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Touch Wood! pdf Touch Wood!, ebook Touch Wood!, epub Touch Wood!, doc Touch Wood!, e-pub Touch Wood!, Touch Wood! f7f494ba39e Duncan Hamilton Won The Classic Le Mans Hours Race In , Co Driving His Workcentered C Type Jaguar With Tony Rolt In The Same Pair Finished Second, Losing To A Much Larger Engined V Ferrari And By The Narrowest Margin In Years In All, Duncan Hamilton Competed In Nine Of Those Great Le Mans Endurance Classics Having Cut His Racing Teeth In Such Pre War Cars As The R Type MG And The Bugatti Type B, Duncan Graduated To One Of The Immortal Lago Talbot Grand Prix Cars Which He Subsequently Mislaid In A French Coal Hole After A Hugely Eventful Racing Career Only Duncan Could Get Himself Fired By Jaguar For Winning The Rheims Hours Race In He Eventually Hung Up His Racing Helmet In As Earl Howe Wrote In The Original Foreword To This Book, Though The Drivers Of This Age Were Fiercely Competitive, There Were Also Friends To Meet, Stories To Tell And Almost Certainly A Party To Be Enjoyed Duncan Hamilton Was Certainly A Little Larger Than Life, And This Book Tells The Story Of A Man Who Wasn T Just One Of The Most Successful Drivers Of The S, But Also The Man Who Trespassed At Brooklands, Who Spent The War In The Fleet Air Arm Accidentally Trying To Drown American Admirals, And Who Was Once Stopped For Speeding On The Cromwell Road, Rushing To Take Part In A TV Program On Road Safety It Is A Must For Any Classic Car Enthusiast S Bookshelf

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    Hamilton starts his racing career at age two by figuring out how to get the wheels of his pram moving while still in it This results in him somersaulting down thirty eight steps to the garden below and knocking himself unconscious for several hours Thus begins an adventurous life.He survived WW2 after crashing planes and having at least two ships sunk from underneath him During his racing career he was ejected from a number of cars suffering many injuries and concussions but still carried on.To get over an all night drinking hangover he needed a double brandy just two hours before starting the 24 Hours of Le Mans which he and his co driver won There are also a couple of other instances where he had mid race drinks of alcohol for various reasons Not exactly an anti drinking and driving poster boy.It was not all fun and games because it was an era of motor racing where drivers were killed on a regular basis But somehow Hamilton survived it all and got to write an exciting and surprising book of racing in the 50 s If this is an era you are interested in I can t imagine a better book.

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    Very good, thoroughly enjoyed this book

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    An enjoyable romp, told with great spirit, through 1950s sports car racing by a wealthy and talented privateer who enjoys the good life and a good prank How do you keep going when so many of your friends are being killed year after year and after so many very close misses Alcohol seems to play its part, but I wonder if the war experience made it easier His war stories alone are worth the price of the book.

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    Another old school book written some fifty years ago but simply un put down able A rare glimpse into the pre commercal world of motor racing Funny and engagingly written Loved it

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    A must read for fans of 1950s sports car racing

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    A really entertaining read This guy survived so many calamities it is just unbelievable All written in a typically British way with the amusing anecdotes coming thick and fast.

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