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Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) summary Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) , series Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) , book Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) , pdf Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) , Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy, #1) fbec7b3e3f You Can Put That Man In A Suit, But He Ll Never Be Tame One Look At Jericho Forge And I Knew The Rumors Were True He Was A Predator, And He Had Set His Sights On MeI Knew Better Than To Bet Than I Could Afford To Lose That Night I Knew Better Than To Bet Myself But Desperation Leads To Bad Decisions, And I Thought There Was No Way I Could LoseI Was Wrong Now I Have No Choice But To Make A Deal With The Devil

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    3.75 StarsI enjoyed thisbut I just don t think any March H will ever compare to Lachlan Mount for mealthough Jericho is doing a decent job Loved the Seven Sinners shoutout, although that did just serve to remind me of Lachlan and Kiera and how much I love themAnd how Jericho and India aren t them lolAnyway, I know I will still be dropping 10 to get the rest of the series despite me saying I wouldn t be dropping 15 on a March series again It feels steep, but at the end of the day, she writes solid romance and deserves to get paid for it Plus, it s not like anyone forced me to hit that satanic 1 click button shrug I am hoping whatever it is that is keeping this series from being a strong 4 to 5 stars for me comes together in book two The marriage of convenience setup we have going here IS like crack to me, after allAnd Jericho is a complete alphahole Yum.

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    5 STARS What do you want One eyebrow rises From you For 10 million You should already know the answer to that The corners of his mouth lift until his expression is the picture of sheer triumph Every fucking thing Sweet mother of ovaries, the woman did it again Each time I think March wrote her best alpha yet, she outdoes herself with the next one And Forge is sure to make ovaries flutter all over the world Add into that one of the best heroines I ve read in the longest time, and stick a fork in me I m on book cloud 9 I ve said this about Meghan s books before, and now I ll say it again Welcome to your next addiction He s a marauder, plundering just like the pirate I thought he was the first time I saw him He takes without permission or apology And I love it. There is nothing I love better than an uber alpha And let me just tell you all, Forge is that and This is a man that s driven by forces that we only get a peek into Driven by a revenge that he s so close to having now that he can taste it And the beautiful woman that has unknowingly stumbled into his web, will be the conduit for him to get it As always, Meghan gives just enough to tantalize the reader but also leave them with plenty of questions Deal With The Devil was all of the things suspenseful, and sexy It was full of amazing banter, humor, and enough sexual chemistry to spark fire to your kindle I absolutely loved the heroine, India Here s a woman that s full of fire and sass She doesn t take things lying down and gives as good as she gets Blessed mother of all things holy He s naked Totally, completely naked And his dick is massive And the ocean can t be super warm Which means It s like someone unleashed the Kraken, I whisper as he moves toward me, his dick bouncing from side to side with each step Are you going to look at my face or just stare at my dick I ve seen your face before, I tell him, not looking up I got caught staring I might as well make the most of it. I m hooked, line and sinker, and cannot wait for the next installment ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Don t go getting dick struck by him because he released the Kraken on you DEAL WITH THE DEVIL Is the first full length, romance novel in Meghan March s Forge Trilogy Series PURCHASE LINK all started over a game of cards, with ten million on the line, and saving a loved one out of the grips of being sold to sex smugglers, India s back is against the wall She has very few days to gather the funds and the only way she knows how to do that is to set up a high stakes game of cards.But what she didn t count on was Forge to sit down at her table she d orchestrated Picking men with deep pockets who won t think twice about throwing cash down on the table Too much is on the line for her to lose She s seen him play, he s a professional card player like herself I ve seen him strip every chip from the stacks in front of men at the table with him like a vulture picking clean the bones of a carcass alongside the road he s going to blow up all her carefully laid plans A game of cat and mouse ensues, and claiming a possession that an old adversary wanted, Jericho Forge ALWAYS gets what he WANTS and he s set his sights on India Baptiste, the former darling of the poker circuit who reached fame over her royal flush over a full house win If India Baptiste had stayed off the radar, I never would ve known I wanted her But she didn t, and now she s going to be mine She s just a pawn in a game to piss off an adversary of his What wasn t there to love about this book Wowza s what an amazing start to this series This was one of my most highly anticipated wants now books for this year and I am so glad I wasn t disappointed The characters, the storyline, the setting, all made for such a unique, unputdownable, utterly captivating read, this author is untouchable.There wasn t anything I would change about this book I was beyond hooked as soon as I started which has become the norm with this author, it s her knack, she draws us in, gives us all a false sense of security then in the next instant she s pushing us all over the cliff standing back with an evil smirk on her face Time and time again I end up over that cliff, time and time again like a glutton for punishment I come back I can t wait for the next book Teaser used is off the authors facebook page

