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Infamous summary Infamous, series Infamous, book Infamous, pdf Infamous, Infamous b711274869 Multi Talented Superstar Joan Collins Returns With Her Most Stunning Novel Yet A Portrait Of One Hollywood Icon S Triumph Over Forces Threatening Both Her Personal And Professional Life Katherine Bennet Is The Star Of The Most Popular Prime Time Soap On Television, And She Has Just Fallen For The Man Of Her Dreams Or So She Believes

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    Not as good as I thought it would be The big reveal of Jean Claude s past and its implications in his relationship with Katherine didn t come until the last forty pages or so, leaving the ending feeling rushed and incomplete.Joan Collins is fond of using television show sets as the background of her novels and this one is no different The Skeffingtons seems to be a reference to Dynasty and the Carringtons, and a barely disguised one at that.Joan Collins is also fond of the put upon heroine trope Katherine is no different, having to deal with envious co stars, a loser ex husband, and a difficult teenage child.Then Katherine meets Jean Claude, who sweeps her off her feet with tons of flash and charm Of course, he turns out to be a total psycho, which is another trope that Ms Collins is fond of.All in all, this is an okay book It won t win any awards for originality, and the writing isn t the greatest, but it is an enjoyable enough read.

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    I thought this book was terrible I turn to Joan for a light fun read and this was not it I found it to be boring and unimaginative Very disappointing.

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    This book was entertaining It s a pretty light read.Sent to a bookcrosser

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    quick re read of a trashy book hollywood star with real life problems overcomes abusive husband and wins emmy yay

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