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The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition txt The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, text ebook The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, adobe reader The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, chapter 2 The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition 197b71 When Phyllis Tickle S Marvelous Devotional Trilogy The Divine HoursTM Appeared, Readers Responded With Gratitude, Praise, And A Great Many Requests For An Edition Of Hourly Prayers That They Could Easily Carry With Them An Edition That Would Make This Ancient Form Of Christian Worship Compatible With The Pace And Mobility Of Modern Life Now, In The Divine Hours Pocket EditionTM, Tickle Has Gathered One Full Week Of Fixed Hour Prayers, Providing An Ideal Companion For Travelers, Office Workers, People On Retreat Or Pilgrimage, As Well As Newcomers To This Age Old Spiritual Practice As Tickle Writes In Her Introduction, Prayer Is Always A Place As Well As An Action, And The Daily Offices Are Like Small Chapels Or Wayside Stations Within The Day S Courses Seven Of These Daily Offices Are Offered For Each Day Of The Week, And Each Office Contains The Call To Prayer, The Request For Presence, The Greeting, The Reading, The Gloria, The Psalm, The Small Verse, The Lord S Prayer, The Petition, And The Final Thanksgiving Tickle Draws Her Texts Primarily From The Book Of Common Prayer And The Writings Of The Church Fathers, And Includes Memorable Devotional And Meditative Poems By Cleland McAfee, Charles Wesley, And Others Tickle Also Provides A Chapter Of Traditional, Seasonal, And Occasional Prayers In Order To Accommodate Special Dates Like Advent, Christmas, Easter, And Thanksgiving Major Life Changes Such As Marriage, Birth, Death, And Illness And Moments Of Special Petition Or Thanksgiving For All Those Who Want To Carry A Small Chapel Of Prayers With Them, The Divine Hours Pocket EditionTM Offers A Convenient, Easy To Use, And Deeply Spiritual Guide To A Devotional Practice That Extends All The Way Back To Christ And The Twelve Apostles

About the Author: Phyllis A. Tickle

Phyllis Natalie Tickle was an American author and lecturer whose work focuses on spirituality and religion issues After serving as a teacher, professor, and academic dean, Tickle entered the publishing industry, serving as the founding editor of the religion department at Publishers Weekly, before then becoming a popular writer She is well known as a leading voice in the emergence church movemen

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    This is a very good, compact edition of Phyllis Tickle s Divine Hours that can substitute for the 4 volume larger edition when traveling, or when just getting started in praying the hours This book doesn t follow the liturgical year like the larger edition does, but it does have prayers for all seven hours including the night time hours for each day of the week I ve enjoyed using it very much when the larger edition is not convenient.

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    this is so good so often we struggle to pray or what to pray and it keeps us from praying Scripture is the great antidote bask in it read it meditate on it I am enjoying reading through this often.

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    This tiny little rascal arrived in the world in 2007 I have used it in varied and modified ways off and on throughout the years It follows the traditional, simple format of 7 times of prayer for each day of the week It is a handy, pocket sized manual that can easily be carried in a purse and lightly held in a hand Each portion is short, and yet has plenty of material from the Psalter, Scriptures, hymns, canticles, and litanies The Divine Hours could be used by prayer communities for corporate prayer but it is also ideal for personal devotions It can be employed in multiple ways to fit within busy schedules or to help people who have overly active minds that flit about It can be supplemented or followed rigidly If looked on as a tool, it will be found a tutor and if used as an amenity, it will be found an ally.As I write this short review, it is Lent 2018 It would make a nice aid to Lenten contemplations and preparations there are even prayers at the back for the various seasons in the Church year If you ve been thinking to yourself, Self, I need a little help here then let me encourage you snatch up a copy and dive in.

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    This book was my entrance into the world of Ordered Prayer.It contains a full week of structured prayers, Scripture Readings and quotations from the spiritual greats This book served as a good beginning and it is also much smaller and compact than are the other three volumes in this series It is designed as a bring along book, easily read on the bus during commutes or to slip into a suitcase for a trip Because of my positive experience with this book I went ahead and ordered the next book on Kindle Divine Hours for Autumn and Winter BUT HERE IS A WARNING Do not order these books on Kindle did a very poor job of translating the calendar of prayers in the kindle versions They failed to put in the dates for the readings, rendering the books useless You will enjoy the paperback versions anywaywrite in them Highlight them Make them your own.

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    A wonderful resource, but one that requires me to make constant modifications as I read and pray because of Tickle s and the Book of Common Prayer s tradition theology.

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    Wonderful prayer book.

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    A wonderful traveling companion size of daily offices that captures Tickle s special approach to this life of prayer, The Pocket Edition is lean, but rich in the textual gems chosen I will now also recommend this edition as an introductory way to start praying the christian offices for those considering it, because it is so easy to use After the form is understood, prayers who want to add the seasons and daily readings, and aren t traveling around may wish to pick up the other books of hours that Tickle has created.

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    While I don t pray all the hours, I ve found this is a lovely way to begin and end each day It s especially calming in the morning when I know it s going to be one of those days I ve used both this book and one for Advent Christmas This one has the benefit of repetition so over a few weeks, I found I d memorized much of it, but I prefer the seasonal one, purely because the verses and readings change over the days.

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    I used this book as a Lenten discipline this year, but have continued to use it in the months since Lent ended It is a lovely condensed version of the daily offices, or fixed hour prayers Perfect for adding structure to one s daily prayer life and very spiritually focusing.

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    This is a pocket size version of the Divine Hours prayer books Great for travel for one week, wash, rinse, repeat.

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