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Amphigorey Also chapter 1 Amphigorey Also, meaning Amphigorey Also, genre Amphigorey Also, book cover Amphigorey Also, flies Amphigorey Also, Amphigorey Also 3c0671f279b8b Contents The Utter Zoo, The Blue Aspic, The Epiplectic Bicycle, The Sopping Thursday, The Grand Passion, Les Passementeries Horribles, The Eclectic Abecedarium, L Heure Bleue, The Broken Spoke, The Awdrey Gore Legacy, The Glorious Nosebleed, The Loathsome Couple, The Green Beads, Les Urnes Utiles, The Stupid Joke, The Prune People, And The Tuning Fork

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    Anywhere you open up an Edward Gorey book, you will immediately be punched in the mouth by Rad The highlight of this book was The Sopping Thursday, the most powerful story of a man losing his umbrella you will ever see.

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    Almost as top notch a collection as Amphigorey and Amphigorey Too, and better than his final, posthumous collection, Amphigorey Again There s no knack for word wizardry nor elan for illustration that I haven t already praised and expounded upon in the previous reviews for Gorey s work linked above As always, Gorey s art is a heady delight for the eyes, ears and mind, and in this collection I unabashedly adored The Loathsome Couple, was happily horrified by The Stupid Joke, couldn t help but be cheerfully creeped out by The Prune People, and feel impelled to inform you that The Awdrey Gore Legacy is a must see metafictional chef d oeuvre As satisfied as I am with my Gorey reading experience, I am also slightly crestfallen now I have no Gorey compilations to read Sob.

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    I haven t read all the Amphigorey books not that the order of them matters , but this one happened to be sitting around in my grandma s house, so I sat down and read the whole thing, which didn t take long Edward Gorey has always been one of my favorite illustrators, and I love his dark sense of humor There were a couple stories in this anthology that I found a little over the top particularly a really disturbing one about a couple who murder children yikes but for the most part I really enjoyed it, and I ll have to check out the other books in the series.

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    My partner thinks i m an easy grader yet ANOTHER 5 star book Yup Gorey is a genius Not only is his art gripping, hilarious, inexplicable, and just a little creepy in a schadenfreude sort of way, but the terse, lean writing is perfect What a pleasure Why did it take me so long to read this

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    If Gorey ever did something that WASN T brilliant, I haven t seen it.

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    4,5 Pasan m s cosas de las que somos conscientes.Es posible, debido a alguna circunstancia desconocida y desesperada La persona que me dej Amphigorey Also y Amphigorey Too me habl unos meses atr s de una narraci n del se or Gorey en la que unos seres humanos son amenazados por borlas Y yo, claro, empec a imaginar c mo pod a ser aquello Al final las borlas me parecieron m s siniestras que cualquier criatura que mi imaginaci n pudiera dar forma Os hab is fijado alguna vez de verdad en las borlas con las que sujetamos las cortinas Qu objeto tan curioso y extravagante Esta antolog a sigue en la l nea de Amphigorey Too con narraciones como La pareja abominable , La broma est pida , La vuelta de la tortilla , tres historias que he disfrutado tremendamente La primera dedicada a una pareja de asesinos la segunda a un ni o que no quiere salir de la cama la tercera a una ni a que decide suicidarse tir ndose al mar Las tres me han encantado, aunque tal vez mi favorita sea la ltima por la vuelta de tuerca lo siento Gorey, ya s que odias a Henry James.Sin embargo, Gorey nos deleita esta vez con m s de sinsentido que en el anterior volumen Presenta a la gente ciruela, a unas criaturas cabruseznas en un entorno azul, unas urnas que contienen cosas aleatorias, una obra ensalzando a las maravillosas bicicletas, la ya mentada dedicada a las borlas y otra narraci n sobre paraguas, esta ltima bastante extra a como si las otras no lo fueran Hay una criatura negra, el supuesto ladr n de paraguas, al que no pod a parar de observar Literalmente me qued embobada.Por supuesto, hay dosis de abecedarios Adem s de Los peque os macabros , Gorey hizo otros que son menos conocidos pero igual de destacables Los recogidos en Amphigorey Also son los siguientes El zoo absoluto con criaturas de lo m s graciosas El abecedario ecl tico y La gloriosa hemorragia nasal , un alfabeto de adverbios En general ha sido una antolog a que ha sabido mantener el nivel de la anterior Tal vez habr a deseado alguna historia m s lineal como La pareja abominable o La vuelta de la tortilla , pero el contenido es notable y original Me ha hecho muy feliz y ha vuelto a estimular mi imaginaci n como solo l logra hacerlo Hasta la pr xima, Mrs Regera Dowdy

