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My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) summary My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) , series My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) , book My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) , pdf My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) , My Winter Wolf (Wolf Magic Book 1) 3b39739989 A Masquerade Party For Christmas Yeah, I Thought That Was Odd Too But That S The Way Of The Grey Wolf Pack The Alpha, Gabriel Scott, Is Not The Typical Leader Sure, He S Sexy And The Most Eligible Alpha On The East Coast, But He Doesn T Play By The Rules He Makes His Own To Suit His Needs And Wants And He Wants Me It Didn T Matter That Witches Are Shunned And Mating With One Will Have The Pack Looked Down On Gabe Doesn T Believe In Superstitions Or Lies Spread By Paranoid Humans And Paranormal Beings And He S Not Taking No For An Answer Who Am I To Say No To An Alpha Hell Bent On Seducing Me Into Submission My Winter Wolf Is A Stand Alone Holiday Novella By Debut Romance Author, Karlee Hunt

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    For a debut author this story was well put together It s a quick read but maybe your in a doctor s office waiting room or waiting for that job interview, this is perfect in those instances and maybe it will calm those nerves a bit too.Kat is half witch who s bestie Sarah is a wolf shifter a member of the Grey pack they are having a masquerade party at the club the pack owns Gabriel Scott better known as Gabe is the pack alpha One whiff of the lovely Kat tells Gabe she is his mate His pack does not hold with the prejudices keeping supernaturals apart.I voluntarily chose to read this and have not been compensated in any way for this honest opinion Give a new author a chance if shifters and witches are your thing

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    This is a new to me author with her able to catch my attention Always on the look out for a paranormal that will transport me to their world this one did Kat is one that is shunned so that got my attention on how Gabriel was going go in this The heat will also rise in this one warming any in ways than one This is also a quick one that does not take long for these two to wrap you around their fingers drawing you into their world The drama will fill it also having you keep a eye on it Will see also where this author can take us after this since it was enjoyed greatly.

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    SweetAlthough this book is only short I found I fell in love straight away This is the start of a new series and what a start After having come out of a bad relationship Katrina goes to her friends pack Halloween party and soon gains the attention of Gabe the Alpha of the pack After a passionate night Kat finds put that her dad is in a magically induced Coma however a friend of the Pack Beth is there to help being part witch herself Are Kat and the Alpha fated mates what could happen to stop them find out in this wonderfully romantic book

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    A very enjoyable and entertaining short story Even though I enjoyed this fast paced story I do wish it was a little bit longer I felt like when things were starting to come together we were hit with a abrupt ending so I m really looking forward to seeing what else is in store for this series Overall a good read and great start for a new series I voluntarily read and review this ARC no monetary compensation was received the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    Overall rating 3.5This read is short and sweet and to the point There is sexual content so it s recommended for mature readers only This storyline is a great beginner for a series It is a basic read and doesn t go into depth much All my reviews are always voluntarily written.

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    An easy, sexy and fast read that will introduce you to the Grey Wolf Pack and it s newly mated Alpha Gabe and his Witch mate Kat Something is brewing with her father s coven and this introduction sets the scene and some of the players Looking forward to .

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    Kat dressed up for a party and to meet her best friend Little did she know she would meet her mate Then to find out her dad was in a coma it s a good thing her mate was thinking clearly She now has to deal with secrets her dad has been holding back loved this book

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    Well, that was really fun Loved it from the start I love Kat and Gabe s chemistry and all the pack interactions Love the way the story is headed and the wolf witch mojo going on Excited to see where the next installment takes us.

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    This was a great short read, I would love to continue reading this series this story was a great way to start a series Kat and Gab were amazing together and I loved every minute of their story.

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    This is a quick read that was a good start to the series I loved Gabe and Kat together and how devoted Gabe is to his matethere is some great chemistry between them both I still have so many questions and I want but this is a good start for what is to come next Bring on book two

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