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    5 Release The Kraken Stars I can t wrap my head around this How on earth does Meghan March do it Time after time, pure PERFECTION And that s exactly what Deal With The Devil is Utter Perfection The sexy alpha badass vibes aside, the storyline is completely captivating I bought in from page one I need to know what motivates the main characters I want to know how their interactions will move the plot along I want to see them interact and uncover hidden truths That s what shocked and awed me most I m a self professed perv , but the sex really took a back seat here for me How shocking is that But that s what really resonated with me The plot and that OH MY FUCKING LORD ENDING Now don t get me wrong Jericho Forge is everything I love about this type of romance He s a sexy Alphahole who takes charge, pulls no punches, and will burn down the world to get what and who he wants Totally the man of my dreams I m just saying, that story is fracking amazeballs as well.This was a phenomenal read My absolute new fave from this author I m beyond impressed and fracking going out of my mind waiting for the next one I need it now HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    This was an amazing start to what I am sure is going to be an epic trilogy I have always been a fan of Meghan March s books in fact I m pretty sure that every book of hers I have read are all four and five stars The heroes that she writes are always hard core alpha males, and very possessive about their women That s my favourite kind of hero Jericho Forge has absolutely won me over He has charisma that radiates off the pages His personality is larger than life and I literally felt his every action and word on each page Then India is thrown into the mix and she is an amazing heroine She has spunk, and her sass is brilliant I kid you not, when these two shared a scene, I was all over it They amused me so much, and had me laughing out loud so many times I have to mention the blow job scene Holy hell It was beyond intense I won t ever forget it and that moment will go down as on of my all time favourite As you can tell I love this first instalment hard If you re contemplating this trilogy, then I highly recommend it Seriously, it s books like this that remind me of why I love to read The end left us with a cliffhanger but I was prepared for that This would be the reason I waited for the whole trilogy to be out Time for book two Yippee

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    You can put that man in a suit, but he ll never be tame One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me This sinfully seductive story was so good I absolutely could not put it down Meghan March is an amazing author Her books always leave me reeling and clamoring for what might be coming next.I savoured every word of this book.It s intense.It s sexy.It s packed with all the feels.Jericho and India are going to pull you in and ride you hard

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    LIVE stars Another brilliant, fast paced, captivating and steamy romance from Meghan March.She really know how to keep you on the edge with her stories.Deal With The Devil isn t an exception.It was simply amazing.I was lucky enough to read and listen it at the same time and I can say it was amazing.I love the narrators.I love this new world and I adored Jericho and India so much.India is amazing, so feisty and strong heroine.She s desperate to win ten million dollars to save a person she loves, in a poker game and there is where she meets Jericho.Jericho has something that make me fall in love with him immediately What a ride, I m curious to see what will have for us Meghan March in the second book Get ready for Jericho and India, they are going to captivate you in their worlds.

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    5 Release The Kraken StarsWhat an awesome ride Indy is awesome and Jericho well he is just pure sex on legs, the start was a little slow but things sure do heat up fast Filled with intrigue, suspense, heat and drama I loved it That cliffy though I am so happy the next book is available, I m diving straight in

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    Deal with the Devil was my first read of 2019 and I couldn t have picked a better book to start 2019 with I hope all my reads are as awesome as this novel Deal with the Devil was addictive It is a book that I immediately wanted to pick back up after I put it down and it made me wish that real life wasn t so busy There were twists and turns and I m sure that there will be many The ending was an unexpected cliffhanger that made me need the next part right now Jericho Forge is another fantastic alpha male by Meghan March Jericho is a man everybody knows He s rich, successful, ruthless, determined and possessive When Jericho wants something, Jericho will get it When his eyes land on India, he wants her He ll have to work hard to get a chance with India, but he doesn t give up easily.India is a smart, talented, caring, determined and honest woman She knows what she wants and she won t let Jericho ruin her plan She tries to keep him at a distant, but that isn t easy India can t deny that she feels an attraction to Jericho when she sees him She likes the side that nobody else gets to see India and Jericho are hot together My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book.

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    NOW LIVE US UKEnter Giveaway HERE India Baptiste is a skilled poker player playing the biggest hand of her life Losing the game could mean losing someone very close to her But when Jericho Forge enters the game, it could also mean losing her heart Jericho was an unapologetic jerk, and I loved that about him If you know me, then you know that I love a ruthless hero that bows down to no one And that describes Jericho perfectly He saw what he wanted, India, and he went after her with no remorse or second thoughts of what he was willing to do to get her By the end of the book he was still a mystery to me but had me ten times intrigued about his character The chemistry between Jericho and India was amazing and honestly I d say it was my favorite part of this book It was thrilling to see how India s sassy, take no shit, attitude matched up with Jericho s growly Alpha behavior Especially when it led to some very heated sexual tension that then exploded off of the pages I seriously loved them together and I can t wait to see what exactly is going to happen with them once all secrets are revealed Bottom line, this is a book I hugely recommend reading Jericho Forge is not a hero you want to miss out on so do yourself a favor and One Click this hotness ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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