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The Shaping of a Life summary The Shaping of a Life , series The Shaping of a Life , book The Shaping of a Life , pdf The Shaping of a Life , The Shaping of a Life fbfc36b588 In The Shaping Of A Life, Phyllis Tickle Recounts Her Life With Honesty And Humor, Richly Conveying Both The External Events And The Internal Insights And Emotions As Tickle Chronicles Her Deepening Understanding Of Prayer And The Rewards Of Marriage, Family, And Spiritual Life, She Reaches Across The Boundaries That Separate One Denomination From Another And Presents A Portrait Of Spiritual Growth And Transformation That Will Appeal To Devout Practitioners And Their Less Religious Neighbors As Well Within A Very Personal Story, Tickle Reveals The Keys That Will Help Readers Of All Faiths Find The Path That Leads From The Everyday World Of Doing To The Special Place Of Simply Being

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    I sped through this book and could hardly put it down I m not sure that would be every reader s experience I think Phyllis Tickle s memoir of the earlier years of her life and her spiritual education and awakening will appeal primarily to those who already know and love her writing, especially her prayer books, The Divine Hours Yet, I give this five stars because Tickle s story is so perceptive and intelligent It illuminates a particular life as well as an era of American religious culture Until reading this book, I did not know it was possible to turn such an observant and critical eye on one s own mental and spiritual processes Brilliant.

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    This book is definitely on my favorites list I became interested in it after hearing she was a contributor to the Voice scripture project and that she was the religion editor at Publisher s Weekly which I love thumbing through The Shaping of A Life was an excellent title for this because it was exactly that This book blurred the lines somewhere between a memoir and an autobiography, covering roughly the first thirty years of her life from 1930 1960 She is incredibly introspective, incredibly intelligent and does an excellent job of identifying and describing the moments and periods of her young life in which she, say, became an adult, identified the most important lessons learned from her parents, and discovered her love of reading I was also drawn to her wonderful ability to describe her emotions accurately and concretely without flowery language I envy her writing abilities and her contemplation Hopefully in my late seventies, I can be so insightful and so accurate in my portrayal of events and experiences of over half a century before.

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    I had to give up on this one part way through While the author seems very intelligent, her rather intellectual presentation of spiritual matters is generally not what I look for in spiritual biography Rather, I hope to be spiritually uplifted the ability of which to do so I found somewhat lacking in this book.

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    This woman had an amazing life and is one of my spiritual heroes I ve taken my time with this book but now that I m almost done it s like a good friend It does drag A little in the middle but life is like that some times.

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    I tried I really tried to get into this book but to no avail It s not that Tickle doesn t have a good handle on language but the use of words was so superfluous as to render them distracting and meaningless Very disappointing.

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    An inspiring read of one woman s faith journey through life that follows her journey through school, marriage and children, and how these events reflect on her spiritual inner self.

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    I really wanted to like this book And there were moments I really enjoyed But I did not love it, nor did I find it as engaging as many other spiritual memoirs.

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    deeply insightful and spiritual autobiography of an accomplished writer religious expert from eastern Tennessee.

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    A beautifully written memoir of a spiritual journey, The Shaping of a Life is an academic masterpiece and a portal to the divine.

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    Potentially a good book, but she is dreadfully long winded, and any interesting tid bits are quite buried in a lot of non sense.

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