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Amphigorey Again files Amphigorey Again, read online Amphigorey Again, free Amphigorey Again, free Amphigorey Again, Amphigorey Again a75eee69f This Latest Collection Displays In Glorious Abundance The Offbeat Characters And Droll Humor Of Edward Gorey Figbash Is Acrobatic, Topiaries Are Tragic, Hippopotami Are Admonitory, And Galoshes Are Remorseful In This Celebra Tion Of A Unique Talent That Never Fails To Delight, Amuse, And Confound Amphigorey Again Contains Previously Uncollected Work And Two Unpublished Stories The Izzard Book, A Quirky Riff On The Letter Z , And La Malle Saignante, A Bilingual Homage To Early French Silent Serial Movies Rough Sketches And Unfin Ished Panels Show An Ironic And Singular Mind At Workntains The Galoshes Of Remorse, Signs Of Spring, Seasonal Confusion, Random Walk, Category, The Other Statue, Impossible Objects Abridged , The Universal Solvent Abridged , Scenes De Ballet, Verse Advice, The Deadly Blotter, Creativity, The Retrieved Locket, The Water Flowers, The Haunted Tea Cosy, Christmas Wrap Up, The Headless Bust, The Just Dessert, The Admonitory Hippopotamus, Neglected Murderesses, Tragedies Topiares, The Raging Tide, The Unknown Vegetable, Another Random Walk, Serious Life A Cruise, Figbash Acrobate, La Malle Saignante, And The Izzard Book

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    This posthumous collection scrapes up the final works of Gorey along with the assorted odds and ends that appeared in various periodicals While the works on display in this final collection don t have the same polished wit and virtuosity of earlier collections, they still make for a breezy and delightful way to pass an hour I particularly loved Neglected Murderesses a series of postcards immortalizing the lovely ladies who murder men, women and children, and never a moment look anything but ravishing and The Raging Tide Or, The Black Doll s Imbroglio a work of wicked nonsense arranged as a choose you own adventure and featuring surreal settings, vindictive toybox grotesques, and prosaic apothegms As always, Gorey s works defy the necessity of moral platitudes and present a twisted and gaudy world where deadly violence is only a page turn away, where clever verse and obscure words are celebrated, where good manners are expected but bad behavior is never a bother, and where everything ends up being only just another ambiguity.

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    I really think I write about everyday life I don t think I m quite as odd as others say I am Life is intrinsically, well, boring and dangerous at the same time At any given moment the floor may open up Of course, it almost never does that s what makes it so boring Edward GoreyNot the floor, please the ceiling Sept 15, 18

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    The Ambiguous Ottoman A cautionary tale for incautious timesLobstergirl had been erratic They found her dangling in the attic.Giltinan, while doing math,Dropped a toaster in the bath.Manny made a woeful face No one heard him scream in space.Ceridwen was full of prideWhen she was finally zombified.My Flesh kept singing out,Only to be clobbered by a lout.Daniel was a well known cadWho made a mobbed up husband mad.Stephen needed cheaper thrills He overdosed on caffeine pills.Jessica was very rash A passing boater heard the splash.Eric washed up on some rocks,The victim of a paradox.Meredith was deep in tortsAnd didn t catch the news reports.Rose was nibbled by piranhas Sic semper tyrannis.Eh pissed off her Portland peersWith her pseudonymous smears.Buck churned out some crappy verse.His friends pursued the fleeing hearse Note if I didn t include you, it s only because you have an unrhythmical name or because I was too lazy to continue Or because I actually like you.

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    Gorey does the most brilliant job of capturing all that is wonderful and silly in the people Anglo In the folly a candlestick mounted on a horse s hoof rested on page 47 of The Romance of a Soda Cracker Flawlessly, and in tremendous detail, the illustrations that accompany his wit and genius are almost too good to be true Who, but an over resourced Brit, could have created follies in the first place The names, ah the names He was recognized at once by Lady Isobel Stringless, Lord Wherewithal s aunt, although they had last met seventeen years before on St Clot in the Maladroit Islands He teases societal hypocrisy with generous eccentricity and leaves us giggling much comfortable with today s oxymoron.Recommended for anyone who can put together a sentence and likes to look at pictures.

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    It s well we cannot hear the screamsWe make in other people s dreams.

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    The very end was rather melancholy, but I think Agowy Erderd, Ogdred Weary, Wee Graddory, and all their friends would have been pleased by that The helpful thought for which you lookIs written somewhere in a book It s well we cannot hear the screamsWe make in other people s dreams.

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    Fruitcake was sawed in blocks and sentTo Havens for the Indigent,Where it was used for scouring floorsAnd propping open banging doors.

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    Its Gorey brilliance You either loved Amphigorey and are back for , or just didn t get it, and should probably not bother talking to me at a party.

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    An amusing collection of Gorey works that showcases the amazing breadth of his talent and imagination Some particular favorites of mine were Neglected Murderesses, The Other Statue, The Universal Solvent, and The Deadly Blotter.

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    How I miss his Victorian tinged surrealism.

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