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    STORM S OBSESSION is the first story I have read by Jodi Olson and now that I have, I intend on reading This novella follows Storm as he embarks on an investigation in Cancun Once he arrives, he runs face to face with the love of his life and former fianc who left him three years earlier.From the start, Ms Olson creates dynamic characters, both deep and believable Their emotions and reactions are relatable and ones we have shared As a relatively short novella, my hat is tipped to the depth of the plot and development throughout I am always amazed by authors who are able to flesh stories out in such limited amount of space Along with a strong story line, the heat index is off the charts The sexual tension is dynamic and does not hold back when it comes to describing the intimacy and the sex If I had a complaint about STORM S OBSESSION, it would be that I wish it had been longer There were certain questions left unanswered, but I ll simply email Ms Olson and beg her to write of these two characters.

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