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The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime quotes The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime, litcharts The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime, symbolism The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime, summary shmoop The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime, The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime 758a02af The First Volume In A Trilogy Of Prayer Manuals Compiled By Publishers Weekly Religion Editor Phyllis Tickle As A Contemporary Book Of Hours To Guide Christians Gently Yet Authoritatively Through The Daily Offices The Divine Hours Is The First Major Literary And Liturgical Reworking Of The Sixth Century Benedictine Rule Of Fixed Hour Prayer This Beautifully Conceived And Thoroughly Modern Three Volume Guide Will Appeal To The Theological Novice As Well As To The Ecclesiastical Sophisticate Making Primary Use Of The Book Of Common Prayer And The Writings Of The Church Fathers, The Divine Hours Is Also A Companion To The New Jerusalem Bible, From Which It Draws Its Scripture Readings The Trilogy Blends Prayer And Praise In A Way That, While Extraordinarily Fresh, Respects And Builds Upon The Ancient Wisdom Of Christianity The First Book In The Set, Prayers For Summertime, Filled With Prayers, Psalms, And Readings, Is One Readers Will Turn To Again And Again Compact In Size, It Is Perfect For Those Seeking Greater Spiritual Depth As A Contemporary Book Of Hours, The Divine Hours Prayers For Summertime Heralds A Renewal Of The Tradition Of Disciplined Daily Prayer, And Will Whet The Hunger Of A Large And Eager Audience For The Follow Up Autumn Winter And Spring Volumes The First Book In The Set, PRAYERS FOR SUMMERTIME, Filled With Prayers, Psalms, And Readings, Is The One Readers Will Turn To When Making Their Daily Summertime Devotions Compact, With A Ribbon Marker And Deluxe Endpapers, It Is Perfect For Those Seeking Spiritual Guidance And Renewal THE DIVINE HOURS PRAYERS FOR SUMMERTIME Heralds A New Form Of An Old Tradition And Whets The Hunger Of A Large And Eager Audience For The Follow Up Winter And Spring Volumes

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    I love her Divine Hours books Some of the readings are from poets and mystics It s wonderful Only complaint I have is that the language is still a bit he and his I suppose that s to be expected since much of it is taken from the BCP, but I wish I could find a book of hours that s as good as this but with inclusive language.

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    Wonderful resource for daily prayer my advice is do not buy an e book version This is a book you want to hold in your hands, turn actual pages with your fingers place on your night table

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    We ve been using this for morning prayer all summer so I think that s enough to write a review.We ve actually owned all these since someone got them for us as wedding presents and have used them a good bit over the years but never this consistently.It s a really nice simple prayer book The thing about it is you have no excuse because there is no flipping around or looking up scriptures as is required with other prayer books.The only real downside to me is its use of the Jerusalem Bible which I strongly dislike as a translation It s very hard to read out loud and is often incomprehensible to me At least the Psalms are from the Bcp Psalter Immersing yourself in the Psalms is probably the best part of using this book from a devotional perspective.

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    I don t know if this counts as having read as I certainly did not get to it every day I love the idea of it though, praying the hours, and I will hopefully do better when it comes round again next year Am currently nearly up to Advent in the Wintertime version, which I m looking forward to.

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    A wonderful resource for anyone who would like to add this disciple to their personal spiritual practice.

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    I loved this book Such a wonderful aid to Christian growth and daily habits of prayer.

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    Since the time he penned the words, Christians have been wrestling with how to live out Paul s command to pray without ceasing 1 Thess 5 17 Historically there have been three major spiritual disciplines that have emerged out of the desire to keep this command breath prayers, practicing the presence of God , and the approach this book represents, praying the hours This is a great discipline, calling a person to pray at three or four fixed times during the day, utilizing a series of Psalms, Gospel readings, and written prayers taken primarily from the Book of Common Prayer The great strength of this discipline is that in calling a person to return to prayer at times throughout the day, it has the effect of keeping one in prayer even between the fixed hours of prayer Prayer times can be short or long, depending on how much time you have to work with Also, praying other people s prayers, be it the Psalms or one written by another believer, broadens the subject matter of one s prayer life beyond the needs of the moment and the favored areas a person tends to gravitate to I find that I need this on occasion to break me out of my ruts and expand my capacity to hear what God might want to say to me The weakness challenge of this approach is that it is easy to heap on guilt and ought ness when you miss a prayer time I find this discipline works best for me when I hold it very lightly going in with an understanding that I may or may not pray at each of the appointed times One other interesting dimension of this discipline is that it is one of the few that we can say with certainty that Jesus himself practiced, as practicing Jews in the first century and before observed fixed hour prayer at least three times a day see e.g Acts 3 1, 10 9, see also Ps 119 164, Dan 6 10, and the 3x day use of the Lord s Prayer in the Didache.

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    Phyllis Tickle s book is a daily liturgy that can be used for personal or corporate prayer I started using it in personal prayer as I was going through a period where I found it difficult to motivate myself to pray improvised prayers on my own The prayers of this book were helpful in getting me settled down and oriented towards God, and then I would follow them with my own personal thoughts and requests Tickle offers three liturgies per calendar day morning, midday, and evening as well as a set of compline end of the day prayers for each month I committed to trying for two prayers per day, usually morning and midday.Each prayer session liturgy has a number of components like the call to prayer , the request for presence as well as scripture readings, which are included Most of the prayers are quotes from scripture so this book works well for those who like to pray the Word There are also a number of traditional prayers and elements borrowed from other liturgies One thing I like is how components change each day, while other elements like The Lord s Prayer are always the same It s a good blend of variety and consistency One negative to me, anyway is that there is no prompt for including your own personal prayers, intercessions, confessions, reflection, etc so you ll have to improvise if you want to add those in.I ve also nearly completed the Prayers for Autumn Winter book and am about to begin the Prayers for Springtime.

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    For the last several months I have been using Phyllis Tickle s prayer book series I purchased the entire set which includes prayer books for each season of the year, along with a book of Night Offices I started with Prayers for Springtime and have now moved to Prayers for Summertime.If you are unfamiliar with Phyllis Tickle you will find her a prolific writer with dozens of books to her name She is the founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly and has been a much sought after speaker on religion in America.In The Divine Hours Ms Tickle makes primary use of The Book of Common Prayer, the writings of the Church Fathers and takes Scripture readings from the New Jerusalem Bible Each book is divided into specific time categories Morning, Mid day, Evening and Night and is easy to navigate to find today s reading.As a recovering addict it s critical that I keep my prayer routine on track and The Divine Hours series has been most helpful in this area Although I have several prayer books and iPhone apps, I really enjoy Phyllis Tickle s books and use them regularly If you are looking for a way to freshen your prayer and praise routine while participating in the ancient practice of the liturgy, I highly recommend The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle.

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    If this is your first intro to fixed hour prayer, Divine Hours can seem a little heavy You might want to first try Common Prayer by Claiborne However, this amazing series gives a much deeper journey into the practice as it includes 3 unique prayers for each day and a set of daily prayers for each month s compline It also includes various special weeks for the high seasons of the Church Following the BCP, with readings primarily from the Jerusalem Bible, and excerpts from Christians of many times, nationalities, and branches of the faith, you won t find a beautiful way to structure your daily prayer life.

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