only to him since she was a virgin and can t hold a candle to his performance.Misunderstandings, lame fights ensue, his dark past comes out and woman conquers the man and makes him human.A typical blah romance.This review can also be found at One reader A thousand lives

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    It took me awhile to warm up to the heroine She annoyed me with her love for the other man, Damon, who turned out to be a loser He had a wife and a baby on the way but he fell out of love with her and wanted the heroine back They were childhood friends and Jess thought she was in love with him but he wasn t in love with her until she went away of course By that time she had become engaged to the hero, Gabe I didn t like him At all Even at the end I didn t And there was a part in the book where the heroine overheard him talking to his evil ex lover Sylvie saying Jessie won t make waves and that she didn t know something or that he would ever tell her and I am not sure it ever explains it Maybe about the fire I am not sure I didn t like that the ex was involved with either one of them It was just not right And the hero saying he would never love the child I understood why but it still pissed me off Of course once the son is born, even before, he was totally in love with him but that doesn t mean I have to like him He got better but it was just too late for me Now the heroine did grow on me but the first 30% of the book I wanted to DNF because she was just annoying The mystery of the fire kind of surprised me and I was like WOW Didn t see that coming and I do love this author s writing style She kept me involved in the story I just wish the hero wouldn t have been such a hard ass and a jerk All they really had was good sex The ending was cute and I did think they would live happily ever after.

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    YAk. cerita Harlequine kedua dr Tante Nalini Singh yang gw baca. yg pertama itu image error

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Bound by Marriage summary pdf Bound by Marriage, summary chapter 2 Bound by Marriage, sparknotes Bound by Marriage, Bound by Marriage cb6389d A Marriage On His Terms Only From New York Times And USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nalini SinghThe Pact Jessica Randall Makes With Wealthy New Zealand Rancher Gabe Dumont Is Simple In Exchange For Marriage And An Heir, He Will Save Her Family Property It S Calculating And Completely Devoid Of Any Tenderness, Just Like The Man Himself But Things Soon Get Very Complicated As Secrets And Mistrust, Jealousy And Ultimatums Take Over, Threatening Jessica S Ability To Maintain Her Emotional Distance Worst Of All, The Sizzling Attraction Between Them Is Suddenly Making This Marriage Of Convenience Decidedly Inconvenient A Reader Favorite Story Originally Published As Bound By Marriage

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Bound by Marriage
  • Nalini Singh
  • English
  • 11 April 2019
  • 9780373767816

About the Author: Nalini Singh

I ve been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There s no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t