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    I had a bit of an existential crisis this week, so when I saw this book in the library it seemed to call out my name Truth to be told, I am 30 years old and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up I have a pretty useful degree, a stable job where I am valued at least I hope so , and an array of hobbies I enjoy, but something is missing the spark that really motivates me The routine is a heavy burden I pick up side projects on a whim and lose interest in them just as fast One day I m learning Swedish, the next I am starting a blog, and next week I m planning to launch a small business And then I find my answer I m a multipotentialist Excellent, just what I needed in life when I can t even decide which flavour of pizza to order for Saturday night Multipotentialists are people who have a variety of interests, who tend to jump between projects without finishing them, and who grow bored with doing one thing for the rest of their lives Apparently there is a way to turn these qualities into positive skill sets with a little bit ofI m going to say it straight up I hate self help books I think they belong in the shady pile of pyramid scheme manuals along with the likes of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Call me a cynic These authors with no real profession, and who like to call themselves motivational speakers , find a way to take advantage of poor, gullible chumps looking for that one solution to all their worldly problems, and all for 29.99 plus shipping I don t subscribe to the value of that So judge me if you will, but I approached this book with a grain of salt if not for existential crisis, I d probably never have picked it up Fortunately, Emilie Wapnick s How to Be Everything resonated with me than your average self help book It helped me to understand my own squirrel syndrome and to accept it for what it is It also did what I needed it to do validated the fact that I m not the only weirdo out there While I found exercises for finding myself gimmicky in that The Secret way, and some types of multipotentialism unrealistic exhausting, I did think that chapters about kicking self doubt, fear, and procrastination to the curb useful Not groundbreaking mostly common sense , but helpful if you feel a bit lost about lack of direction in your own career path.

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    I think I might have ugly cried while reading this book because it was so nice to feel like I wasn t a weirdo for not having a career path at 30 I found this book to be genuinely helpful, as well as easy to use and engaging I might want to actually hug Emilie Wapnick and I am not a physical contact person My copy, which thank goodness I had the foresight to buy, is bristling like a hedgehog with all the sticky notes I stuck onto passages that resonated with me I will definitely be referring to this book in the future, and if you think this applies to you at all, please buy it and read it

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    Advanced Reader Copy I m a grown up There I ve said it You happy, world I m a grown up, but I really don t want to be one really don t know how to be one I feel like just yesterday I was roaming the halls of my elementary school with my safety patrol sash and harry potter wand tucked in my back pocket You know what, maybe I did do that yesterday No no no Yesterday I did my taxes because I m a grown up insert barf sound I love this book because it teaches you that adulthood can be fun You don t have to have a job that you hate You don t have to stay on one career track And you don t have to feel guilty when you start a new hobby or project and end up hating it This book helps you figure out the answer to the dreaded question what do you want to be when you grow up Spoiler alert The answer can just be as simple as idk BUT Wapnick goes deeper than that and gives real advice She s also incredibly skilled at being inclusive and not making me feel like a loser Oh, and she includes activities for you to take what she s saying and apply it to your own life.

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    I m not entirely sure how to rate this book I really enjoyed the first 1 4 or so however in all honesty I can t even remember much of the rest The idea behind it is great not all of us are suited to one particular career path, and the book goes on to explain various ways in which those whom the author dubs multipotentialites can find fulfilment in their work and ways in which they can combine their interests, even if they don t seem to hold much correlation This is however much of a DIY thing, with a few very quick exercises to help you along understandable I guess much of the book is around not worrying about fitting into society or other peoples moulds for how you should be A lot of the ideas are geared towards cultures in which networking plays a large role in finding employment, but many other ideas are explored too and the need for specialization in particular careers surgery, for example is not forgotten Some of it read like we need to come out about having than one interest, which I found a little bizarre but maybe this is because I haven t grown up in the same culture.

