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A Duke to Die For chapter 1 A Duke to Die For, meaning A Duke to Die For, genre A Duke to Die For, book cover A Duke to Die For, flies A Duke to Die For, A Duke to Die For e1200ddd7d4e6 What Is A Roguish Young Nobleman Supposed To Do With A Shockingly Lovely Young Ward The Duke Of Blakewell Believes He D Better Marry Her Off As Soon As Possible, Before He Gives In To Temptation HimselfBut Henrietta Doesn T Want A Husband She Wants Her IndependenceSure That She Carries A Curse That Killed Her Previous Guardians, Henrietta Just Wants The Duke To Sign Over Her Inheritance Before Something Terrible Befalls HimIn A Moment Of Passion, They Become Scandalously Entangled, And Suddenly The Duke Must Take Henrietta S Curse Seriously, And She Must Take Drastic Measures To Save The One Man She Could Love

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    I discovered author Amelia Grey several years ago and quickly found myself searching out her backlist to enjoy her light touch of humor and emotionally touching reads A Duke to Die For is the start of her new Rogue s Dynasty series from SourceBooks Casablanca This publisher is one I m coming to admire for their strong list of romance authors from several different genres so I guess I wasn t really surprised to see Amelia Grey is now one of their number Grey s heroines aren t weak, but they re not ball busters either And her heroes are Gammas at times in that they CAN take charge, but aren t overbearing about it for the most part Anyhow, this wasn t as good as some of her other books, but still plenty good enough to keep me entertained this afternoon.Lucian is a rogue, a rake, and a scoundrel He s also an extremely wealthy, young, and sexy Duke so society mostly forgives him as they throw their daughters in his path He knows he ll have to settle down one day since he must carry on the family name now that his father is dead, but he s just having a bit too much now to worry about that When a young miss arrives at his house, he s not sure what to think When he sees how beautiful she is, he thinks he wants her When he finds out she s his wardoh crap If that s not bad enough, this 19 year old diamond is filthy rich, level headed, but still thinks she s cursed.Henrietta doesn t just think she s cursed, she s sure of it She s been through five, count em five, guardians already It just figures that this last one turns out to be a man she comes to care forand the one man she can t have Not just because he s her guardian, but because if she doesn t get away, the curse will kill him too.Henrietta was an interesting character for me In many ways, older than her years and so level headedyet fully convinced in the curse and naive in so many city ways Yet I can almost see how living in the country and having so many guardians die not long after taking her into their charge could mold a younger woman s mind Especially after the tragic circumstances of her family s death Anyhow, she s one of the weakest heroines Grey has written and maybe that s why she seemed so different Lucian is just scrumptious and watching him force himself to grow up was entertaining all on its own.Grey s books are always well paced, beautifully written and quite sensual A Duke to Die For is no exception I enjoyed the break from murderous plots, sinister suitors, etc and just basked in a true romance Lucian s buddies are slated for their own stories and I ll be picking those up as they re published.

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    Re Read A Duke to Die For and I am increasing the story from 4 to 5 stars I really enjoyed reading again Blake The Duke of Blakewell and his Ward Henrietta Tweed I don t understand the negative reviews as the is story is very well written, true to the era Great cast of secondary characters Most of all you can feel and visualize the growing love and sexual tension between Blake and Henrietta Both H H are loveable and likeable characters I loved All the secondary characters Blakes cousins Race and Morgan and there older friend who is like a grandfather Gibby.Henrietta shows up one day claiming that she is The Duke of Blakewell s ward In 12 years Henrietta has had 5 Guardians over her and her great fortune Her parents died when she was just 7 years and now she is 19 She believes she has a curse on her because all of her 5 previous Guardian have died.Blake is confused at first seeing Henrietta, she is beautiful but he doesn t remember every promising to be someone s guardian They soon figure out it was the late Duke Blackwell who was among the list of guardians The story angst is very understandable I hate most stories that keep the H H apart This one makes sense as Blake and Henrietta are falling hard in love with each other But Blake feels he shouldn t have these feelings because he is her Guardian However they get there HEA This was an very enjoyable read First read April 2012 PaperbackRe Read August 2018 Kindle ebook

