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  • Paperback
  • The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1)
  • M.J. Summers
  • English
  • 24 June 2019
  • 9780995030183

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    4.5 ROYAL STARS You re not going to make it very easy to walk away, are you The Royal Treatment is a laugh out loud contemporary romance full of delightful characters, a unique plot, romance, and humor This modern day fairy tale romance is a perfect blend of the Princess Diaries meets Bridget Jones with an extra special twist As the first book in A Crown Jewels Romance, The Royal Treatment is an absolute delight I believe my carriage has just turned back into a pumpkin, hasn t it Tessa Sharpe is a spunky young woman who has found minimal notoriety as a blogger She blogs about many different things but has become known as The Royal Watchdog She has found success by writing about her disdain for Prince Arthur and the Royal Monarchy When Prince Arthur and the monarchy s future is put in jeopardy, Arthur decides to make a brave PR move He decides to bring Ms Sharpe to live at the palace and experience the monarchy first hand in hopes to sway her opinion of the family and therefore becoming a positive voice to the people of Avonia From what I ve heard, you d do well to invite him back to your room Tessa is quite leery of Arthur and when she arrives to the palace she is quite surprised to discover what a good person the crowned Prince is Tessa begins to doubt her stand and her position of The Royal Watchdog becomes secondary to a blooming romance between herself and Prince Arthur But can a commoner and a Prince actually find a happy ever after together I don t know which brand it is, but it should be called Spontaneous Orgasm Told in dual POV, The Royal Treatment is a fresh and funny romance full of witty text and well developed characters Both Tessa and Arthur come from completely different worlds, and yet, together they make a perfect match One of my favorite moments in the book was when Tessa brought Arthur home to meet her family I loved the banter between the characters and Tessa s family was hilarious Another stand out character is Arthur s grandmother Her views on the ways of the world are laugh out loud funny Tessa is such a clumsy person and paired with the eloquent crowned Prince created an overabundance of funny moments full of tenderness and love The steam factor in this read is low and yet there were plenty of moments that left me swooning and wanting I have always been a fan of M.J Summers and to discover her comedic side was nothing short of enchanting Overall, I cannot recommend this read enough The Royal Treatment is one romantic comedy you do not want to miss I am completely hooked on these characters and the kingdom of Avonia, and I cannot wait to read A Crown Jewels Romance Series A copy was graciously gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    I m not going to say a ton here, and I m not sure I have a rating for this one But it WAS funny and cute I could have used a bit conflict and banter, especially as I was super hoping for a good hate to love It went to love pretty quickly though, too quickly for my taste But whatever, it was a cute, light read I laughed out loud a few times.One thing suicide trigger warning a parent of one of the characters did it in the past so just heads up it s mentioned a few times My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    3.5 starsCute, romantic, fluffy, blah blah blah

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    So.I loved the author s dedication at the beginning of the book but that s all I enjoyed up to the 18% mark.This was supposed to be a fun Hate to Love Romance but I didn t laugh once I was already put off by the prince informal introduction tirade where he makes clear being a prince is just difficult and boring He wakes up early, works out because he needs to maintain his body in top princely condition , gets briefed on his shedule for the day and proceeds attending either incredibly tedious meetings, or visiting ghastly depressing places such as the children s hospital He doesn t get laid as often as he would like to, he has no idea what a maid s white cap is for and he later states Why do chicks dig books so much Books and horses I ll never understand it Alsohe clearly thinks lesbians are manly and prone to hate him Blogger Just really hates the monarchy Usual reasons Taxes, patriarchal society, blah, blah, blah She s probably a lesbian They tend to hate us A picture of a lovely little blonde smiles back at me Those long waves caressing her shoulders don t exactly say lesbian The glossy pink lips say good to go, which quite frankly is my target audience She ll be perfect Charming Princehe is not.The woman that is supposed to become his match isn t much better.Frustrated by her family that underestimate her, she s a blogger former journalist that values her luxury shoes than reporting the truth I find it fascinating that anyone would devote so much time and energy to discrediting people you ve never met I m very curious about what motivates you Money I stare at him for a moment while I consider my answer I can t very well tell him the truth How do you say, Nothing personal I just realized the meaner I got, the people read my stuff, and the shoes I could buy You don t Yeahshe s definitely not my kind of heroine The plot didn t grab my attention and the MC annoyed me greatly.DNF 18% 1 Star DNF Are you looking for a specific mix of ingredients for your next read

