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Intervention chapter 1 Intervention, meaning Intervention, genre Intervention, book cover Intervention, flies Intervention, Intervention 08d44a583fc4b Intervention Sets The Scene For Julian May S New Trlogy Of The Galactic Milieu This Has Been Split Into Two Books The Surveillance Containing Prologue, The Surveillance, And The Disclosure And The Metaconcert, Containing The Intervention And Epilogue For Years The Five Races Of The Galactic Milieu Have Watched And Waited For The Time When Human Mental Development On Earth Is Ready For The Intervention As The Twentieth Century Draws To Its End, Phenomenal Mental Powers Are Displayed By Operants All Across Our Planet They Can Farspeak One Another Telepathically They Can Build Mental Shields And They Are Capable Of Coercion By Power Of MindOne Of There Is Rogatien Remillard, A Dealer In Secondhand Books, Whose Memories Written A Century On Form The Core Of This Chronicle They Tell Of A World Where The Mind Has Become A Weapon And Of Two Brothers, Each Possessed Of Extraordinary Powers One A Peace Bringer, The Other An Advocate Of Evil

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    Slab of near future fantastical Science fiction, ie the main point is the emergence of metaphysical powers among certain heritages of humans including French Canadians and Georgians view spoiler or maybe Armenians, or Ossetians maybe, no longer recall hide spoiler

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    This is my most favourite Julian May book, and one of my Top Ten Books Ever It s great as a standalone or as part of her other series It charts the development of Earth s metapsychic mind from roughly the Second World War through to the 22nd Century through the eyes of agent provocateur Rogi Remillard It also traces the lineage and psychic exploits of the Remillard Dynasty, the Sakhvadze family, and the O Connor Mental Mafia , and the development of psychic powers from just a few people to ultimately the mainstream human population, all the while being overseen and gently guided by Alien races This book is actually a trilogy comprising the volumes entitled Surveillance , Metaconcert and Intervention , and acts as a vinculum between the Pliocene and Galactic Milieu Sagas Its very uplifting, and very touching in places I think it s wonderful read, and you don t have to have read the other series to follow it.

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    Abbandonato appena oltre la met.Scritto benissimo, l abilit dell autrice palese e ha un modo di raccontare originale e coinvolgente ma la storia no Non mi prende, non mi convince e non mi fa venire voglia di perderci tempo.E ridondante in troppe sue parti, lentissimo in altre, ma cosi lento che dopo cento pagine la storia proseguita di pochissimo.E comunque non mi ha preso per nulla.

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    The scope of this saga spanning eight novels is staggering A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era But it is a one way trip Adventurous souls travel back, and find a world unlike any they could imagine Epic conflict rages between ancient races, and the future destiny of man is decided The initial four books make up The Saga of Pliocene Exile The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc The Nonborn King The AdversaryThese can be read as a standalone series, but who would want to stop there The bridge book deals with first contact and the emergence of humans with supernatural powers such as telekinesis Intervention In the US edition this was divided into Intervention Surveillance and Intervention Metaconcert.The Galactic Milieu Trilogy deals with events after humanity has entered the galactic community Jack the Bodiless Diamond Mask MagnificatWhat surprised me as I finally finished the whole thing was how May had meticulously planned the entire arc from the very beginning, with elements important to the last novels referenced in the first This lends the whole series a sense of completion rare in such works Considering the fact that it took over 12 years to write, the achievement is even impressive.The characters are amazing, with rich depths and particular quirks that blend in well with the evolving destiny of humankind The settings, especially in Exiles are fabulous.Unfortunately, the US covers are beyond awful, but don t be put off by that Also unfortunately, the books are out of print, but can be easily found second hand.http www.books.rosboch.net p 236

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    I had completely forgotten what a great book this is A prequel to May s Saga of Pliocene Exile that was split into two volumes for US publication bad idea , Intervention is a hybrid SF story and generational saga along the lines of Anne Rice s Witching Hour Two brothers discover as children that they have metapsychic powers as unseen alien races observe them, waiting for humanity to achieve unity before they annihilate themselves May s characterizations are great much better than one tends to find in science fiction Her near future predictions are eerily close at times to our real world situation now with a couple of pointed exceptions The one downside to the story is the sheer number of characters in the main Remillard family, not to mention everyone else , but May provides you with a handy family tree in the back to help you keep track I m looking forward to finally completing the Galactic Milieu series at last

