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Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America pdf Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, ebook Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, epub Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, doc Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, e-pub Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America f9a3ea666ca Black Enough Is A Star Studded Anthology Edited By National Book Award Finalist Ibi Zoboi That Will Delve Into The Closeted Thoughts, Hidden Experiences, And Daily Struggles Of Black Teens Across The Country From A Spectrum Of Backgrounds Urban And Rural, Wealthy And Poor, Mixed Race, Immigrants, And Black Enough Showcases Diversity Within DiversityWhether It S New York Times Bestselling Author Jason Reynolds Writing About Blackboyjoy Or Newbery Honor Winning Author Renee Watson Talking About Black Girls At Camp In Portland, Or Emerging Author Jay Coles S Story About Two Cowboys Kissing In The South Black Enough Is An Essential Collection Full Of Captivating Coming Of Age Stories About What It S Like To Be Young And Black In America

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    Average of all stories 3.9 5Final rating 4 5Full review of all stories to come later

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    Black Enough Stories of Being Young Black in America is a young adult short story anthology edited by Ibi Zoboi In the introduction, Zoboi expresses her vision for this collection She writes, What are the cultural threads that connect Black people all over the world to Africa How have we tried to maintain certain traditions as part of our identity And as teenagers, do we even care These are the questions I had in mind when inviting sixteen other Black authors to write about teens examining, rebelling against, embracing, or simply existing within their own idea of Blackness This collection showcases the diversity within diversity It shows teens as camp counselors, geeks, bonding over music, craving good food after an afternoon of swimming, using art as a form of self expression, and considering colleges It also shows teens processing grief, sexuality, manipulation versus love, blended families, mental health issues, rape culture, and knowing who you are beneath the code switching It offers the talent of 16 different writers who each bring something unique to this anthology Set all over the United States and with a variety of demographics and identities, these stories present an eclectic picture of teens who are screaming, This is my story This is my truth Black Enough Stories of Being Young Black in America will no doubt succeed in Zoboi s goal of encouraging Black teens to be their free, uninhibited selves without the constraints of being Black, too Black, or not Black enough They will simply be enough just as they are Check it out.

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    I read Young Adult YA Yes, I know I m someone s parent and should have left the subgenre behind But, you know what I enjoy stories period and many of them come from YA.However, there s an issue plaguing YA s publishing the lack of young adult and teen voices within non stereotypical stories Readers often see stories featuring Cis gendered those born where their bodies match their gender , straight, white males and females Sadly, this behavior leads to cliched stories recycled and one or two perspectives displayed as societal defaults Few stories offer stories regarding black or biracial teens on either side of the sexuality and class spectrum Imagine being a kid, teen, or young adult with cherry picked options To experience your voice left astray feels maligning Fortunately, Ibi Zoboi gathered some of YA s best authors to give voice to the voiceless in Black Enough Stories of Being Young Black in America This short story anthology showcases a spectrum of young black life in America Biracial LGBTQA Rich Poor Middle class Urban Rural Suburban American born Immigrant.Everyone s represented.From Brandy Colbert s Oreo , a tale of a young girl s outsider status when he visits family It s a story echoed in Black Enough by Varian Johnson, where a young boy ventures into the same territory In Kissing Sarah Smart , by Justina Ireland, a biracial and bisexual teen meets another girl while home for the summer and her sexuality blossoms Grief and Depression permeates the story, The Trouble with Drowning , written by Dhonielle Clayton On the other hand, there are light and airy stories included also The Ingredients by Jason Reynolds, ushers a tale of hungry boys and a hot summer s day, whereas Hackathon Summers focuses on a boy s coming of age via a computer science event This anthology welcomes many readers, black and non black alike, to witness tales of ordinary and, at times, extraordinary, kids and teens figuring themselves out like any other YA book What makes it special is that these stories deserve equal footing, so often ignored Pros 1 Stories for everyone, no matter the spectrum of life2 LGBTQA representation3 Many stories are fast paced and engaging4 Real dialogue, believable plots, and characterization Cons 1 With any short story anthology, not all stories hit glory There are some clunkers, but they are few in number Black Enough Varian Johnson Warning Colour May Fade Leah Henderson Black Nerd Problems Lamar Giles Out of the Silence Kekla Magoon The Ingredients Jason Reynolds Favorite Oreo Brandy Colbert Favorite Samson and the Delilahs by Tochi Onyebuchi Stop Playing Liara Tamani Wild Horses, Wild Hearts Jay Coles Whoa Rita Williams Favorite Gravity Tracey Baptiste The Trouble With Drowning by Dhonielle Clayton Favorite Kissing Sarah Smart Justina Ireland Favorite Hackathon Summers Coe Booth Into the Starlight Nic Stone The R evolution of Nigeria Jones Ibi Zoboi Favorite Verdict Let s be real I m rounding this up to Grab a copy of this book for your personal and or school libraries.

