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    Alfie s life in London merges with his life in Bunburry in Death of a Ladies Man This is the fourth in the series and can stand alone, but it would be much better to go back and read them all They re short and enjoyable, and like most series it s better to read them in order.Two of Alfie s acquaintances from London show up They are gaudy and snobbish and want Alfie to invest a bunch of money in some scheme or other Also in town is Mario Bellini, who makes the best ice cream in London Mario makes a bit of a stir in town He s handsome and an irrepressible flirt who makes at least one local husband quite angry.Alfie loves the ice cream and gives Mario his card so he can have some shipped Unfortunately, when Mario is found dead, Alfie s card is still in his pocket, and the incompetent sheriff at first focusses on that But the jealous husband makes an even better suspect, although most people in town think he s innocent.The recurring characters, Alfie and the two elderly women who help him solve the mysteries, Liz and Marge, are fun and make me laugh Oscar, Alfie s best friend in London, has some very helpful information this time around too It s one of those towns I d like to visit and hang out with the locals.This is a novella, so the mystery itself is rather condensed We only have a couple of suspects and it s pretty clear who the killer was It s a perfect summer afternoon read though.

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    Each book in this series gets better and better Sucks you in from the first page and doesn t let up until the last In this book ice cream businessman Mario Bellini comes to Bunburry looking to expand his operation into the Cotswolds Alfie has met him before in London and has spread wonderful reviews of his ice cream to the proprietor of The Horse Mario is grateful and takes Alfie s card so he can send him some ice cream as a thank you Unfortunately Sargent Wilson gets involved and gets it all wrong Now it s up to the Bunburry Triangle to get it right and clear an innocent man.

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    I love all these Bunburry mystery episodes I can definitely see the novellas being made into shows They are quick and simple and not exactly mind bending, but the picturesque location and fun characters make for the perfect mini mystery read.

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    Fun readThis is a great book to read on a lazy day It has a breezy pace and fun characters in Alfie, Marge and Liz and when is Oscar coming to town Cute book, you will enjoy it.

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    A mystery that leaves you craving Short,sweet, and entertaining cosy mystery The series is addictive I just wish Nathaniel Parker had narrated than the first three books What a delight to listen to him bringing the characters to life.

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    Always Fun The Bunburry series is fun to read Light mysteries, reoccurring, wonderfully quirky characters, and you learn a bit about the English countryside Suitable for all ages Highly enjoyable

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    Love all of this series, perfect quick read

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    Thus was another fun, short, read.

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    Lighthearted fun murder mystery.

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    No audioI didnt read after buying because no audio Why have a series of books with audio then jut stop it.Cant read can only listen Waisted my money

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Bunburry - Death of a Ladies Man (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series Book 4) download Bunburry - Death of a Ladies Man (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series Book 4) , read online Bunburry - Death of a Ladies Man (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series Book 4) , kindle ebook Bunburry - Death of a Ladies Man (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series Book 4) , Bunburry - Death of a Ladies Man (Countryside Mysteries: A Cosy Shorts Series Book 4) 1e7d65007877 Miss Marple Meets Oscar Wilde In This New Series Of Cosy Mysteries Set In The Picturesque Cotswolds Village Of Bunburry In Death Of A Ladies Man, The Fourth Bunburry Book, The Summer Tourist Season Is In Full Swing Among The Visitors Is Mario Bellini, A Gelateria Owner With Film Star Good Looks, Who Is Considering Opening An Ice Cream Parlour In Bunburry But Shortly After His Arrival, He Is Found Dead A Tragic Accident, Or Something Sinister Amateur Sleuth Alfie McAlister Hopes To Uncover The Truth With The Help Of His Friends Liz And Marge But Is Liz Too Distracted By The Prospect Of Financial Gain To Focus On The Task At Hand Helena Marchmont Is A Pseudonym Of Olga Wojtas, Who Was Born And Brought Up In Edinburgh She Was Encouraged To Write By An Inspirational English Teacher, Iona M Cameron Olga Won A Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award In , Has Had Than Short Stories Published In Magazines And Anthologies And Recently Published Her First Mystery Miss Blaine S Prefect And The Golden Samovar