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    Famous Australian writer Gary Crew takes a tongue in cheek poke at his profession in his entertaining and ironic novel The Children s Writer.Crew is the award winning author of a prolific number of children s books and books for young adults deeming him than eligible to give us an insider s look at the world of writing in all its guts and glory.For a full review see

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    I enjoyed this novel about an aspiring author in his early 20s whose romance gets sideswiped by a famous children s writer Said aspiring author narrates the novel, and slowly begins to understand himself as he is forced to face jealousy and then his own shortcomings He s not particularly likeable, but I felt sorry for him and he grew on me, such is the skill of the actual author of this book A good read.

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    Not sure how to describe this one by Crew except to say it had some interest in its tale of relationship breakdown over the intrusion of pretentious children s author in the relationship of want to be authors None of the characters were particularly likeable, there were some good moments but overall it was pretty average.

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    I really enjoyed the story, and found the characters all worthy of empathy.

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    oh ahh i am the first one to read this copy from our library Bliss quotes 286585 from my notebookSometimes this happened when I was at St Finbar s, all those years ago I remember Father Stevn, who was young and earnest, giving us boys sermons about Keeping the Faith, and The Temptations of the Devil St Finbar s was not a rich school, but it did have a stone chapel, which was vaulted and cool, and I would kick off my shoes and put my fett flat on the stone floor to feel the cool creep up through my socks I would sit alone, off to one side, so chapel could be my dreaming time p58I was twenty three and studying Literature at Uni Lootie was even younger, just nineteen, and in her first year of Education I wanted to be a writer, she a teacher We rented a shabby terrace in Elm St, North Melbourne We owned a bed, a table, two chairs, a sofa and hundreds of books p2 not particularly quotable but I like the concept portrayed in the last sentence

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    I left this book beside my bed for over a year, ignoring it because of the author s name I figured I d get to it, and it would be a quick fun read Then I read the back and thought that this could be really interesting.But on reading it, I immediately hated the protagonist I hated the flowery language I thought about the plot and couldn t bring myself to read any further I read the last twenty pages and was perfectly justified in my opinion.Maybe I didn t get it Maybe the whole thing was a joke But the characters weren t redeemable and nothing else led me to want to read .I don t know I guess I felt betrayed because I thought it would be a little slice of author s life And because other reviews said it was Crew poking fun at his craft I just didn t see it.

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    The Children s Writer was an interesting, although unusual read At times I found it to be intriguing, and at times I wanted to yell and scream at the lead character Charlie, because his self pity, self doubt and insecurities were frustrating Perhaps because at some point in our life, many of us have been there Some of us may still be there.I was surprised by the ending, something I did not see coming although I probably should have.

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    This was a real departure for me from what I usually read I was attracted by the title and author and found it sufficiently enthralling that I read it in just a few days There were some fascinating insights into a certain type of author that I found very interesting and spent some time mulling over However, I have to admit to being disappointed with the end.

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    Although I liked the story, it was aimed at young adults It is simply written and easy to read A brief exploration into what it takes to be a writer.

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The Childrens Writer download The Childrens Writer , read online The Childrens Writer , kindle ebook The Childrens Writer , The Childrens Writer 72b7f0f45a6b Charlie Bloome Wants To Be A Writer Twenty Three Years Old, He Is Studying Literature And Living With His Gamine Partner, Alice Lootie Who Plans To Be A Teacher And Is Less Than Supportive Of Charlie S DreamsInto Their Lives Comes The Flamboyant Sebastian Chanteleer, An Aging But Internationally Acclaimed Children S WriterUpon Meeting, Lootie And Chanteleer Establish An Immediate Bond As The Children S Writer Makes His Presence Felt In The Younger Couple S Lives, Charlie Struggles To Come To Terms With His Own Past And Identity, And With What Is Happening To Lootie Does Charlie Have What It Takes To Be A Writer Does Chanteleer Represent The Best Or Worst A Writer Can Be And What Happens To Those Caught Up In A Writer S World