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    This is a possible alternative starting point to Julian May s universe.It is possible but starting with The Many Coloured Land would be a much better idea, unless you can t get hold of it See my review here.OK, so this is the alternative The Saga of the Exiles dealt with the adventures of a group of humans in a Pliocene Earth under the rather chaotic control of the Tanu and to a lesser extent the Firvulag, and their constant wars, using significant mind powers The humans got there while running away from a world not too far from one of our possible futures as seen from the 1970s in which friendly aliens with considerable mind powers had welcomed us into their galactic club rather before we were ready for them Intervention starts pretty close to present time publication mid 1980s and deals with the first stages of the development of human mind powers the good side and the bad and the eventual alien intervention just in time to save us from ourselves This is a book full of heroes and villains but with very little physical violence, the conflicts are of the mind only I don t mean conflicts of personalities, I mean psionic mayhem, Mafia style Just because people develop mind powers doesn t make them good Some of these characters are pure black evil The story is mostly told from the viewpoint of a rather bumbling low grade psi telekinetic, with other powers very limited whose extended family include some of the really powerful ones good and bad I have rated this 4 stars it is good, but not quite as good as Saga of the Exiles, which you should read first then you will be ready for this, and will understand the background better The pace is slower, but that allows subtlety in the character development and although there are a lot of characters to keep track of, Intervention does not have the problem of too many characters that was a point against the Saga This one can almost stand alone which is not true of the other books in this universe but it has three sequels the Galactic Milieu Trilogy that need to be read in order Jack the bodiless, Diamond Mask and Magnificat Read and enjoy.

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    Re reading this for the umph time because I love this series so much I was actually depressed to realise that we are already three years past the great intervention of 2013.The story itself has held up pretty well The majority of the leads are all men, aside from Dorothy McDonald aka Diamond Mask but there is a good supporting cast of women May also has a bit of an obsession with vague incest I say vague because the couples don t know that they are related which is a bit squicky when you think about it There are a few shout outs to the previous books over the series as a whole, including the statue of Kuhal at the start of Intervention although the ultimate fate of Felice is left dangling despite a coy reference.The technology is interesting May is big on plaque books, which are e readers, but there is no to download stuff from instead it seems that you buy each plaque book newspaper There is no internet, although I guess operants wouldn t need it Rogi has a print on demand machine did those take off in bookshops I ve only ordered pod on the internet At the end of Intervention the bad guys seem to have great aircraft available which haven t been invented yet sadly In terms of the detail of the novel I had a great time Google map stalking the book something I m sure May didn t foresee The bridge in Berlin where Rogi nearly kills his brother is still there and was bigger than the picture in my mind which was Victorian The places Rogi hikes can all be seen The White Mountains hotel where Rogi works is indeed massive, and still going today, as is the railway to the top of Mt Washington I think I ve located Rogi s bookshop on Main Street, Hanover particularly as there is a later reference to it being opposite a re fueling station The Remillard family home on South Street is not 15 as she states but 17, but still has the green shutters as described I believe that it provides accommodation for families visiting the hospital now.

