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Herb Trader summary Herb Trader , series Herb Trader , book Herb Trader , pdf Herb Trader , Herb Trader d243a77ae3 In , US Agents Orchestrated A Mission To Alter The National Election In Cambodia To Secure This Victory, One Of The Biggest Marijuana Smugglers In The World Was Drawn Into The Mission, Only For It To Go Awry When Things Got Personal Given The Authority To Alter The Election, A Pair Of Green Beret Twins Used Deception And Betrayal For Their Own Gain The US Finds Itself At A Loss And In A Desperate Last Attempt, They Make A Sacrificial Lamb Out Of Max, A Reefer Smuggler From Woodstock In Spite Of Their Efforts To Kill Him, Max Survived And Is Now Exposing The Truth In His New Book This Riveting True Story Tells Of Corruption And Treachery At The Highest LevelHERB TRADER Exposes How Secure Top Level Government Agencies Were Infiltrated And Used By Diabolical, Self Serving Criminals

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    Herb Trader is one of the most gripping stories I ve ever read all the so, because it is true In 1998, one of the biggest marijuana dealers on the face of the planet, a man known to many simply as Max , became a pawn in a desperate political struggle in Southeast Asia This is his incredible story.A.R Torsone explains that by using complicated political choreography, the United States government began an elaborate scheme to swing a Cambodian election in their favor Unfortunately, their plans derailed Max and his friends quickly found themselves neck deep in a dangerous power struggle where mere survival seemed an almost impossible task Following his capture, Max endured the horrors of T.3 prison, the incessantly droning insects, disgusting filth, punishing heat and food that couldn t tempt a drunken swine Men and women were beaten and killed and the crematorium filled the air with the ashes of the dead Huge ransoms were demanded for the lucky few, frantically raised by desperate families in the outside world and still, Max and his friends remained prisoners.Max should have died in T.3 prison, far away from his wife and loving daughters living in the cool, green woods of the northeast United States The government s gaping breach should have been plugged by his death and no one would have been the wiser Somehow, after enduring months of squalor, illness and mind stealing torture, Max was freed to return to his beloved Ahm Unfortunately, their joy is short lived Max is recaptured and now presumed dead The reader gasps as the beautiful Ahm prepares to kill herself, certain that her beloved Max is no longer among the living Can anyone reach her in time to tell her the truth This is a riveting story of adventure and terror on the high seas, love and deceit, smuggling and marijuana trading, espionage, criminal activity, and political brainwashing worthy of Hollywood s finest As a biography, Herb Trader provides a powerful look into the mind and psyche of one of the biggest marijuana dealers of the modern age, but it is also a telling account of a political coup and subsequent cover up that should have set the world on its ear If only we had known the truth If only we had known.

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    The author, Arthur Torsone, will be my guest on Page Readers August 19th at NOON Pacific Join us

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    This work, born out of a profound need the author had to let his children know the truth and to articulate his deep love for them, delivers much than that Scammed by an unsavory pair of twins, who professed to be his friends, they set Mac up for what may be his final mission in civil war torn Cambodia Confronting death, near starvation, on the verge of committing suicide, the writer, Arthur Torsone, thankfully lived to share this creditable story After being kidnapped and thrown in a filthy Thai Cambodian prison the story begins to unfold It is not hard to get a sense of where the writer is coming from This operation rocked his life and soul to the core This is a profoundly authentic, beautifully written, account of one man s travels into the underworld of transporting multi tons of that famous, dearly coveted by some herbal plant, from far reaches of the globe into the United States of America One is immediately drawn into this true, personal account of espionage, romance, danger and intrigue as the Author divulges the candid details his escapades involved You ll not only read about, but be made to feel the losses, betrayals, frustrations and duplicity such a life proffers I got the sense that there were two messages the author was delivering throughout the book, that were in direct opposition to each other A curious polarization appeared to exist between the inner and outer worlds the writer experiences On the one hand, he is this very charming, likeable character that exudes trustworthiness, dependability, loyalty, devotion and allegiance His expertise and cleverness is undeniable, as he reveals how he maneuvers throughout this shadowy world, describing to such a tee, the many characters involved, that you end up feeling like you know them personally Clearly he is well liked, even admired by the traders traitors, politicians, lawyers, judges and soldiers, even prison guards he comes across On the other hand, one is left wondering why such a talented, obviously intelligent, loving father, so courageous and brave didn t choose a legitimate profession One does not sense it is at all about the large sums of money involved It is interesting to say the least He delivers a mesmerizing narrative that has it all He honestly explores and courageously shares both the inner lament along side the outer amusement and chaos You ll marvel at the mayhem, the inevitable consequences, the travel and sailing to exotic places, the Casablanca style romance, that this self described herb trader encountered Upon completion of this book, I wanted to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit It left this reader wondering if the two polarities were ever reconciled Perhaps, there will be a sequel, with a happy ending proving of course, that anything is possible Highly recommended

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    This book is so bad This author s style of writing is First I did this Then I did this Then I did another thing And here s some dialogue where it sounds like I was conversing with a primitive robot For a while, I gave the book the benefit of the doubt and thought that with a talented ghostwriter and a good editor, maybe it could have had the potential to not be terrible By the time I got to the end, though, I d given up on even that This book is just flat out boring with bad pacing and flat characters It s extremely repetitive too Oh, a boat full of drugs sank and somebody raised the price of marijuana Oh and it just happened two times How insightful In hindsight, it makes perfect sense that this book was self published Woodstock Mountain Press is just this book because no professional would associate their company with this drivel I guess the fine people at Woodstock Mountain Press don t know about ghostwriters and have possibly never read another book or had education that exceeded the third grade.Everything about this book feels fake, minus the bits that read like ads for sex tourism to Thailand those are just gross Overall, the author s motivations are so badly articulated that the reader has no sense of connection to him I especially hate how the author tries and fails to endear himself to his audience It s like Torsone realized that he couldn t just write hey everybody, I m a great guy, so instead everybody he interacts with says hey, you re a great guy to him Ugh Even worse is how every couple of pages he throws in an oh btw, I missed my kids and want to provide for them even though I never followed through The author can say it as many times as he wants but his actions don t back it up one iota He develops a major victim complex at the end of the book too Apparently it s surprising to him that career criminals can double cross someone You know, since he s such an honorable guy and it s fine to smuggle massive amount of illegal material, abandon his family, and participate in an exploitative sex trade But cooperate with the DEA He would never Until he does.I don t want or expect the Torsone to be perfect and well behaved That s not why anyone buys a book about drug smuggling I just want him to be earnest and not a shallow hypocrite For example, Anthony Bourdain can write about a period of his life when he was an addled drug addict and remain sympathetic The reader can accept Bourdain s flaws and failures because he s able perhaps with the help of a ghostwriter to articulate them in a mature and coherent way Meanwhile, Torsone writes with all the maturity of a lazy 12 year old.I m extremely disappointed that I wasted 9.99 on this garbage I only hope that the proceeds can go to buying this guy a thesaurus.

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    Stories that offer a glimpse at how luck circumstances play into our fate have always interested me.

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