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    Bastante mediocre, no vamos a mentir Henrietta llega a la casa del duque de Blakewell con el que cuento de que es su nueva y crecida pupila Blake lo acepta y se encandila por su belleza y lo arregla todo para que Henrietta tenga su primera temporada social de un modo exitoso y con suerte pueda encontrar marido y sacarsela de encima pronto Lo primero que hace es visitar a su antigua amante y pedirle que sea su dama de compa a y se encargue de todo por l Henrietta, con sus dulces 19, cae terriblemente enamorada encaprichada, calentura adolescente del apuesto duque Y para Blake ella es demasiado tentadora y no puede evitar besarla y manosearle el pecho un par de veces mientras se repriende interiormente porque a es su pupila y b si tantas ganas tiene de deber a buscarse una viuda y piensa en sus opciones Y eso es todo lo que pasa en esas m seras p ginas Imaginaba algo muuucho m s interesante para un asunto tutor pupila pero ambos asisten a dos miseros bailes antes de acordar que se aman desesperadamente y que es una locura que sigan negando sus pasiones Yo lo digo con m s sentimiento del que jam s podr an demostrar aquellos dos La trama aparte de simplona adhiere una maldici n que no lleva a nada y es pura superstici n, una intriga sobre una posible embaucadora que quiere arruinar al pseudo abuelo de Blake y nada m s No llevan a nada y definitivamente su resoluci n no es la gran cosa Es cursi, es aburrido, plano, llano, personajes acartonados que dicen dos boludeces y caen enamorados, una calentura sin chispa y mont n de tonter as que hace de esto una lectura completamente prescindible Si le dejo un 2 fue porque me colabor a terminar mi reto hist rico.

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    A DUKE TO DIE FOR is the first in Amelia Grey s Rogues Dynasty books A DUKE TO DIE FOR is about Duke Blakewell and Henrietta Tweed, while the next two will be about Blackwell s two cousins Lord Raceworth and Lord Morgangale.Great fun sums up this story quite well Despite his initial bluster, Blakewell isn t quite as bad as his reputation makes him out to be At least he takes his role as Duke quite seriously even if he is a tad absentminded , so maybe it s he hasn t had time to keep up his reputation as the Devilish Duke Henrietta, for all her superstitions, is rather level headed and mature She s only nineteen, but shows sense then many of the older people of the story.As for the curse, it truly was a self fulfilling prophecy, I think Sure enough, if you go looking for trouble, you can subscribe just about any ordinary event to it What I was really pleased by was Blakewell and how quickly he understood Henrietta There wasn t any misunderstandings between them, and even if he didn t always believe what Henrietta said who would believe a curse was put upon a seven year old girl , he didn t condescend or make light of it.I look forward, eagerly, to the next two books although I have a feeling Blakewell might keep my heart.

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    Nothing like a cute little historical romance now and again But I have found out that I have the most stupid pet peeve I grew up with Cartland and other nice writers of romance So now every time some one has sex, I shake my head and tell her in a stern voice, what improver behavior for a young lady You will never get married now Sometimes it works for me, but here I just shook my head I mean that is so silly, if this had taken place 100 years later I would have just shouted , you go girl So yes there was sex, no one missed that after my little conservative speech I honestly think I will never get over it because I know better and I know they would have been ruined Luckily they always get to marry the man who ruins them Though here the first sex scene, well I mean I would have been broken after it She didn t seem that affected that he just went out and left her For a naive girl who hadn t even been kissed before him that was weird behaviour.Ok enough with my conservative blabber I blame Barbara Cartland She was a sweet naive girl who believed that there was a curse upon her, and her guardians sure kept on dropping like flies In comes her last guardian, a handsome young duke and my attention had been earned She wants to be independent, he wants to see her married and gone from him Well we all know that things are not that simple, nope, she falls for him, and there are some situations where he fights his emotions, or should I say lust He, a no good rake has fallen for her too But of course she has this stupid notion about a curse, or is it stupid No kick in the back for these, yes they should have known they were in love, but they were just so clueless that is was sweet And he was really cute and smart at the end I liked them as a couple, and there was some nice scenes were things started to get steamy.Good side characters, I liked his cousins, they have the next two books, so good to see of them Their uncle Gibby was a sweet old man, and I find myself liking Blake s old mistress Constance i never like the old mistresses, but Grey had put it so nicely They had slept together, and realized they were just to be friends Gotta love that I d like to see her in a book too, the widow who gets married again.A sweet and easy read that kept my attention through out the book.Blodeuedd s Cover Corner Nope not liking it, no head on him, and she is turned away Oh I just saw, rather girly lips on him.Reason 4 Reading Own copyFinal thoughts You never go wrong with a historical romance now and again.

