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Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2) chapter 1 Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2), meaning Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2), genre Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2), book cover Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2), flies Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2), Omnibus: The Worst Witch At School (Worst Witch Book 1 & 2) f7e7b8368ced8 Featuring The Famously Disaster Prone Mildred In The Worst Witch And The Worst Witch Strikes Again Pleasant, Undemanding Stories For Young Witch Fanciers Humorous, Gently Eerie Drawings On Almost Every Page Add To The Fun SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

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    O carte mai bine spus o poveste sentimentala despre o fata cat se poate de amabila.Interesanta poveste V o recomand

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    O carte amuzant i distructiv Mereu aventurile lui Mildred vor fii speciale

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    Decided to reread after watching the Netflix series A fun, light read.

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    Mi a pl cut foarte mult aceast carte , mai mult a putea zice c este poveste.Vi o recomand dac nu a i citit o.Mi a luat fix 55 de minute.Spor la citit

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    Este o carte interesant ,dar este cam pueril A fost amuzant c nd Mildred a transformat o pe Ethel.O recomand copiilor care au sub 9 ani, inclusiv.

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    I loved my book so much.It was so funny.It was funny because of the things Mildred did.Like how she turned Ethel into a pig.It was so funny.I couldn t wait until I got to the next book.I loved it.I really enjoyed Mildred as a person too.Pg.22 and 23.Someone who would like this book is someone who likes funny books.They would really enjoy and love this book.They would enjoy this book because it is very funny.They would also like this book because it is enjoyable too.I enjoyed a lot.A challenge was keeping up with who was speaking.It was a challenge because it confused me a lot.It confused me because when I was reading someone might say something than once.And it confused me a lot when it didn t say that that person had said something twice.This story was about how Mildred was in her first year of Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches and is already making a mess of it.She can t fly her broomstick or get spells right.Then she turns Ethel into a pig and into her sworn enemy.Now she had realized her troubles had just began.

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    The Worst Witch at School and the Worst Witch Strikes Again, by Jill MurphyMurphy s law reigns supreme in the life of student witch, Mildred Hubble anything that can go wrong does She still manages to save the day on multiple occasions A light, fun read for children 8 11 I like children s books and this was fun, but very young and light It was cute and children this age will enjoy it.It s not an ambitious book like Harry Potter This one, by the way, came first and is quite similar in some ways, it s a boarding school with classes in potions etc and a big spooky castle The difference is, there is no abiding force of evil against which to struggle This may be appropriate for very young children, but makes the book seem a bit fluffy in comparison The evil that does read its head is minor and brief.I love children s literature This book is good, but not great I am interested in what makes a book superior, because I want to write superior books LOL

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    I can honestly say that I was very skeptic about reading this book, I guess you can say I had no desire but my 3 nieces challenged me to read this book and told me I would fall in love with it I of course took the challenge and wanted to prove them wrong but of course I turned out to be wrong I absolutely loved this book It is extremely funny, humerous and pleasant Even the eerie drawings captured my attention Jill Murphey is a great author and she has made me want to read all of these books now lets just see if I can convince my nieces to let me borrow the books for a bit I enjoyed this book not just because it was great but because it not only engaged me but my nieces and shows that a book that can capture an audience of all people proves to be a book of great intelligence Great book highly reccommend.

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    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu Cartea lui Jill Murphy beneficiaz de toate avantajele fa de cealalt carte despre care mi am propus s scriu c teva cuvinte se situeaz ntr un mai vechi Hogwarts, ntr o coal pentru vr jitoare, are acces la personaje secundare care ar putea fi grozave, poate profita de tov r ia unor animale care pot deveni legendare lilieci, bufni e, pisici negre i totu i nu i fructific deloc atuurile