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    This one isn t necessarily life changing for me, since this is sort of how I ve decided to craft my career, but I can see a book like this being huge for a younger person who is tired of being asked what do you want to do or what do you want to major in I used to choke up at that question and sometimes answer in a really smartass way I d say I want to be nothing or, for a long time, I said I d like to hold the stop sign in construction zones As snarky as it sounds, the point of both those answers was really simple stop asking me to choose something and allow me to cultivate a career my way, how I need to, and in a way that offers ample opportunity to explore I did dig looking at four ways to consider a career when you have so many interests and skills I thought that I saw myself as one way but as I dug into the descriptions, I saw how I ve been many of these ways and that priorities changing is a normal progression in terms of career growth Most career books are finding the how This one is about the why, and I really appreciate it Wapnick is a queer woman, too, and I can t help but see that her own personal intersections influence her thinking on this topic A great one to pair with The Big Life Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the BADASS BABE You Were Meant to Be and in a slightly less obvious way, Radical Candor Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity.

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    Emilie Wapnick rose to fame after her TED talk Why some of us don t have one true calling that has almost 4M views Emilie has devoted to help people who are multipotentialites or someone with many interests and creative pursuits This book is an extension of her talk giving anecdotal support to what multipotentialites are, and what they do to be effective in spite of their multiple interests and lack of consistency The book is a good intro for multipotentialites, a feel good, Welcome to the tribe as the title of one the chapters book It provides some tools to assess if one is indeed a multipotentialite and its kind Finally it offers some tools to improve effectiveness However the books is somehow soft, in a way it is expected since the core idea of multipotentialites is that they don t follow social norms on how to live ones lives Nonetheless, that softness seems like a rationalization, an excuse to fail on delivering Like it or not multipotentialites live in the real world where people expect results on time, on cost and on quality, no excuses Hope Wapnick work gets the attention in academic circles to become a research subject and thus future books and papers Meanwhile you can find about Wapnick and multipotentialites in her site Puttylike.com

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    It started out so promising but honestly, the most enlightening part of the book was simply the word Multipotentialite The rest of it was stuff I ve basically already worked out for myself, without knowing it was a thing Still, I m grateful to know I m not the only person in the world who can t fit themselves into a singular passion career.

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    Nog nooit heb ik mezelf terug gezien in een non fictie boek zoals in Hoe word je alles Nog nooit heb ik me zo begrepen gevoeld.In het dagelijks leven heb ik vaak het gevoel me te moeten verantwoorden Ik wil niet 20 jaar in hetzelfde bedrijf werken en ik hop graag van job naar job Werken op projectbasis is voor mij ideaal hetzelfde als een parttime baan Ik heb namelijk altijd wel wat creatieve projecten lopen en doe veel vrijwilligerswerk Ik haal energie uit variatie en leer graag nieuwe dingen Ik word graag uitgedaagd Ik heb 1001 hobby s en interesses Dankzij Hoe word je alles heb ik ontdekt dat er niks mis met mij is ik ben een multipotentialist Ik ga dit boek nog vele keren herlezen en ben ook van plan de verschillende oefeningen te doen Wie weet kan ik in 2019 van het Einsteinmodel naar het Smeltkroesmodel of het Schuinestreepmodel migreren Ik kijk er in ieder geval naar uit om de mogelijkheden te onderzoeken En ik denk dat ik dit boek ook een aantal mensen onder de neus zal duwen..Een uitgebreide recensie volgt.

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    I enjoyed this book for the most part The writer s tone throughout was not necessarily my favorite it often felt like she was adding a lot of jokes to the text to be funny relatable but it felt a bit put on However, the overall idea of not forcing yourself into one specific role or position or business appealed to me enough that I powered through Wapnick cites a lot of other authors throughout the text, making me wonder if their books would be worth checking out further or if this book would suffice as a general understanding of what to take from them I haven t decided where I stand on that yet Of the approaches mentioned, I definitely see myself as one to take The Einstein Approach In many ways, this alignment reinforced ideas I d read about and related to in McGinnis The 10% Entrepreneur I appreciated the exercise of taking the time to write out and narrow down between each and every interest I may hold, advice I d seen before but never actually acted on Having this concrete but also always growing list is a good way to check in and make sure I m still doing things that align with my vision for myself and my future Overall, I enjoyed the book I wouldn t call it a must read, but if you have the time and the topic interests you, I d say it s worth a read or a skim at the very least.

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    Really helpful language for thinking and talking differently about specialisation vs generalisation I especially enjoyed the practical advice about how to introduce yourself as a multi potentialite in response to the dreaded So, what do you do question, and tips on how to talk about your work projects I also think this would be great reading and subject matter for discussion in schools A very encouraging read all round

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