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Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) chapter 1 Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) , meaning Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) , genre Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) , book cover Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) , flies Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) , Finding Somewhere to Belong (Seaside Wolf Pack, #1) 1cbefbbc12473 Anna Is A Lone Wolf In A Life That She Has Worked Hard To Build For Herself All Of That Comes Crashing Down One Day With The Murder Of The One Woman Who Has Always Been There For Her Can She Find Justice For Evelyn And Save Herself From The Same Fate During Anna S Search For Justice She Stumbles Onto A Wolf Pack Whose Goals Align With Her Own And She Starts To Make Friends And Allies With Other Wolves The Time She Spends With Them, The Realizes How Much Has Been Missing From Her LifeShe Starts To Realize How Empty Her Life Has Been When Six Wolves In Particular Take Her Under Their Wing And Make It Their Goal To Bring Her Into The FoldCan Anna Work Through Her Issues And Be Accepted Into A Pack Will She Finally Find A Place Where She Belongs And A Pack That Can Give Her The Acceptance She Craves This Is A Slow Burn RH Romance Series

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    1,5 stars After I read a really decent and entertaining reverse harem story before this one, I was in the mood for yet another one This book wasn t able to keep up at all It was utterly boring and unoriginal, the h was a weird combination of weak doormat, amazing cooking skills and goody two shoes This combined with woman bashing all over the place starting with her friend that behaves awfully and even worse Anna lets her, because you know she had a difficult past and all and the fact that of course every other female wolf besides Anna is spoiled rotten and bitchy and awfully and she is the only special snowflake, full of light and purity and barfs Besides in the beginning nothing happens at all besides her moving into the pack house Like At all Literally nothing She is cooking, impressing wolf with her cooking skills and wanting to play family with said cooking stills Her character was bland, the characters of the men were bland, the world building was bland, the writing style, everything And if I remember correctly I read almost the exact book last year at least the story was very similar, the whole setting So definitely not going to continue this series.

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    Different and interesting, is how I d describe this book Instead of jumping into mates finding love and this becoming nothing but a romance story This book actually lives up to its title I enjoyed the storyline It s a nice change from every other shapeshifter book you come across C.C Masters seemed to play by her own rules when writing this book I do think the actual writing has a little room to approve and that s why I m rating this book with 3.5 stars There was just something missing The camaraderie was intriguing to read about I loved how Anna seemed to try and develop a relationship and get to know all the members of the pack Do I recommend for you to read this book Yes I m also looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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    Wonderful story I really enjoyed this book if I start getting bored with a book I start skimming or put it down all together this one I read in its entirety Great characters, interesting storyline and it kept me engaged Like the slow burn aspect and building the relationships Looking forward to the next book from the guys POV and the continuation of the series.

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    Loved the nature of this reverse harem.I loved that the plot was so unpredictable, the characters orginal The relationship between the characters was unique and telling I loved that this RH wasn t about pretext to sex but about, the fun and romantic buddings that can be had between romantic leads You are doing an excellent job with this story I love these truly romantic RH This is a hard found Gem

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    Loved it This was an awesome read Can t wait to read of this series You have a girl warewolf who doesn t know about warewolf politics but meets these great guys after unfortunate circumstances Each character is so unique and you can t help fall in love with them The twin Omg Love them Recommend this read.

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    Can t believe it endedI was utterly shocked when I reached the end of this I need too badly The characters are wonderfully written, the pack dynamic is adorable Loved it

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    WowI really enjoyed this book From start to finish it flowed really well The characters have a really good bond and it shows throughout the book.

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    This was a great book I loved the development of the relationships of Anna and her pack It did not feel rushed and I felt that the MC matured as the book went along The first 1 4 of the book went slow for me but picked up after that By the time I got to the end, I couldn t believe it was over Love books like that Can t wait for the next book

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    Awesome read I stayed up late to finish it, I couldn t put it down I really like the twins, they are really playful and fun I can t wait to see what pranks they are going to pull on James next I hope Anna gets to stay with them

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book The characters were well developed and funny I quickly grew attached to Anna, she is very relatable and real for a werewolf, anyway I will keep an eye on this author, I like the writing style Can t wait for the next book, this series is on my watch list