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    The human race is in a period of mutation Active psychics are being born, people whose mind powers are operant without training or elaborate rituals We first met the Remillard family in The Saga Of Pliocene Exile, represented in the Saga by its culminating member Marc Remillard, aka the Angel of the Abyss In 1945 the Remillards have a pair of mutant psychic children, twins named Rogi and Don the good twin and the bad twin Rogi and Don read each other s minds involuntarily, they move items around without touching them, and Don can coerce anyone to do whatever he likes Rogi doesn t coerce because he has a conscience He also has the Family Ghost.While Don is living it up seducing girls and starring in football and hockey, Rogi is reading all he can about how other psychics have met the difficulties of being cast out by society Occasionally he receives visits from the Family Ghost, an invisible being who rescues him in dire necessity and gives him orders according to a long range plan One of those orders is to educate Don s oldest son Denis Denis, his genius mind stretched by special training from an early age, his outstanding psychic powers refined, grows up to be the leading psychic of his generation, introducing mind powers to the world in such a way that they are finally accepted as true.Don has another talented son Rogi doesn t train Victor, Don does and the resulting malign personality is magnified by Victor s mental talents, as strong as Denis s While Denis and his fellow university psychics are trying to prove to the world that people of mind power are helpful, not dangerous, Victor Remillard and another supervillain, Kieran O Connor, are proving the opposite.Circling in surveillance ships overhead, aliens are nursing humanity in hopes that it will survive long enough to develop a World Mind, or mental union of all Earth psychics If it can do so, they will reveal themselves and invite Earth to join the larger mental union of the Galactic Milieu There is a general belief in the Milieu that Earth will destroy itself before its World Mind can be achieved Against the odds, the Great Lylmik, leader of them all, insists that humanity must and will survive no matter what it takes Humanity s strength and vitality will revitalize the Milieu.INTERVENTION was huge as a hardback For paperback it was divided into THE SURVEILLANCE and THE METACONCERT The end of THE SURVEILLANCE falls just after psychics or operants reveal themselves to the world THE METACONCERT covers the period of gradual human disenchantment with operants Ethical operants work to learn about how to use their talents, and hidden operant criminals work to eliminate their ethical competition We already know from The Saga Of Pliocene Exile that good will win, but it is sometimes a very close thing indeed.INTERVENTION is so persuasive and well considered, it seems the things that happen in the book are the things that would happen in the same circumstances in real life Readers will never actually meet Rogi Remillard, the lovable curmudgeon with some small but unique talents That is our loss Rogi and his friends, family, and enemies make irresistibly human the evolutionary changes now pouring over Earth society and threatening to drown it Rogi s son of the heart Denis, the firestarter Lucille, out of body traveler Jamie and his folk wise grandmother, Russian Tamara exploring the question of how much the ends justify the means, and Rogi s love Elaine, whose tragedy serves the common need these people and many others are the good guys, striving to help humanity A powerful and colorful set of criminals use their mental powers for evil, as soldiers for either Kieran or Victor The disarming the Fabulous Finster, catspaw Gerry Tremblay, and especially, poor, twisted Shannon O Connor, who we know is dangerous but we don t know to whom these are the bad guy standouts, who nearly succeed in discrediting operants altogether.All of INTERVENTION has the natural flow of life Author Julian May doesn t flinch from exploring issues that may one day be real life problems To create authenticity on such a global yet individual scale is a major undertaking but one which, by now, we are used to seeing May perform In addition, the people and society in this pair of books have a suddenly opened future After INTERVENTION lays the groundwork, May is finally ready to take on the story of the Galactic Milieu she hinted at in The Saga Of Pliocene Exile We next meet the Remillards in JACK THE BODILESS, which tells the dramatic childhoods of the rebel Marc Remillard, Angel of the Abyss, and his brother Jack, sainted savior of the Milieu.Read 6 times

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    If George R.R Martin and James A Michener had a love child, it would be Julian May except that she would be their mother, as her Galactic Milieu series predates Matin s Song of Ice and Fire It s complicated This is grand scope science fiction fantasy that has a series of family trees at the back of the book instead of the world maps so common in fantasy books Like Michener s books, Intervention is a decades long, sprawling family history set amongst pivotal events in this case, the events leading up the metapsychic advancement of humanity and culminating in the races of the galactic milieu exposing themselves to the world.

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    Originally published on my blog here in November 1998.In terms of publication date, Intervention falls between the Saga of the Exiles series and the Galactic Milieu trilogy in terms of the internal chronology, it comes before either time travel making later events in the lives of May s characters happen millions of years before earlier ones It is May s longest work, and has an expository character, filling in much of the background of the other series.Intervention is the memoirs of Rogatien Remeillard, one of the first of that family to discover their mental powers, and a fond great uncle reluctantly pushed into action to manipulate his family toward greater mental operancy The pushing is done by an invisible presence, which Rogi calls the Family Ghost As the mental powers of human beings over a century or so, the excitement of watching aliens mounts they are waiting for a certain level of operancy to be reached before making their presence known and inviting the human race to apply for membership of the Galactic Milieu.Intervention is long, sufficiently long that I think the US edition was split into two parts published separately May manages to keep the interest of the reader, but the book s character is definitely explanatory and is much aimed at those interested in the two related series rather than those yet to read them.