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Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels pdf Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels, ebook Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels, epub Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels, doc Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels, e-pub Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels, Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho: Three Novels 214f44cb1c5 Now Compiled In One Volume, These Three Novels, Which Are Among The Most Beautiful And Disquieting Of Samuel Beckett S Later Prose Works, Work Together With The Powerful Resonance Of His Famous Three Novels Molloy, Malone Dies, And The Unnamable In Company, A Voice Comes To One On His Back In The Dark And Speaks To Him Ill Seen Ill Said Focuses Attention On An Old Woman In A Cabin Who Is Part Of The Objects, Landscape, Rhythms, And Movements Of An Incomprehensible Universe And In Worstward Ho, Beckett Explores A Tentative, Uncertain Existence In A World Devoid Of Rational Meaning And Purpose Here Is Language Pared Down To Its Most Expressive, Confirming Beckett S Position As One Of The Great Writers Of Our Time

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    Nohow on, Samuel BeckettNohow on is a collection of three prose pieces by Samuel Beckett, comprising Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, and Worstward Ho It was first published in one volume in 1989 2016 1394 80 9786001761126 20

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    It was my first time re visiting a book less than a month after my first read but the impeccable prose of this book not only inspired, but Haunted me day by day I just HAD to go back and read the book once again Beckett s complexity takes a rather different turn in his later work the heavy, somewhat indecipherable and kinetic narrative of his earlier work is replaced instead by a heavy static His work becomes contemplative, existentialist, lonely even The kinetic energy of his characters has been given to his words instead His static characters speak with inertia Words flow, merge and diverge like waves on paper Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable works of literature by one of the greatest writers who ever stepped on this planet.

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    I m rarely impressed by encyclopaedic novels or maximalism The truth is I don t know if we have the luxury of them or rather, we do, but for how long The success of McCarthy s The Road convinces me that I m not alone in this What will happen if there s a nuclear war, if societies break down, if schools and computers and language don t function, except for the sake of the privileged, and the privileged are few Fear the man of one book, the saying goes, but what if one book is all you can carry The novel, in its brick like nineteenth and twentieth century form, is suited to the settled house dweller, who need only carry it from the bookcase to the armchair But what of the man or woman or child on the road I sometimes imagine an anthology for those unfortunates, made up of stories from across the world a bag of seeds, a literary Noah s ark, to keep imagination alive in that place of harsh realities Beckett, without a doubt, would be central to that anthology, and any one of the three pieces in Nohow On could suggest the scope and thrust of his achievement True, by this stage his characters are rarely on the road, but surely in the dark time maybe to come not everyone will be traveling as Ian Curtis sings in Joy Division s Ice Age , they may live in holes and disused shafts hopes for little Beckett is the great celebrator of hopes for little The critic A Alvarez called him I m paraphrasing a cultivator of what would grow in a void, but crucially this void is something not just described, but that his prose embodies Perhaps by virtue of its having been written in French and translated by its author into English, there s a sense that, however contorted it becomes, this prose is as close to universal as is possible as shorn of adornment and as streamlined as an arrow that must pass through the skins of cultures And it isn t shot from a void, obviously, but the void is all around and edging closer, as the circle of given words and actions ever narrows I ll confess to being baffled that this near to terminal ie near impossible to follow work should be called modernism while work which seems nostalgic and retrograde, centred on a reinvocation of pre modern forms, is called post modern Still, in a sense the term post modern suggests a turning back, because what else is there to do after the new Or so it may seem Beckett proves the lie to this, though, by gazing over the precipice of the collapse of culture that almost was and could be and documenting what small beauty he finds there As timeless as any art can be, his brand of modernism may well be something that like rock n roll never dies, and cannot be limited by any movement that supposedly supercedes it Trust me, when it s dark and you re footsore and the lantern is almost out of oil but you want a human voice to ease you into sleep, he won t let you down Maybe the post modernists are right, and the world will keep ever complicating itself as we hide away in our loungerooms with walls of books and computers and flat screen TVs being bombarded by information But just in case, there is Nohow On There it is, there it will always be, a life in a few short pages, eternity in a grain of sand.

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    The spare, mesmeric beauty of Samuel Beckett s late prose is simply shattering.

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    Most of the Beckett I have read is long overdue for a reread This one which I was ill suited for on first encounter, now in mid life, this may well be a favourite I will have to revisit it again in a month or two Whether or not Beckett wanted this to be seen as a trilogy, the pieces work well together with Worstward Ho simply a harsh, sharp and devastating finale choked poetic wordplay at its best.

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    Endless, breathless, minimalist stream of consciousness prose Beckett s staccato like sentences try to unravel the meaning of things in the deep, dark void of his character s minds Very few writers can convincingly put streams of human consciousness into words and sentences Worstward Ho is certainly the pick of the bunch for me Left right unreceding on

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    Did I understand any of it Yes No Eh Did I go on On.Sometimes I wonder if it s Beckett s intention to make you feel like a worm, crawling in the dirt, talking to its own ass You are burrowing through, making progress, doubting yourself, moving forward, not making any progress at all I never know what to make of his prose, and often I finish his non tales feeling a little depressed But they get me thinking And they are original Ruthless Is that the right word

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