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Aftershocks files Aftershocks , read online Aftershocks , free Aftershocks , free Aftershocks , Aftershocks c3c383fd5 Last Year Was One Of The Worst Of Abby Lucas S Life, But Through It All, She Had Her Best Friend Wyatt By Her Side Unfortunately, Wyatt Just Left To Start His Freshman Year At The University Of Michigan, Leaving Abby To Face Her Past And Her Senior Year Of High School Alone Just As She Starts To Think That This Year Might Actually Be Worse Than The Last, She Meets Connor Richmond, A Gorgeous Transfer Student Who Intrigues Her At First Glance Abby And Connor Have An Instant Connection He S Sweet, Funny And Adores Abby, But Connor Is Also Dating The Girl Who Single Handedly Tried To Ruin Abby S Life As Abby And Connor Grow Closer, Reminders Of Her Past Start To Pop Up When She Least Expects Them She Soon Realizes That The Only Way Out Is To Put Some Distance Between Herself And Connor, But It Turns Out It S Not As Easy As It Should Be To Let Him Go If Only Connor Knew The Truth About The Girl He Was Dating And How Much Better Off He D Be With Someone Like Abby

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    This book was A dorable I have been over prononuncing my As all day thanks to this book It was seriously a cute story I liked the characters and the story line The only problem I had was it drug out in some parts than I cared for and Connor need a good hit I was hoping someone would have hit him to get him in gear.Over all, I liked this one.

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    Another wonderful story by Monica Alexander She is an amazing author As a reader you easily fall into the relationships of her characters, and that is the kind of reading that I crave and can go for months without finding Great story and I adored the characters..fantastic job Please keep writing

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    I loved how everything wasn t so rushed between the two main characters It had a great story line.

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    Quick, easy read Love this author s style of writing

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    It s of a love it or hate it book Unfortunately for me, this is one of those books I want can t keep myself from, but so want to get rid of as well I am not sure whether or not I enjoyed it as much as I should I think you could blame my sudden infatuations for cowboys, horses, ranches, and month long trips with the brother of your betrothed and end up falling in love with him instead Or just that I ve grown up and outgrown YA books.I personally liked Abby Because she was outspoken and consistent When she loves you, she loves you, when she hates you, well, tough luck I admire her controlled demeanor when it came to Alexis And I admire her intense love for Wyatt view spoiler I miss my gay friends because of him hide spoiler

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    I re read this book last night for probably the 7th time I ve been in such a reading rut lately I ll start a book and not finish it I don t know if it s the quality of books I m picking or if there just haven t been any great books to come out lately Aftershocks is like my comfort food book I picked it up last night because I wanted to read, but I knew I didn t want to start anything that wasn t going to hold my interest I knew I loved this story and characters Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still found myself tearing up when Abby and Connor wake up the morning after making out for the first time and Connor regretting it I knew it would all be okay in the end, but I still felt so sad for Abby in that moment That s when I realized that I love this book I mean, I guess I already knew that, since I ve read it several times, but I just felt connected to the story last night Who knows Maybe all of this is strange, and I m a weirdo I just can t say enough about the storytelling.

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    This book was simply amazing Monica knows how to pull on the good ol heartstrings ,3Loved this book to bits and pieces There were times when I had wanted to hit Connor boy needs to get his head straight as well as Abby the devotion of this girl amazed me on the head, but from the beginning, ever since Connor s first ex was mentioned, I already had a feeling that he thought Abby would have been the one capable of holding and breaking his fragile heart, so I guess I forgive him for that.But just gosh I do not know what else to say.I Love this book.LOVE LOVELOVE IT.It was amazing, and brilliant because these situations could happen in real life not 100% spot on, but you get the point.I don t know what else to say I had put myself in Abby s shoes as I had read through the whole book My, this was a complete roller coaster ride Simply amazing.I am know stuck with all these emotions that have gone completely haywire , and it s all because of this book Now I have to find a light, fluffy book to balance out all these FEELS 5 5.

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    I loved Connor and Abby s chemistry, they were drawn to each other from the start Yes there were times I wanted to slap Connor and tell him, HELLO, what the hell are doing But luckily he came to senses and listened to what his heart truly wanted Connor s little brother Jordan was so freaking funny and I loved when he had his date with Abby to the movies Wyatt was wonderful and he was a great friend for Abby That Alexis chick, I wanted to bitch slap her to next Tuesday What a horrible whench she was Great book with a awesome narrator, Abby and I loved the epilogue

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    The description sounded pretty good, so I took a chance on this book and I am really glad I did Enjoyed the witty banter, relationships with the characters were fun and the delightful story kept me entertained throughout the book With great main characters and a quirky supporting cast that will keep you laughing, and a few unfortunate incidents that show you just how real life is If you re looking for a new book to read you should check this one out

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    I was a little hesitant reading Aftershocks came up as a suggested read , I didn t really know much about the author, but wanted a fast summer read This definitely fulfilled this need I couldn t put it down, a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns, but is a great read I have a new favorite Can t wait to read by Monica Alexander.

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