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    I m reading this book for CONTEMPORARY A THON Day 2 and For the Challenge Read a book with blue or purple on the cover I think this is the best collection of short stories I ve read in a very long, seeing how it shows the diversity in the black community by depicting the lives of different characters with care and honesty The stories are all different but feels connected somehow, from ones who deal with serious problems like racism, sexual assault, Homophobia and the loss of a loved one to the ones that are hopeful, casual or romantic, they showcase different lives, different hopes and different young black people going through their lives, the mundane and the epic I really recommend reading this one, it s beautiful, it s romantic, it s bold and daring and than anything it s authentic Like any collection, there are stories that I absolutely loved and there are ones, not so much but overall, a great read.1 Half a moon 3 stars Most times we only see part of a thing, but there s always to see, to know. Okay, My problem with this one is how anticlimactic and how unfinished it felt for me I don t know but I wanted depth but I must keep in mind that it s a really short story so there is not enough space for a lot of development but I think the author did a good job with depictions of bullying, courage and complicated siblings relationships and projecting our feelings on the wrong person and how wrong that is I just wanted out of all that.2 Black enough 4 starsThis one was so hard hitting in the most subtle ways I really loved it from start to finish and I understood every character but I really felt for Cameron and how he thinks he s not black enough because he doesn t talk a certain way or love certain things making him enable to fit I knew what kids called me behind my back An Oreo A Black boy trying to be white I wasn t hard enough Hood enough Woke enough. Black enough takes place mostly in a party and the conversation Cameron had with another character was so sobering yet so hard on him that it was emotional The ending was absolutely perfect, there s acknowledgment in that final sentence that s the result of everything was said and done in the short story 3 Warning Color May Fade 5 starsThis is my favorite so far, absolutely beautiful and important with a superb writing style and well written characters I loved everything about this short story and I wanted so much for it to be a full length novel so I can immerse myself in its beauty Art, Self discovery and Embracing your truth are the themes of this short story and they were depicted in the most authentic way possible.4 Black nerd problems 2 starsThis story sadly went over my head, I can t even tell what it is about.5 Out of the silence 3 starsThis short story is really sad, tragic and a little depressing I may say The ending was heartbreaking, The last sentence in particular, I didn t really see it coming but maybe I should have Between knowing deep down who you are and feeling relief that maybe you don t have to acknowledge because you re not sure or you re afraid is heartbreaking for me.6 The ingredients 3 starsI don t know what to say about this one, it was super casual to me Like black nerd problems story N 4 , It definitely went over my head a little bit But I still liked how it s about a group friends just living their lives, it was real in how normal it felt7 Oreo 4 starsThe main character in this one deals with people telling her how she s not black enough because of her different life style and it s really hurting her deeply, especially when it comes from the people closest to you It wasn t the first time I d been told I was Black on the outside and white on the inside, but I never expected to hear it from my own family. I really liked this one so much It deals with how judging people can lead to missing on something incredible like being close to someone and realizing how similar you are 8 Samson and the delilahs 4 starsI liked this one very much, it actually took me by surprise cause It made me emotional, I guess I m always moved by characters stumbling onto something unexpected and have that something change them in ways than one.9 Stop playing 4 starsThere is something deeply sad about this one from girls having to do uncomfortable things so they can appease their boyfriends to wasting the chance for something beautiful, there is something deeply touching and melancholic especially about those final sentences.10 Wild horses, wild hearts 5 starsOh, I loved this one with everything in me, It s beautiful, hopeful and romantic and yet it still deals with important topics like homophobia and racism It s written in this way that opens the heart and soul and fills them with love despite the toxic surroundings of the two main characters I loved it11 Whoa 3 starsThis one was okay, It actually took me out of this collection a little bit with the time travel twist but overall, a good short story It felt little out pf place because of that twist but it certainly belongs12 Gravity 5 starsThis short story deals mainly with sexual assaults like never before, It was too clever, too hard hitting and too raw with a phenomenal narration that makes you angry, disoriented and sad You wonder if all encounters of attraction are meant to be collisions If there is no way anyone walks away unharmed. 13 The trouble with drowning 3 starsThis one confused at first but after awhile it clicked for me I liked it well enough and as a story that deals with grief and the loss of a loved one and how it changes something deep within us, it was pretty good It just was a little predictable once it clicked 14 Kissing Sarah smart 5 starsI loved this one so much, it packs so much of a story into those few pages and it feels effortless It really felt like a full length novel to me because so much happens and so much is discussed This is one of the best in this collection dealing with the stigma of depression, living in the moment and choosing what makes us happy without worrying how others will judge, it s an important story to read.15 Hakathon summers 3 starsI m conflicted about this one, I think it seriously lacks the nuance it needed I think it tried to do a lot of things at the same time and it failed to handle them with care And maybe some choices doesn t always have to do with a guy, maybe it s complicated than that I don t know, It didn t deliver for me.16 Into the starlight 4 starsThere is something so sweet about this one I had this smile on my face reading the interactions of the two characters But it was also sobering there is talk of abortion, teen pregnancy and judging people without knowing anything about them The balance was done really well, I loved it.17 The revolution of Nigeria Jones 5 starsI think this is the perfect short story to conclude this collection, powerful and steady with hope and great friendship I loved its final sentence and what it meant, I loved the character journey into discovering and living freely even for a night.And now to finish this review, I m gonna leave you with this quote from Ibi Zoboi s introduction of the collection Like my revolutionary ancestors who wanted Haiti to be a safe space for Africans all over the globe, my hope is that Black Enough will encourage all Black teens to be their free, uninhibited selves without the constraints of being Black, too Black, or not Black enough They will simply be enough just as they are.

