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    Set in London, 1875 Nettie Carroll and her father Robert, are on the run from the police Robert is an artist and he was duped into making copies of famous paintings by a man known as Duke But Duke sold the paintings on as originals This is where the adventure begins We are taken to France, a trip on a barge and we even meet a Contessa Nettie and her father struggle to earn a living Robert draws people he meets in the street to try and earn them some money There are some marvellous characters in this book Dilly Court is a fabulous author Her books are easy to read I have read and loved all of her books.I would like to thank NetGalley, HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction and the author Dilly Court for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    There s not been a Dilly Court book I have disliked, until nowthere is always a strong female character yes there was one here in the form of Nettie, but there was really far too many other characters with their own dramas taking over the whole book that Nettie never actually had her own role, she was just there floating about.The book had no actual story other than the same group of people going back forth back forth from one place to the next, going over the same dramas repeatedly.As for Netties love interest how it ended, seriously There was barely any connection between them other than friendship, it was very disappointing.

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    This is the first Dilly Court romantic saga I ve read, and I enjoyed it.Set in Victorian England and Europe, it follows the adventures of Nettie and her father, as they flee from the law, in the wake of an art forgery scandal The plot is gently paced with hardships, romance and mystery, all intertwined to create, an easy to read historical adventure The historical setting is well researched and enriches the plot with different lifestyles and cultures and iconic cities and countryside.The characters are authentically written Netties father is a particularly irritating man Netties is courageous, intuitive and loyal You want her to find a happy life, after the constant stress of looking after her father.This is quite a lengthy read, but it is easy to pick up the story again if life interferes with your reading time.I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins UK Harper Fiction via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    This book takes us from 1870s London across the continent to France, Spain home again via the hop fields of Kent.It s not a bad story but it isn t believable, in fact it is almost farcical to think that an ever increasing group of people could travel so widely with no money whilst constantly staying one step ahead of those looking for them As the story progresses, the group expands from 2 to 7 and includes an artist with no business sense, a young man who speaks fluent French despite not having seen his French mother since he was 4, a spoilt young French woman, a Spanish Contesa who isn t actually a Contesa and of course our heroine Nettie who knows how to cook soup but not stew.I can t say that I enjoyed this book, though it s storyline would make a great CarryOn film I found it unbelievable with characters that were mostly one dimensional in settings that seemed to jump around between Victorian London and the 1920s utilising many stereotypes instead of solid research factOverall it was quite a quick read but not one i ll be recommending other Books by this author are far betterDisclosure I received this book free via NetGalley, but all opinions are my own

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    I have read other books from this author and really enjoyed them so had high hopes for this one but sadly like other reviewers I found this one so silly I found the story unbelievable a lot of the time How this ever increasing group of random people could travel with no money from one country to another so many times is beyond me The characters all had their little troubles and Nettie had no real story line of her own I found her Dad annoying and her love story a bit silly quite frankly Not a good book this time sadly

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    An enjoyable, if unbelievable story There is a large element of farce in the way a group of people run away from London to Paris, then on to other places in France, then Spain, then back to England with practically no money between them Nettie is a young woman who tries very hard to look after her father, a painter He will not let her work at a proper job because the next painting is going to make his fortune Sadly he is a bit of a wastrel, when he has money it trickles through his fingers fast Nettie does have a secret, that might actually make her a reasonable fortune, but her father s brush with the law means they have to run away as fast as they can No matter where they go the trouble keeps up with them, even when it looks as though they can relax the next crisis occurs They meet other people on their way who join them in their travels, so two become seven in no time An amusing read for a lazy day.

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    Having never read any of Dilly Court s work, or stories of this style I was unsure whether I was going like the book It took a few chapters to fully adapt to this writing style as it is very haphazard The way her characters jump around with their feelings, it almost feels like a farce in the style of twelfth night I know very little of this era but I m not sure friendships and your friends status meant you could travel most of Europe even though you are borderline destitute The characters also have a fickle edge to them, they feel love one minute then are unsure or not too bothered in the next The descriptions used in some of the areas made them easy to imagine but I never felt completely caught up with Netty s feelings Overall I liked the book, it was a very easy read but I didn t feel much of a connection to the story It was missing a personality, however I would happily try another of this style in the future.

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    I don t usually read period drama but liked the look of this one, and I was not disappointed, I read it in one afternoon Nettie and her father la poor life, he was an artist who did work for a gallery, not thinking or asking too many questions about what he was producing When things went wrong Nettie and her father fled the Country, but not before Bryon, her friend, caught up with them and told her he was going with them He had his reasons for going so it was an easy decision for him to make Nettie is an amazing young woman who knew what she wanted and went after it Bryon, knew he wanted to be with Nettie but she needed to see it too Can time apart make her realise her love for him and will he take her back

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    I love Dilly Courts books and have enjoyed and read most of them But this one i couldn t get into, i found my mind wandering whilst reading it It just didn t hold my interest at all and some of it seemed unbelievable It isn t like her other books and i was sorely disappointed, i can t understand where she was coming from with this one and am sad to say i read half of it got bored and gave up I really hope she goes back to the stories we all love.

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    Another lovely story that you loose yourself in by Dilly Court.Nettie lives in London with her Father, an artist, they only just make ends meet, sometimes going hungry Duke Dexter is a con man who uses Robert, Nettie s father to reproduce coppies of paintings that he then sells as originals When Duke and so also Robert find they are in trouble they flee to France as wanted men This book as it all, a good plot, mystery, danger, twists and turns and of course a little romance too.

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