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    Re read rare I m not sure I ll ever quite be able to separate Edward Gorey s work from the person who introduced me to it and at least half of this post is about that Inside it is the frisson of having found someone thing perfect like I had always been looking for But the flipside The precision of the words and art bound up with an overwhelming effort, fumbling in the dusk, to say and write the right thing, and the annoyance and coldness a small error may bring Gorey is evidently influencing me to talk in rhyme Not wanting to frighten off this rare and delicate creature The darkness and disturbance under the surface of what looks so lovely if you don t know what to expect.Nearly nine years ago I couldn t see the surreality of the situation, nor nearly so much of the surreality in Gorey I was so tense I couldn t laugh much, but many of these cartoons are actually quite funny What is so striking about both are the gaps in what is said and meant Much is unspoken because it s prettier like that you have to join things up in the right way But if you re only reading and don t feel you have to produce a right interpretation nothing matters much It is still odd to read them in modern surroundings, not to look up and see what looks very much like a Victorian study And I still feel scruffy by comparison with the neat little drawings and him and the place I m one of those people who always looks slightly crumpled or unkempt, no matter how hard they try there s always a metaphorical hair out of place, although I have grown to like this, and I like it in others It is odd to think of Gorey s work as having existed before the 80s, when this combination of dark cute intellectual first had an obvious cultural place in Goth What did people used to think of it It evidently had a place in American culture, but from the British context it seems unplaceable, except as a play on Hilaire Belloc Although vintage culture has been around longer than we may think there was a vogue for Edwardian things in the 1960s in one of those Mondo documentaries London in the Raw, Primitive London there s a scene in an Edwardian style diner And Gorey s twisted retro, long before before the current retro mania, may be related to that current.Themes, some of which I hadn t fully noticed before Opera recurs time and again Most Gorey titles sound rather like operas Alphabets There are lots of them Not just the Gashlycrumb Tinies Bicycles Also riding on handlebars of bicycles Which fits the person from whom I got EG Most people I ve been out with for any length of time have been cyclists, and always since way before the hipster fixie craze Probably something to do with independence and bloody mindedness And of course the many anagrams of his name There are probably references to famous paintings that I have missed Most scenes from The Prune People in particular, seemed utterly familiar, although I only managed to place one of these instances of deja vu, an illustration associated, perhaps not officially, with a favourite song, Gibbous Moon by Momus.Favourites from Amphigorey Also Les Passementeries Horribles, in which unsuspecting individuals are stalked by giant crochet tassels and mats I loathe useless crochet things, so useless and annoying and cluttering and in the way But they were made by people, usually relatives, who put time and effort into them so it s also rather dismissive and cruel to get rid of them Argh The Eclectic Abecedarian There is quite a lot of sensible advice in here, and it made me smile for different reasons It s not just cute gruesome deaths The Awdry Gore Legacy These charts of possible features of a murder mystery would make an excellent writing exercise The Glorious Nosebleed Some panels of this ABC are so poignant Why do I like it so very much that The creature regarded them Balefully , He looked out the window Hopelessly , She toyed with her beads Jadedly , etc etc He spoke to the child Repressively is another gem She watched him go Yearningly , the picture than the words the aptness of which I only noticed later perhaps I was already primed by the obelisk in The Epiplectic Bicycle set Us by Regina Spektor playing in my head instantly Another part of that same time Urnes Utiles Probably not everyone will find these giant, curiously labelled jars quite so funny It helps that I like Cornish Blue in a scrappy, random, not properly having sets or collecting it way and Original Suffolk pottery just to look at, I ve a spectrum y aversion to the rough surfaces and Gorey s drawings seem like a satire of the ridiculously specific and sometimes overly large jars they each make.There is one piece here which puts a new light on Gorey s other work The Loathsome Couple are a Hindley and Brady Fred and Rose West type pair All the worst stuff, is, as you would expect from EG, off screen and unspoken, and the presentation remains neat and genteel whilst dark They met at a Self help Institute lecture also seemed like inspiration for Tyler Durden and Marla s meeting in Fight Club Somehow the extreme darkness of the subject shows that there is awareness of the true horror of events in all the other stories, which are received cutely Things aren t just there to be funny, there is a real and potentially cathartic understanding of terror and pain and violence beneath it all but the presentation is eccentrically buttoned up Another reason, surely, that many think EG seemed British instead he was one of those New Englanders English than most real Englishmen Until Edward Gorey became a minor Goodreads phenomenon aside someone else must have noted his use of the word Fantod, now mostly associated with Dvid Foster Wallace and I looked again at listings of his work, I had always thought this the second book in the series Amphigorey, Amphigorey Also It has a nicer ring than the real order Two of the others just didn t used to be there at all, at least in the UK Makes me nostalgic for the days when we weren t quite so ridiculously bloated with information and availability of things on the internet.

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    Primer contacto con Edward Gorey, Regera Dowdy, E G Deadworry Y ya quiero m s No todo en la vida puede ser interpretado metaf ricamente.Eso es porque las cosas suelen quedarse a medias.

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    Less fun than the first and second collections less nonsense and limericks Mostly I think of Gorey s characters as people to whom things happen, and of course, they read like characters from Victorian and Edwardian novels I love The Utter Zoo and the little butterfly doggy creatures and Bruno from The Sopping Thursday and the sweater sporting dogs of L Heure Bleu The Awdry Gore Legacy is spot on But The Loathsome Couple is too much like true crime books, which I avoid these days It is literally dark with so much densely drawn settings I understand why I don t know these as well as those collected in the first two I might very well not have read this since getting it.What I want now is Categor y Love those cheerful little cat faces.Personal copy

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    I fell in love with Edward Gorey s artistry and macabre storytelling when I was a teenager I own several Amphigorey compilations and have lost count of the number of times I ve read them.