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Brush Up Your Shakespeare! summary Brush Up Your Shakespeare!, series Brush Up Your Shakespeare!, book Brush Up Your Shakespeare!, pdf Brush Up Your Shakespeare!, Brush Up Your Shakespeare! 0bb4ad86cf The Author Of It S Greek To Me And By Jove Takes Readers On A Lively Tour Through Shakespeare S Most Famous And Quotable Words And Phrases, Presenting Several Hundred Of The Bard S Lines, Complete With Background Information, Explanations, And Literary Anecdotes That Set The Phrases In Their Original Contexts Line Drawings Index

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    A very enlightening book on various Shakespearean quotes that are commonly used today by many individuals without any knowledge, however, as to their origin and true meaning The author writes in a fun whimsical way yet clearly explaining the definition of the words or phrases In the back of the book is a section of words that were actually coined by Shakespeare or words which he was the first to put in print , and it includes some very interesting surprises such as upstairs and downstairs , domineering , bedroom , quarrelsome , unreal , and assassination Some of the phrases that Shakespeare coined are also very surprising and ones that we use, if not every day, at least multiple times a week A commonly used one is the phrase Household Words Here s the ironic and fascinating part of it though it is a very well known word, its use has changed dramatically since it was first written In speaking of Act 4, scene 3 of Henry the Fifth, the author says Henry appeals to the pride and glory, not of war, but of old men s tales of war Victory will bring a kind of immortality, because the names of the heroes will become as familiar in English mouths as their household words As we do, Henry uses household to connote extreme familiarity At home, people are just people, not specialists of any variety, and they speak the commonest language Oddly, this elitism in reverse is meant to ensure the greatest distinction familiarity breeds not contempt, but glory, even immortality Henry and Shakespeare s audience appreciated this phenomenon as the distinction of the hero that we now expand it to include consumer products and media celebrities does, perhaps, verge on contempt This is just one example of many Probably the most important thing taken away from reading this book is that, besides it being a very enjoyable and delightful read, it also helps one to realize how important it is to know and understand the meaning of the words you are saying So often we just spit words out of our mouths that we think nothing of, but once you begin to look into their specific meanings, and become aware of what you are actually saying, it makes you really want to be careful and precise with your words Psalm 34 13 Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

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    This is great reference book for those who love Shakespeare and desire brief references for the most famous quotes While T S Eliot and Cole Porter may not have needed it, the book is helpful for those of us who do not read Shakespeare everyday With quotes from all or almost all of the plays it is helpful as both a reminder of past readings and performances and a suggestion for new exploration of this greatest playwright of the English language The book is a delight to browse or use as a reverence work It also helps you avoid the faux Shakespeare that is in the air, those phrases wrongly attributed to Shakespeare which had origins in earlier works.

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    This book is for those that both want to improve their Shakespearean intelligence quotient, as well as, those that wish to learn the roots of common phrases I love the author s humor and insightful briefs about each quote or expression I would like to see this book in many hands to not only build vocabulary and knowledge, also, to develop a greater appreciation for the works of Shakespeare and how much he changed our language.

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    This helpful volume contains excerpts from some of the most famous passages of Shakespeare, with explanations and helps for understanding them This will be especially helpful if you know some phrases are from Shakespeare but aren t sure in which play to find them Read my full review here

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    It s a fun little reference The majority of the book is dedicated to explaining Shakespeare s most famous lines and passages, but it also has sections on coined words, titles coming from Shakespeare, and misattributions It isn t a book you d want to sit down and read all at once, but glancing at a few pages a day can be pretty interesting I learned some good stuff.

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    A volume of the most familiar borrowings and the earliest known examples of phrases which can be traced to the Bard, with explanatory notes and a fun style, this is one I d advocate grabbing if you happen to see it in a used bookstore.

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    A listing with explanations and sources for some of the famous lines from Shakespeare It also contains a list of words coined by Shakespeare as well as lines attributed to him, but did not originate with him.

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    Great fun for those of us who missed the Shakespeare boat during our school years We Americans probably have no idea how many common phrases we frequently use, which come from Shakespeare, or also are faux Shakespeare Those which came before him, but which he uses in his plays.

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    picked this up at the NPL book sale today looks like fun not from the book but interesting

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    Even after having this book for 20 years, I still like to pick it up off the shelf and re read sections from time to time.

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