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Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) chapter 1 Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) , meaning Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) , genre Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) , book cover Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) , flies Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) , Dont Even Breathe (Maggie Novak, #1) c997da24347a6 From The Bestselling Author Of Crash Comes A Riveting Thriller Rife With Murder, Misdirection, And Ghosts From The PastFlorida Homicide Detective Maggie Novak Has Seen Hundreds Of Brutal Murder Cases, But When She Is Called Out To Investigate The Charred Remains Of A Young Woman One Halloween Night, She Is Confronted With A Twenty Year Old Secret The Body Is Formally Identified As That Of School Counselor Dana Cullen, But A Distinguishing Mark Makes Maggie Look Again She Believes It Is The Body Of Her School Friend Rita, Who Perished In A Fire Twenty Years AgoMaggie S Hunt For The Truth Behind The Murder Takes Her Back To A Cruel High School Trick She S Desperate To Forget And When Another Body Turns Up, Maggie Realizes She Too May Be The Target Of A Sinister Plot Creeping Toward Its Final ActMaggie Needs Emotional Distance To Do Her Job, But She S So Close To This Case That She Can T Even Breathe Will Maggie Be Able To Uncover The Truth Of Who Wanted Rita Dead Or Will Her Past Mistakes Catch Up With Her First

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    Don t Even Breathe is a pacy, addictive thriller with an intriguing mystery at the heart of it that draws you in immediately.The prologue in which a murder is planned was enough to engage my reading senses then the author backs that up with a tense and beautifully plotted novel with little twists and turns leading you to a heart stopping finale.Maggie is a great character and there is a well formed supporting cast with enough misdirection to keep you guessing Past and present collide and you are hooked in first page to last.A great crime read I would not be disappointed if this were to be a series.Recommended.

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    LINDY MUNSON MUST DIE Long before she d agreed to go on a date with him, Tyler had known he would kill Lindy Munson One day Somehow Preferably slowly For years, whenever Tyler had thought of the girl with the sallow complexion and the snow white hair, he d fantasized about doing something bad to her probably from as far back as the sixth grade and the very first time she d caught him studying her from across the school cafeteria Long legged Lindy, with her teasing personality and her annoying popularity A throat that was ripe for strangling Back then, Tyler had meant nothing to her Not even an irritation Something less than human He d been invisible, her gaze penetrating right through him, as though he didn t exist It was a look of absolute indifference that had gobbled up every bit of his universe, until all that had remained was Lindy the Langolier eating into his brain Tyler couldn t recall the exact moment he d decided to kill the most popular girl in school The cafeteria incident had been the first of many, with Lindy s continued aloofness consuming him through the years What would it take to make her notice him Tyler had asked himself this question countless times during the past four years of high school, usually when he was lying awake at night and visualizing all the ways he could make Lindy see him He d lost track of how many abduction scenarios he d planned out in fine detail, and what he d do to her once they were finally alone together. Don t Even Breathe by Keith Houghton starts out loaded with suspence and continues to build to a breath holding, heart stopping, terrifying conclusion I enjoyed the storyline, the characters, especially Florida homicide detective Maggie Novac, and the twists and unexpected events in in this book This is a true psychological thriller This is my first experience with this author thanks to NetGalley and I ll be interested in reading of his works With thanks to NetGalley, Thomas and Mercer publishing, and Craig Houghton for this advanced digital copy for me to read and review.

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    I didn t really know what to expect going into this, the first novel in the Maggie Novak series, but I was very impressed There are surprises in every chapter and putting it down comes with great difficulty Maggie is a likeable, affable protagonist who certainly knows her own mind and develops at her own pace The plot is well constructed and complex but not overly so and the fast pace and clear, readable style will make this a hit with crime aficionados.Many thanks to Thomas Mercer for an ARC.

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    My rating 2.5 5After seeing the attention grabbing cover and title, Don t Even Breathe, I thought I was in for a scary, spooky story, but this was not the case I would better describe Don t Even Breathe as a police procedural Unfortunately, instead of keeping me on my toes, I found myself often bored while reading the lengthy inner dialog and felt the characters relationships were unnatural and forced There were many mentions to events that happened years ago thrown in in a way that made the story feel jumbled I had a hard time connecting to the book and ended up skimming scenes not pertinent to the plot.I also found myself growing irritated that the police didn t think of possibilities that seemed almost obvious early on The ending was a little far fetched for my liking and there was an overly long explanation at the end of the book that really was unnecessary, given that the climax was clear enough It was not my favorite book, but every reader s experience and tastes are different and what might not be for me, may be for you.For reviews rusticpages.blog

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    This was a rollercoaster book It started slowly and I was mildly intrigued, then it picked up pace and I became invested in it but then it ended up disappointing me at the improbable ending Homicide Detective Maggie Novak was the central character and she was interesting so I may read another one in this series.

