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The Real Fantasy txt The Real Fantasy, text ebook The Real Fantasy, adobe reader The Real Fantasy, chapter 2 The Real Fantasy, The Real Fantasy b3bcd5 She Was His Living FantasyDr Matthew Jarvis Advertised For A Trainee GP, Preferably Female, For His New Forest General Practice To His Total Shock, One Of The Applicants Was Dr Linsey Wheeler, The Girl He Had Rescued From Drowning Eight Years Ago Even Then She Had An Impact Upon Him, But The Present Reality Was A Far Cry From The Fantasy He Had Cherished It Was Considerably Better She Had Never Forgotten Him But Matthew Didn T Consider Himself Anything Specialuntil Linsey Set Out To Prove Him Wrong

About the Author: Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson s first romance novel was published in 1991 by Mills Boon, and she specializes in medical romances Her most long and popular series is The Audley Memorial Hospital , where romance is the best medicine of all In 2002, she published the original Double Destiny Duology, where Fran Williams lives two different lifes and loves Now, she has created a new successful series, Yo

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    This is kind of a reunion romance without there being any romance with their first meeting Matthew Jarvis rescued the young Linsey Wheeler from drowning eight years ago and changed both their lives.Linsey became a doctor and has now applied to join Matthew s practice He never forgot her and is not sure if allowing her back into his life is a good idea.This is a sweet romance without any major conflict Most excitement comes from the medical emergencies they deal with.The ending was satisfactory.

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