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The Long Lavender Look files The Long Lavender Look, read online The Long Lavender Look, free The Long Lavender Look, free The Long Lavender Look, The Long Lavender Look 9c165dd72 A Lovely Young Girl Steps In Front Of Travis McGee S Headlights McGee Misses The Girl But Lands In Ten Feet Of Swamp Water As He S Limping Along The Deserted Road, Someone In An Old Truck Takes A Few Shots At Him And, When He Goes To The Local Sheriff To Complain, The Intrepid Travis McGee Finds Himself Arrested And Charged With Murder And He Can T Help But Ask Himself, Is This What They Call Southern Hospitality

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    The twelfth Travis McGee novel finds McGee and his closest friend, Meyer, the economist, returning to Fort Lauderdale from a wedding It s late at night they ve taken a wrong turn and are driving down a narrow road in Cypress County, out in the boondocks, trying to make their way back to the Tamiami Trail and home Out of nowhere, a woman runs right out in front of Miss Agnes, McGee s venerable blue Rolls Royce pickup McGee swerves and misses the woman by inches, but he loses control of the truck and it winds up underwater in a ditch.McGee and Meyer manage to escape, but there s no sign of the woman they nearly hit With no other choice, they begin walking back up the road to a garage they passed earlier And, as if the night s not gone badly enough already, as they re walking back up the highway, some jerk takes a couple of shots at them They manage to escape that menace as well and make it back to the garage, where the local sheriff appears and promptly arrests them on suspicion of murder.Well, crap.It s a long and involved story involving an ard truck robbery several years earlier The thieves and the money disappeared, but the sheriff seems to think that the murdered man was involved in the robbery, that McGee and Meyer were his accomplices, and that they killed the guy after a falling out.Naturally, it s going to take some time to sort this out, and obviously, the only guy to do it is Travis McGee Along the way, there will, of course, be a woman in desperate need of the kind of attention that only McGee can provide, and McGee will have to spend a lot of time philosophizing about his conquest of the woman and examining his conscience and his character.This is a pretty good tale and, although it s clearly dated, it s not quite as bad as some of the others in the series As is the case with all of the McGee novels, the reader has to check his or her twenty first century sensibilities at the door, especially those regarding gender But if you can allow yourself to do so for two or three hours, this is a fun way to spend an evening.

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    In one of the earlier Travis McGee books he and his best buddy Meyer are out fishing when someone dumps a woman off a bridge in front of them, and this gets them mixed up with a bunch of criminals In this one a woman runs across the road which causes them to wreck and gets them involved in murderous mayhem These guys are like magnets for women randomly appearing and causing shit storms.McGee and Meyer are driving home on a Florida back country road late at night after attending a wedding Suddenly, a half naked woman runs in front of the car and they end up in a canal There s no sign of the girl so they start hiking only to be shot at by a passing pick up When they finally reach a gas station they re immediately arrested for the murder of a man named Frank Baither, and Meyer gets the shit beaten out of him by one of the deputies while in police custody.And you thought you were having a bad day.Pretty typical McGee with the self described salvage consultant getting mixed up in a mess of small town murder and secrets involving the loot from a heist As usual, we re treated to McGee s musings on life and people as well as some horribly dated stuff regarding sex and women Since this one involves one character blackmailing several women into acting as whores, we also get McGee s thoughts on prostitution It s not pretty.Unfortunately, this one also sags a bit in the mystery department too MacDonald got a little too cute for his own good with murder after murder and trying to figure out who killed who as well as enough small town scandals to keep the fellas at the barber shop gossiping for years This results in the whole initial mystery coming undone in the last act and left me scratching my head view spoiler Initially Lilo Paris tells Travis that she was with Frank Baither when the two guys came after him to make him tell where the loot was Somehow she ended up fleeing from them and ran in front Travis s headlights to show them that she was not Frank so that they would quit chasing her Baither later takes a shot at McGee and Meyer after mistaking them for these two men.Yet later we find out that it was actually Lilo who tortured and killed Frank to find out where the money was, and that she had lured the two other men to their deaths So if Lilo killed Frank and had already offed the two guys who were supposedly after both of them, why would she be out on the road and running in front of Travis s truck Keep wondering because it doesn t get explained.And what the hell ever happens to poor Raoul the cat McGee takes him in at the end after Betsy Kapp has been murdered, but he doesn t have a cat in any other of the following books There s probably a joke to be had somewhere in there with McGee and pussy cats, but I m not going there hide spoiler

