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A Vast and Fiendish Plot pdf A Vast and Fiendish Plot , ebook A Vast and Fiendish Plot , epub A Vast and Fiendish Plot , doc A Vast and Fiendish Plot , e-pub A Vast and Fiendish Plot , A Vast and Fiendish Plot e7ec301324b New York City, November , Confederate Officers Attempt To Destroy The City With A Series Of Lethal Fires That Will Forever Diminish It To A Mere Speck Of An Island What Fueled These Southern Patriots Rage And What If They Had Succeeded This Terrifying Scenario Almost Became A Reality Following What The New York Herald Declared A Vast And Fiendish Plot Infuriated By The Union S Killing Of Their Beloved General John Hunt Morgan And The Burning Of The Shenandoah Valley, Eight Confederate Officers Swore Revenge Their Method Greek Fire Their Target Manhattan S Commercial District The Daring Mission Could Have Changed The Course Of American History In The First Book To Bring To Life This Bold Conspiracy In Full Detail, Civil War Expert Clint Johnson Reveals Shocking Facts About The Treacherous Alliances And Rivalries That Threatened Nineteenth Century America Here Is The Truth About This Stunning Event, The Spirit That Fueled It, And The Near Destruction Of The World S Most Influential City A Fresh And Intriguing Addition To Civil War Literature Johnson Dispels Myths And Shows How Southerners Sought To Take Revenge On A Sister City They Felt Betrayed Them Brion McClanahan, Author Of The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Founding Fathers Insightful Analysis Of An Amazing Turn Of Events That Nearly Set New York City Ablaze During The Civil War David J Eicher, Author Of The Longest Night

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    Learned Abe Lincoln pulled some jerk moves and had anyone against the war arrested as he suspended Habeas Corpus

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    During the American Civil War following the murder of the unarmed Confederate General John Hunt Morgan by Union soldiers, a planned series of arson attacks were planned on Northern cities to include New York City Besides an investigation into the plot, this work also gives a short biography of Morgan and a brief history of slavery in the United States with emphasis on the relationship between Southern planters and New York business Here we have a look at a little written about event of the Civil War.

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    This is really 3.5 stars and part of the lower rating is because of the galley copy I read was a little rough.I enjoyed this story and the way the author told the story through almost bullet points of moments in history I want to read of the authors work to get a better idea of his overall style and point of view My only really complaint is with the ending It just comes to a screeching halt with a question that leaves the reader with nowhere to go Not cool.

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    Johnson takes us through a meticulous account of the Confederate plot to burn New York, and the wider story of Confederate underground operations He includes an analysis of why the arson plot failed, and exactly how they SHOULD have done it I was compelled to ask What if a time traveller from American Will Break The Guns of the South reads this and takes it back to 1864

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    This is a very interesting book on the Confederacy Secret Service, its members and reasonings It talks much about the people and events leading up the attack on New York city that the attack itself which leaves you to wonder if it had gone as planned would things after that point in the war be any different.

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    Should have been an article.

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