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Drag The Darkness Down pdf Drag The Darkness Down , ebook Drag The Darkness Down , epub Drag The Darkness Down , doc Drag The Darkness Down , e-pub Drag The Darkness Down , Drag The Darkness Down 4517169ffe5 Odom Shiloh Is In Trouble His Job Is Going Nowhere, His Marriage Is On The Ropes, And Running Over A French Cyclist In Memphis Didn T Help Now His Sister, The Piano Virtuoso Birdshit, Has Run Off With A Local High School Football Star Enter Blakey Flake, An Art History Teacher And Armchair Philosopher Turned Private Investigator Off They Go In Search Of Birdshit, Encountering Evangelical Preachers, Articulate Foreigners, Drug Addicts In Superman Underwear And, Of Course, The Cops But As The Pair Wind Their Way From Arkansas To Kansas City One Cigarette At A Time, Odom Realizes That He Isn T Really Running After Birdshit He S Actually Running Away From His Past

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    Want to drag the darkness down Go on a road trip with Odom Shiloh in his Honda of the year 1997.This 40 year old man from Frothmouth, Arkansas, has than his share of troubles Odom is unemployable, his second marriage is about to go bust, and his talented but neurotic sister, Birdshit, has gone missing Oh, and he s also on the run from the authorities after ramming his car into a famous French cyclist in downtown Memphis.With all this drama going on, why not hit the road Determined to track down his little sister, Odom enlists help from his private investigator friend, Blakey Flake The pair climbs into Odom s vintage Honda and travels the highways of Arkansas and Missouri in search of Birdshit, who Odom believes has run off with a four star high school football recruit Along the way, Odom mostly listens as the chain smoking Blakey ruminates on topics ranging from his favorite French Impressionist painters to the theory that Oprah Winfrey is, in fact, ruining our way of life As is the case with most memorable road novels Charles Portis s The Dog of the South comes to mind , it is the journey not the destination that drives Drag the Darkness Down.This debut novel by Kansas City author Matt Baker was published in 2009, but I only recently became familiar with it The book is an impressive start to what looks to be a strong fiction career for Mr Baker His characters in Drag the Darkness Down are cold, conniving and perennially self absorbed The way they interact with each other while pursuing their individual agendas is often hilarious, though Baker s characters seldom see it that way.No one in Drag the Darkness Down is satisfied with his or her current state Blakey wants to be a stand up comic, Birdshit wants to write poetry and escape small town life, Odom isn t sure what he wants, other than to evade the law, rescue his sister, and stick a fork in another failed marriage We see the action through Odom s eyes, but can we trust his view of reality The meandering banter between Odom and the screwball detective Blakey as they follow the trail to Birdshit fuels the first half of the novel After a while, Blakey s outrageous pronouncements and dubious theories start making sense, and Odom s internal broodings become frightening Which one of these two guys in the Honda is the crazy one Is it both of them Is it too late to bail on this road trip and catch a Greyhound back to Little Rock Finding humor and building intrigue in characters who are as forlorn and shiftless as Odom Shiloh is the writing equivalent of a magic trick, but I believe Matt Baker has pulled it off Drag the Darkness Down is truly dark, and it is unlikely that this detective story is going to end happily, but we can at least sit back and enjoy the bumpy, tumultuous ride.

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    Drag The Darkness Down was a pleasure to read Although the worlds the stories inhabit are completely different, it reminded me of Michael FitzGerald s Radiant Days in that I thought I had the book pegged I thought it was going to be a kind of Jack Pendarvis type picaresque and then it did this amazing back flip into weirdness I never saw coming and just kept getting darker and stranger in a way that made me re think everything that I thought about the characters and their situations That is very tough to pull off And there is some writing toward the end that just knocked me in the creek and continues to haunt me Just that sentence alone is worth the price of admission Where Pendarvis goes for the joke, Baker goes for the jugular My main grip about the book is the gutter the interior margins is too small, which makes reading it in bed at night a bit of an effort.

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