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    The delusion of total freedom of will is the worst cage of all And it gets cold in there John D MacDonald, The Long Lavender LookIt is always nice to return to a solid McGee novel None are Shakespeare and the worst are like bad James Bond novels, but when MacDonald is on his game, he writes great narrative with interesting sidebars on economics, relationships, and people This is the 12th of his Travis McGee novels and probably the 16th McGee I ve read I ve got about 5 left I ve also read other MacDonald novels that I ve liked about equally well I return to them because they are fast, entertaining, and don t require much They are desert This one centers on a small Florida town with a complicated Sheriff, several sub optimal deputies, and many many troubled ladies Probably, the least welcome part of this book is MacDonald s exposition on hookers It is a bit too cyncial, even for John D MacDonald fans.

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    If you read a lot of Ross MacDonald, and also read the reviews of Ross MacDonald here on Goodreads, then the name of John D MacDonald comes up a lot An awful lot They re two writers who find themselves jammed together not because they were both crime writers of the same generation, but simply because they had the same last name It d be interesting to know what John D thought about that though, as he was the only one of the two who genuinely did have the last name MacDonald But and okay, I m only going by one example of John D s work here I think there are as many differences as similarities Both central protagonists are tough guys, sure, but Travis McGee strikes me as lot wilier than Archer, and is definitely without the vein of sadness which runs six inches wide through Archer s soul And that s where the split between them really is there s not the melancholia you get in an Archer novel, or the disappointment that the past has turned into this future It s a happier viewpoint, one that for all the bad stuff that happens in it is fundamentally optimistic It is blind and stupid luck that sees Travis McGee and his friend Meyer swerving late at night on a deserted Florida road to avoid a nearly naked woman who runs into their path The car is nearly written off, but that s far from the worst of it Before long there s somebody taking shots at them and then both have been arrested for the murder of a man neither has ever heard of Let out on a short leash, McGee can t leave town before he works out just what the hell is going on There seems to be a casual pace to Florida based crime fiction that hitherto has irritated me I could never get on with Carl Hiaasen, for instance , but even though that easy going rhythm is there and yes, initially it did annoy me it wasn t long before I was sucked in to find what is a gripping, opaque crime thriller A mystery which will keep you guessing and keep you tense, even as it puts its arm around you and treats you like an old friend Actually, can a book be classed as friendly Is that an appropriate term for a book Maybe, maybe not but certainly for all the hardness and toughness in this book, this is a hard and tough book which is most welcoming.