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    4 stars for The Royal TreatmentThis was a fun, light story that had me laughing out loud at several parts I loved Arthur, who started off as kind of a jerk but quickly wormed his way into the heroine s heart and mine I m not usually big on books with royalty, but after reading The Royal We The Royal We I decided to expand my horizons and give this a shot I wasn t disappointed.If you enjoy well written, light hearted fun that will have you giggling out loud, grab this book for sure.ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Royal Treatment was hilarious from start to finish I loved absolutely everything about this book I love when I can find good books on my Kindle Unlimited account plus since it s Thanksgiving and everything a feel good romantic comedy book is just what I needed to read Both of the characters, Arthur and Tessa, were practically made for each other I just loved everything about them I loved their whole banter and totally saw them falling in love pretty early on I can t wait to read the second book today

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    3.5 Stars

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    Tessa Sharpe has been unlucky in love and the workforce, especially after her latest love conquest with her boss ended up with her leaving her job as a reporter, as it was either that or be fired for a sexual harassment claim as it was her word against his Her days are now spent blogging and reviewing items like the new electro shock belt for running Her most popular blog is a Political site where she rants about the royal family of Avonia especially Prince Arthur Prince Arthur is heir to the throne and Tessa sees him as a playboy sleeping around and drinking and well having fun With the referendum coming up of the possibility of dissolving the royal family and the votes not being in the royal families favor Prince Arthur decides to open up the castle to his worst critic blogger Tessa Sharpe Tessa reluctantly accepts and moves into the castle During the time at the castle though Tessa starts to like Prince Arthur and see him in a different light One of my favorite parts of this book was the relationship between Tessa s brothers and herself, and I loved how Arthur stood up for her The other thing I loved was the laughs in The Royal Treatment by MJ Summers and as a blogger myself, I could relate to Tessa Overall, can two natural enemies find their forever in each other s arms, or will they ruin each other to save themselves Find out in Book 1 of the Crown Jewels Romance series by MJ Summers The Royal Treatment.

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    Song for summary Don t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton JohnAn uproariously funny read The characters are comical, down to earth, and fetching while the plot is a hilarious romp following the misadventures of Prince Arthur, and the Royal Watchdog, Tessa Sharpe I absolutely loved this book, it had me laughing from start to finish This is the ultimate romantic comedy, and I definitely recommend

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    I received this as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review Tessa A blogger who thunks the royal family is completely unnecessary and thinks they should get up with the 21st century Arthur The prince in the royal family trying to win over people s opinions invites Tessa to stay with him for two months to change her opinionThis book was so good I didn t want to stop reading it I m a sucker for modern day royal romance stories and I m so happy this book delivered I think the romance could have dragged on a bit but aside from that a fantastic read I m for sure going to have to look into Ore works from this author

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The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) characters The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) , audiobook The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) , files book The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) , today The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) , The Royal Treatment (Crown Jewels Romance #1) 6a2b0 Ultra Private, Ridiculously Handsome Crown Prince Arthur Has Always Gotten By On His Charm But That Won T Be Enough Now That The Royal Family Is About To Be Ousted From Power Once And For All When Prince Arthur Has To Rely On The One Woman In The Kingdom Who Hates Him Most, He Must Learn That Earning The Love Of A Nation Means First Risking His Heart Twenty Eight Year Old Tessa Sharpe, Aka The Royal Watchdog, Hates Everything About Prince Arthur As Far As She S Concerned, He S An Arrogant, Lazy Leech On The Kingdom Of Avonia When He Shocks The Nation By Giving Her The Keys To The Castle, Tessa Has No Choice But To Accept And Move In For Two Months It S Lust At First Sight, But There S No Way She Can Give In To Her Feelings Not If She Wants To Have A Career Or A Shred Of Pride Left When Her Time At The Palace Ends Can Two Natural Enemies Find Their Forever In Each Other S Arms, Or Will They Ruin Each Other To Save Themselves

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