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Tempted by His Secret Cinderella pdf Tempted by His Secret Cinderella , ebook Tempted by His Secret Cinderella , epub Tempted by His Secret Cinderella , doc Tempted by His Secret Cinderella , e-pub Tempted by His Secret Cinderella , Tempted by His Secret Cinderella 8fe8e1e5702 He S Falling For A Princess But She S A Commoner An Allied At The Altar Story A Wild Scheme To Secure A Patron For Her Father S Play Finds Elidh Easton At A House Party Dressed As Italian Royalty But Elidh Catches The Eye Of Their Dashing Host, Sutton Keynes, Who Has Four Weeks To Find A Noble Bride He D Never Look Twice At Her Normally Poor, Plain And Untitled But In The Moment, It S Easy To Imagine They Have A Future

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    My goodness, Bronwyn Scott you have gone and done it again I am, as ever in complete awe at the excellence of this fine lady s writing I have been so excited about this book and it did not disappoint Tempted By His Secret Cinderella blew me away, its stylish, seductive, intriguing and utterly romantic, honestly its perfect This is book three in the Allied At The Altar series, I cannot believe that we are on book three already, how can that be It only seems like yesterday that I first opened the first book, this series is so engaging and that you literally just fly through book after book A lot like devouring a full share bag of MM s, you keep reading then you want to weep when it comes to an end I don t want this series to end As with the previous two, Tempted By His Secret Cinderella can be read very easily as a stand a lone, as the series is linked together with specific characters which appear or are mentioned in each book when the story calls for them Sutton has been informed that if he is to inherit he must marry within four weeks, but not just marry anyone oh, no There are clauses that state very specially the type of women he is to marry, but also that they must stay together well, I never Sutton isn t exactly averse to marrying, but he would rather it be on his own terms and that the lady be agreeable to him and his project So he decides to host a house party where he can do proper research on his prospective brides, but the one that catches his eyes isn t on the list at all, the girl in the red dress fascinates him from the moment he sets eyes on her Elidh and her father are destitute, they are practically broke Her little wage which she gets for sewing isn t near enough to keep them going through the winter and her play write father hasn t sold a play in so long, that Elidh is worried Even so when she hears of her fathers newest scheme He plans to gate crash Sutton Keynes house party in the disguise of Italian royalty so that he can find a new patron for his latest play No amount of persuading can change his mind so Elidh must done the mask of confident, stylish, sexy Principessa Chiara and w her way into Suttons world and she is soon caught in the gaze of Sutton himself I really, really like Sutton, he is a man who knows his duty, he knows what he must do and he isn t one to shirk that duty He has loyalty to his family ingrained in him right down to the core, he is loyal and honest and just wants to do what s right But it s the other side of his personality that caught my eye and drew me to him like a moth to a flame, he is highly intelligent, he prefers science and fact over whimsical and the ton He has a passionate side of him that willingness to work that is very seductive.The instant chemistry between Elidh and Sutton just jumps off the page, it sizzles those little glances and touches that pass between them are wonderfully vivid that you can feel the tingles along with them Even though Elidh is trying to be disinterested in him, she can t deny that she like the rest of us is transfixed with the quiet and at times brooding Sutton I have been completely in love with this series from the beginning, the further we go along the better and better it gets It takes the reader on a beautifully crafted journey as Sutton and Elidh traverse the great road towards their happily ever after I adore the premise of this, the Cinderella esque storyline isn t at all what you would think it to be, there is an imaginative twist to it I really like how Ms Scott has gone deep into the reason why Sutton must marry within weeks to inherit, it is a brilliantly dark secondary storyline, one that is constantly present in the background throughout the story, it is the driving force of why Sutton does what he does Overall this is a magical love story its enchanting and fun, as well as being highly addictive reading, its one of those will they, won t they gripping romances that will have you turning the pages with lightning speed I cannot wait for the fourth and final..weeps for ten minutes..book in the series, I am eagerly awaiting that one

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    How does she do it Bronwyn Scott s novels just keep getting better and better with each one I read This is book three of the Allied At The Altar series and is such a glorious romp in the historical romance genre I really didn t want it to end, so I must admit to dragging it out and having to force myself to put it down and do something else for fear of it being over too quickly Thank goodness there will be a four book aye I loved the fairytale elements of this, it really was like a retelling of Cinderella Our hero, Sutton, has 4 weeks in which to find a suitable wife, so that he can fulfil the wishes of his uncle s will and gain his inheritance from under his cousin s nose I won t say why because it would be giving some pretty big spoilers, but this cousin simply cannot get his hands on this money even if it means Sutton marrying when he didn t really have any interest in doing so at this point.Of course, what could a Cinderella story be without a ball of sorts in which to find this gem of a bride Enter our heroine, Eilidh, who is in attendance at this party, but she s disguised as Principessa Chiara, a sophisticated lady of means, and the polar opposite to the real lady beneath She is delightful I really did love her character I love how real she was, as strange as this sounds She s only doing this to help her family to move from the poverty they live in and gain than the pittance she works for But as she and Sutton become closer, her conscience begins to get the better of her She can t continue with this pretence any longer and flees I really loved not only the romance, but the subplot and mystery that surrounds the couple They both have secrets and reasons for their actions, but will they trust each other enough to tell the other how they really feel This is a question that remains with you right up until the end I loved how even though I knew they d be a HEA, I never truly knew how it would happen Bronwyn Scott has really become one of my favourite authors, not only in Historical Romance but in any genre She has wonderfully detailed characters that you can understand and get behind their plight Not many authors can make you feel so in tune with their characters The pacing is spot on, the historical detail is well researched and written to perfection Bronwyn has taken the marriage of convenience troupe and turned it upside down on its head and made it her own.

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    I like this book a lot Love conquers all.

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    Love Love Love So far my favorite in the Allied at the Altar series This story is full of fun, laughs, romance, and of course family drama A little Beauty and the Beast with a mix of The Bachelor Trying to save his uncles fortune from getting into the hands of his cousin, the ever handsome and very eligible Sutton throws a party to find just the right wife before the deadline passes Little did he know the shenanigans that would follow Nor did he realize the clever Elidh and her father would come up with a plan for a commoner to win the prize Until it all went wrong and love happened The imagery was bright and colorful and the conversations of characters entertaining An exciting and fast paced read indeed

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    This was an intriguing book a reverse of Cinderella in a way, in that the heroine Eilidh Easton has to appear before midnight, rather than disappear By appearing she is affirming her love and trust in the hero, Sutton Keynes Sutton is compelled to marry before four weeks are up from the reading of his Uncle s will, in order to inherit his fortune and thwart his cousin s desire for the money in order to complete various nefarious deals The only proviso of the will is that Sutton has to marry a lady of title An amusing house party ensues and it s clear that artifice, jockeying for Sutton s attention and back stabbing are the norm, apart from the Principessa Chiara who is refreshingly disinterested in snaring Sutton and incredibly in tune with his real likes which are far removed from society and based on honesty, truth and the outdoors Sutton and Chiara fall in love, with gentle tenderness, but Chiara guards a secret and cannot bear it if Sutton discovers what it is and hates her Rather than humiliate him, she leaves There is a nail biting finish to the story will Sutton find Chiara, will Chiara tell her secret, will Sutton win the bride of his heart and does he inherit his Uncle s fortune There are some thoughtful, underlying messages about honesty in love, a desire to do right, and that most forms of pretence generally cause heartbreak or damage However, true and real love will always win in the end.Cannot recommend enough I loved it from start to finish and the ending is really excellent I ve already bought another book by this author.

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