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    Black Enough, a compendium of seventeen short stories from a plethora of critically acclaimed authors, is a bit of a mixed bag for me, and as a reader who appreciates and longs for diversity throughout the book world, I was than a little excited to dive right into this collection of which the objective was to illustrate the life experiences of many black youngsters Not only that, but each story is written by some of the most read black American authors of the last few years As usual with these selections, there are always ones you enjoy than others, but I found the quality varied quite heavily between each one Some of the writing was sterling and immersive, and I found myself swept away in the narrative others I found very convoluted and non engaging I can understand exactly what the intention behind this book was However, I felt as though this was a solid but unspectacular collection As you might expect, every story has contents and happenings that make for uncomfortable reading, although I think that s par for the course given the description and intention of the writers and editor Many thanks to HarperCollins UK, Children s for an ARC.

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    So, so many standout authors in this collection of stories of black teens by black authors Some of the highlights in this collection for me were Renee Watson s Half a Moon, Kekla Magoon s Out of the Silence, Oreo by Brandy Colbert, The Ingredients by Jason Reynolds, The Re volution of Nigeria Jones by Ibi Zoboi hello, black girl in a religious cult seeking an escape , Into the Starlight by Nic Stone, and Whoa by Rita Garcia Williams I guess that s half the anthology The pieces that didn t resonate with me so strongly were still well written and engaging The beauty of an anthology, of course, being that those stories will resonate deeply with other readers.On the whole though Black teens looking for breadth and depth of their experiences are going to be so happy here, and teens who aren t black be they white or other people of color will gain so much from how inclusive the voices are here The reminder that there s not a single story or experience.