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    5 Stars Excellent As usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher s blurb summary of the book Thank you. As best I can tell, there is no Cypress County in Florida.Vintage Rolls Royce, Miss Agnes pickup truckFull size image hereBetsy Kapp s Colt.38 SpecialFull size image here 45%I must say that McGee s and Betsy s plan here sounds pretty cockeyed to me McGee s.44 magnum carbineFull size image here In the last pages of the book, a delightful old friend of McGee turns up at the Busted Flush Lovely Delicious Quite wonderful.Quite a few good quotes I hate to kill a raccoon Urban Florida is using the rabies myth to justify wiping them out, with guns, traps, and poison The average raccoon is affable, intelligent, and tidy than the average meathead who wants them eliminated, and is usually a lot better looking It is both sad and ironic that the areas where the raccoon are obliterated are soon overrun with snakes. The mosquitoes had welted us abundantly, but I knew the evidence would disappear quickly There is a kind of semi immunity you acquire if you live long enough in mosquito country The itch is caused by the blood thinner they inject, so they can suck the mixed fluids up their narrow snouts But the redbug bites are something else No immunity there We both had them from ankles to groin The itch of the chigger bite lasts so long that the mythology says they lay eggs under the skin Not so It is a very savage itch, and the only way to cut the weeks down to a few days is to use any preparation containing a nerve deadening agent, along with a cortisone spray. Then we smiled at each other and I said my polite good by He was like King Sturnevan, long retired from combat, but he still had the moves No wind left, but he could give you a very bad time for the first two rounds. The sun was down and the porch faced the western sky, faced a band of red so intense it looked as if all the far cities of the world were burning It will probably look much like that when they do burn. There are some extraordinarily cruel men in the primitive rural areas of India who travel from village to village curing cataracts for a few rupees Their surgical tool is a long, very slender, very sharp and hard thorn They insert it from the side, behind the lens, and puncture the lens capsule The cloudy fluid leaks into the eye itself and is replaced, or diluted, by the clear fluid within the eye Sight is restored It is a miracle In sixty to ninety days the patient becomes totally and permanently blind, but by then the magician is a dozen villages away, busy with new miracles Perhaps they do not think of themselves as cruel men In a country where the big city syndicates purchase children, and carefully maim and disflgure them in vividly memorable ways, and distribute them by truck throughout the city each morning to sit on busy sidewalks with begging bowls, and collect them at dusk as impersonally as one might empty coin machines, cruelty itself is a philosophical abstraction. So I stood there, in that absolute and lonely privacy that exists only in the middle of a crush of strangers and a deafening din of festive voices and festive rock staring at the hefty fleshy pumping of the tireless blonde, and wondering why I should feel that too many important parts were missing from my equation. Her smile, as she stood up, was the distillation of several hundred motion pictures, refined in the loneliness of the bathroom mirror, born of a hunger for romance, for magic, for tremulous, yearning love This was the meet cute episode, immortalized by all the Doris Days, unexpected treasure for a thirty summers blonde with something childish girlish about her mouth, something that would never tighten into maturity It would always yearn, always hope, always pretend and it would always be used. In a song listening to Maria Toledo breathe Portuguese love words She looked at me and I suddenly knew exactly what Mona Lisa was thinking about It was exactly the same smile, though on a face far to my liking.Lovely ending.Bonus From the 1970 Darker Than Amber movie starring Rod Taylor, pictures of the producers ideas of McGee s The Busted Flush Full size image hereFull size image hereFull size image hereAnd finally, two great blogs about John D MacDonald, McGee and the rumoured never written novel where McGee dies The Birth of Travis McGee fascinating Black Border for McGee rumours surrounding a final book, never published

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    This one, 12, is the latest in my publication order read of John D MacDonald s Travis McGee series, which I somehow missed out on for the first 40 or so years of my life.The series, with Trav as the philosophical bare knuckle hero, is set up according to the normal tropes of the PI genre, except instead of being a PI McGee is a salvage expert operating without a license, he helps people recover lost property and, if he s successful, takes 50% of the profit I felt that the first in the series, THE DEEP BLUE GOOD BYE, was one of the best hard boiled novels I ve ever read, especially in the loosely PI genre Since then, I ve enjoyed them all, though some DARKER THAN AMBER have been much better than others NIGHTMARE IN PINK I am also, I should note, not a huge fan of the PI genre, if that means anything My pal Barney has promised me that the series transforms pretty significantly from standard Gold Medal PI type stuff to something very different around I think he said 17, THE EMPTY COPPER SEA However, I can already see changes afoot In the last installment, DRESS HER IN INDIGO, McGee set out to recover, it could best be said, a reputation no cash value, no profit, just a favor for a friend and the right thing to do In THE LONG LAVENDER LOOK there s no mission at all a late night accident pulls McGee and his pal Meyer unwillingly into the dark underbelly of a central FL town one of MacDonald s favorite topics he s clearly a frustrated sociologist And as of this installment in the series it s becoming very clear that JDM is much interested in social commentary, interpersonal drama, reflections on personality and philosophy, and character development than he is in the mystery That being said, he constructs mystery stories that are extremely intellectually complicated by today s thriller standards, and feature fairly large casts of characters While written 50 years earlier, a Travis McGee story is much like THE WIRE in subject matter and complexity than anything from James Patterson or Michael Connelly But what I like best about the JDM stories is what, I gather, most readers today like least the author s voice and tone, and the writing style Here s an example The sun was down and the porch faced the western sky, faced a band of red so intense it looked as if all the far cities of the world were burning It will probably look much like that when they do burn Maybe it s just me, but that s pretty good poetry for a throw away crime story.Elsewhere in the novel JDM offers a wonderful digression on memory and how the mind works It doesn t advance the plot, but it makes for great reading for me, at least There had been a lot of waiting time in my life Sometimes it was cat time, watching the mouse hole for all the endless dreary hours Sometimes it had been mouse time, waiting all the day through for the darkness and the time for running So you learn the special resources of both memory and imagination You let the mind run through the old valleys, the back hills, and pastures of your long ago years You take an object Roller skate The kind from way back, that fastened to the shoes instead of coming with shoes attached Look and feel and design of the skate key With old worn shoes you turn the key too much and you start to buckle the sole of the shoe Spin one wheel and listen to the ball bearinged whir, and feel the gritty texture of the metal abraded by the sidewalks Remember how slow and strange and awkward it felt to walk again, after all the long Saturday on skates, after going way to the other end of town Remember the soreness where the strap bit into the top of your ankle When it got too sore, you could stop and undo the strap and run it through the top laces of your shoe Thick dark scab on the abraded knee The sick making smack of skull against sidewalk Something about the other end of the skate key Of course A hex wrench orifice that fit the out on the bottom of the skate so you could expand it or contract it to fit the shoe If you didn t tighten it enough, or if it worked loose, then the skate would stealthily lengthen, the clamps no longer fitting the edge of the shoe sole, and at some startling moment the next thrust would spin the skate around, and you either took a very nasty spill, or ended up coasting on the good skate, holding the other foot with dangling skate up in the air until you came to a place to sit down and get the key out and tighten everything again Roller skate or sand box or apple tree or cellar door Playground swing or lumberyard or blackboard or kite string Because that was when all the input was vivid All of it is still there So you find a little door back there, and like Alice, you walk through it into the magic country, where each bright flash of memory illuminates yet another I admit I m a fan of literary fiction as well as crime fiction and don t have much time for the tired old high low arguments, especially when you can clearly have your cake and eat it too.I m now than halfway through the series, and I m going to start savoring each of them even , as I suspect the best is yet to come There are crime writers who ll truly live forever Hammett, Chandler, maybe Westlake , and I only hope John D MacDonald isn t forgotten too soon.