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    Henrietta has gone through five guardians and she s worried about the sixth, the Duke of Blackwell Unfortunately, the Duke has no idea that she s arriving Lucian is pretty happy with his life He has responsibilities, sure, but he s been ignoring them pretty well as he continues his debauchery while trying to avoid the young ladies being forced into his path His father has recently died and Lucian is astonished to realize that this means that he is indeed this nubile young woman s guardian He scoffs at her prediction of danger, most of her guardians were men his father s age, of course they died The real danger is that he might accidentally or not so accidentally compromise her virtue and then be forced to marry a fate worse than death he calls in his ex lover to come and help out I will read Constance s story if it comes out but I sort of hope that she sticks to her guns and remains a happy, unencumbered widow.Harriet is the least favorite of my heroines in this trilogy She s young, naive and really kind of a PITA Would definitely have rated this two and a half stars if given the option but rounded up for this system Not as bad as a two but definitely not on par with many other books I ve rated three stars.

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    Kecewa ma novel ini. udah ga nyambung ma judul trus cerita lebay n terkesan dipaksakan IMO Klo baca judul pst lgs terpikir klo ni Duke sangat2 special mpe layak mempertaruhkan nyawa buat mendapatkannya ternyata. si hero, Duke of Blakewell, menurut gw agak2 munafik, pura2 mo menikahkan Henrietta ma nobleman padahal dia jg suka sih napa ga dr awal aja dia menawarkan pernikahan ma Henrietta gw jg ga ngerti..nahh. Henrietta lain lg. gw pikir ni cewe, sesuai deskripsi, tipe2 yg tegas, mandiri, n pny self respect gitu. ternyata. emang sih ga salah klo dia suka ma bapak wali nya cuma mau ajaaa di grasa grusuin sigh untung Blake memutuskan menikahi dia, naa klo ga kan udah tercemar dianya. ill feel ma scene di study room Blake. iihhh. ga bisa nahan diri gitu deh. rolling eyes overall, this is not an enjoyable or my kind of HR novel..

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    When I choose to read a romance novel it means I m in the mood for adventure, laughter, tears or anything that might relate to fun and pure entertainment Sadly this book misses all the marks for me and most of all it s lacking in emotional growth The only good parts were the depictions of the surroundings and the time feeling was quite appropriate, but still it s not enough At the end you re asking yourself why in the world these two people have fallen for each other IMHO the aim of any romance novel regency, medieval, contemporary etc it doesn t matter should be, apart from the plot which here is totally absent the showing of the uniqueness of each love story and its dynamics After all is said and done, the magic is all in there and here I found none.

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    Sejak beli terjemahannya ampe sekarang ga selesai2 bacanya hehehe Sekarang dipaksa in aja bacanya ampe abis karena lagi bingung mo baca yang mana Dari segi cerita tidak ada yang spesial, tidak ada intrik yang seru, tokoh2nya pun tidak ada spesial, heroine hero saling tertarik sejak pertama kali bertemu jadinya bikin ngantuk bacanya, belum lagi soal balon udara dan kutukan yang sebenarnya hanya belum tentu benar tapi dibesar2kan oleh heroine, jadi tambah ngantuk ah Meski biasa2 aja tapi aku tetap suka karena tidak ada tokoh yang ngerusak mood.

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    This book had a slight twist on the ward falling in love with her guardian She believes that she has a curse that causes all of her guardians to die Other than that, there is nothing new or exciting about this book It might have been saved by the writing itself, but instead is mired in too many lulls that make you think that Grey was running out of ways to move the story along I really had to force myself to finish it.