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    Black Enough is an anthology of short stories written by Black authors about young Black characters living in the Unites States It follows characters from many different backgrounds there are stories about rich Black people, Black immigrants, biracial Black people, queer Black people with very different living experiences, because as Ibi Zoboi says right from the introduction, there isn t just one way to be Black.First, I want to say that this review is from a perspective who is neither Black nor American Some things may be lost on me, or I may be missing the context, and English isn t even my first language I often did not understand the American pop culture references here, but as this is a book specifically about American experiences, it won t affect my rating significantly Half a Moon by Ren e Watson A heartwarming story about family and healing from the point of view of a seventeen year old girl working as a teen counselor at Oak Creek Campgrounds Trigger warning for fat shaming, challenged by the narrative Black Enough by Varian Johnson A Black boy feels out of place around his friends and the girl he likes because he doesn t feel like he s Black enough since he doesn t fit certain stereotypes It s a story about community and what it means to be Black that touches also on themes like feminism and police brutality Really liked it Warning Color May Fade by Leah Henderson A story about appropriation set at a boarding school specifically, it involves a white girl trying to profit from a black girl s artwork by claiming it as her own It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but I ended up liking it Black Nerd Problems. by Lamar Giles This was really confusing Not only because I was probably supposed to at least vaguely know what the characters were talking about there were so many names of brands, it kind of relied on the pop culture references but also because I didn t really get the plot Out of the Silence by Kekla Magoon This was really well written and also a difficult read It s about a girl who discovers that the girl who made her question her sexuality has died I liked that we don t actually know whether the dead girl was queer, because I didn t need a bury your gays, but it was heartbreaking to read anyway Really short, beautiful writing, gave me a lot of feelings The Ingredients by Jason Reynolds A summer y short story following Black boys being happy and being friends and talking about food Fun, if plotless and too short to get invested in the many characters Oreo by Brandy Colbert A story about a girl meeting the cousins she hasn t seen in years and she doesn t know how she feels about them because the last time she saw them, one of them called her an Oreo It s a story about family that also talks about gatekeeping and internalized hate for one s culture Samson and the Delilahs by Tochi Onyebuchi The son of a couple of Nigerian immigrants practices for his debates, discovers metal music, meets a girl and tries to reconnect with his family s past While this story was contemporary, it reminded me that I really want to read Beasts Made of Night Stop Playing by Liara Tamani I really liked this one Which surprised me because I didn t love the beginning, but the character development and the girl friendships were so great Anyway, this is set at a church beach retreat and it involves untrustworthy boys asking for inappropriate selfies Wild Horses, Wild Hearts by Jay Coles The m m romance in this one was adorable, but I didn t love the writing and the ending wasn t as strong as I hoped it would be It involves horse racing and a Black boy getting together with his neighbors son, whose parents are racist and homophobic Whoa by Rita Williams Garcia This was surprising It s the only story with a maybe magical element, and it follows a gay Black model as he unexpectedly manages to talk with one of his ancestors, a slave living before the Civil War It felt so sad and hopeful at the same time, and I loved the writing Gravity by Tracey Baptiste This was one of the most original stories in the collection, as it takes place in the span of a few seconds It talks about sexual assault, victim blaming and immigration the main character is Trinidadian The Trouble With Drowning by Dhonielle Clayton A story about light skinned Black sisters and mental health awareness or, rather, the lack of it It was a beautiful story I can t talk about in depth without spoilers, but trigger warnings for view spoiler suicide hide spoiler

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    What an beautiful amazing book filled with beautiful amazing stories

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    A brilliant anthology that should be recommended reading for everyone who wants to read diversely Packed with an excellent range of stories, told my fantastic Black writers, and celebrates the diversity Black identity itself can be Most of them are contemporary with one example, which has elements of fabulism , but there were some stories with romances, about friendships, classism, racism, sexism, growing up, and the juxtaposition of history and the present My favourite story is probably Wild Horses, Wild Hearts by Jay Coles, Into the Starlight by Nic Stone, and Kissing Sarah Smart by Justina Ireland.Trigger content warnings view spoiler death Out of Silence, The Trouble With Drowning , Stop Playing emotional manipulation, nude photos , Into the Starlight discussion regarding abortion , anti homosexuality Wild Horses, Wild Hearts , suicide The Trouble With Drowning hide spoiler

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