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    Time was, I was a big fan of John D MacDonald he was still alive then I believe I read all of the Travis McGee books, of which this is one I also read Condominium, one of his attempts at literary fiction, and predictably it was a disappointment The power of the McGee books is in the genre and in the attitude Dirty dealings and benign cynicism.Trav is a very Sixties hero, with parallels to James Bond Like Bond, McGee is a garbage collector of the vile detritus left behind by the world s evil geniuses and quite a few just plain idiotic criminals reminiscent of El Leonard and Quentin Tarantino stories Trav is also both a lover and an exploiter of beautiful women some smart, some dumb, all in some kind of trouble And, as in the Bond stories, the ones he loves too much end up dead, usually horribly so, at the hands of the elusive monster du jour Revenge then adds to Trav s justification for giving back as bad as his girlie got, or worse.As an education in the underside of Florida real estate schemes and political corruption, MacDonald s books are delightful and unexpected discoveries You also get a strong dose of macroeconomic theory anytime McGee engages his neighbor Meyer Meyer in intellectual banter, whom we find sitting next to him in the speeding old Rolls pickup truck in the opening pages of Lavender.But what strikes me as I pick up this book again is the depth of the cruelty MacDonald conjures It s really ugly, voyeuristic, shocking than the scummiest story in today s Enquirer Leonard dishes out such material with a sigh, Tarantino with a chortle I m not sure where MacDonald stands, but suffice it to say his opinion of human nature is not too high.Gerald Boychik Lit

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    Ah, Trav I like you and the and depressed and disillusioned you become Also, women who want to have a drink with you should reconsider, because in sixty pages they re going to wind up trussed up somewhere like a Christmas goose, only naked and extremely dead WOMEN, DO NOT DATE TRAVIS MCGEE, anyway not casually If you re invited to the Busted Flush for a three month in Grand Cayman you re going to be fine, but apparently you gain a lot of weight and may get skin cancer later.

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    Less social commentary in this one but also less slightly offensive remarks about women.

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    The Long Lavender Look launches into the action with a dreary car trip back from a wedding turning bizarre with a woman running in front of their car causing Travis to look control and together with Meyer in the passenger seat they end up upside down in a roadside canal Had that not been a weird enough night someone then takes some pot shots at them when walking back to town on the road, and finally in the morning when they get to a garage to arrange towing of the wrecked car the sheriff of a neighbouring county shows up and arrests them both for murder From here the tale of mystery grows to involve a prostitution ring being run by a police officer and the proceeds of a robbery which remain hidden.Enjoyed this one, was probably in the top 3 of all the books in the series I ve read so far.

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