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    The dead can t talk You need to do it for them,Detective They rely on you to shed light on their death, even if it takes you to some very dark places You ll do good never to forget the dead bodies are still people, with family and friends and lives before they died Let them speak through you This was a great mystery and one that definitely kept me flipping the pages I couldn t figure out who done it and I kept chasing the same line as the MC Maggie, trying to get one step in front of the bad guy This would have been a solid 4 star book if it hadn t all been a bit too..neat There were just a huge whole string of coincidences that held the whole plot together and I just couldn t quite make the leap with the story like the Deathtectives did I did enjoy Maggie and her struggle to be who she is now and try to make up for who she used to be I liked the plot and it moved quickly I d definitely read from this author.

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    One of the better murder mysteries that are being released at the moment A real page turner, got my heart racing and in places had me sat on the edge of my seat and tapping my kindle faster and faster I HAD TO KNOW Bread this book in one sitting and kept me reading late into the night This book is full of cliches but in no way did it detract from my reading pleasure Almost five stars and highly recommended I would like to thank the author, Publishing UK and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review.

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    I had never read a book by this author until now, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how engaging the story is Maggie Novak is a detective in Florida in the area where she grew up She and her partner were called out on a homicide where they discovered a burned beyond recognition body of a female Her car was nowhere in sight However, her purse with ID documents was recovered near the scene of the crime The woman s name according to her ID was Dana Cullen, but Maggie recognizes her as her best friend from high school over 20 years before The puzzling thing is that Rita, the woman s real name, was supposed to have died along with her whole family in a house fire about 17 years before At first the powers that be suspect Dana s husband of her murder, and even hold him until they realize that the case is much complicated than it appears on the surface In high school, many years before, Maggie Novak, Rita Gragoryan and Kristen Falchuck were best friends Until Kristen basically ostracized Rita, calling her a lesbian and bullying her in other ways A motive appears to surface when the body identified as Dana Cullen is actually that of Kristin Falchuck Apparently, Dana s husband and Kristen had been having an affair One can see where this goes from there, but there are other added complications to the story such as Dana Cullen using a high school boy to help her in exchange for setting it up so he could murder a girl who had basically rejected him I thought the book was very well written and enjoyed reading it very much If you enjoy good mysteries, you won t go wrong with this one.

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    This book was brilliant from beginning to end Lots of twists and turns I am sure there will be another book to follow this one, certainly hope so.

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    When it comes to murder mystery crime novels, Don t Even Breathe by Keith Houghton is up there as one of the good ones This is a genre I m always very wary of reading when written well, murder mysteries can be haunting and grip at your mind But, unfortunately, this genre is also stock piled with books that just aren t good Every murder mystery I ve ever read at some point in time falls into into the same old same old cliches and this book is no exception to that Yes, I have admitted this novel does have its cliches, Like the classic I don t have time for a personal life, I m all tunnel vision work only detective, the The best friend was the killer the whole time trope, the epilogue first chapter is the killer s thoughts, and the SUPER classic investigation forces detective to confront her past plot line And yes, these cliches definitely weigh down this novel But, I will give the author credit still For one, I was thoroughly entertained reading it, and as soon as Maggie found the Leave me alone note I definitely couldn t put the book down Maggie, the lead detective in the story, is definitely very intense But, her character is well balanced out with Nic and Loomis s light personalities that give the comedic relief One thing I loved about this book was the diversity The cast wasn t cookie cutter it featured characters with vitiligo, characters born in South Africa, characters raised in New York streets, and all different sets of personalities goth, preppy, intense, light, funny The diverse set of characters brought so much life into this story, so many different backgrounds and specialties, I loved it Overall, I would recommend this story As far as cliches, I have never read a murder mystery that didn t fall into them and Keith definitely makes it up with fantastic characters and chair gripping fight scenes.ARC provided by netgalley for review